The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Twitter for Business

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Twitter

“The Advantages of Twitter And Disadvantages Of Twitter for Business” written by Mike Marko.

Thinking about using Twitter to promote your business?

When we started marketing online, we didn’t pay Twitter too much attention. We were primarily focused on Facebook because that was what we knew.

Turned out that was a huge mistake.

But before you add Twitter to your marketing plan, let’s talk about both the advantages of Twitter and, of course, the disadvantages of Twitter.

Getting To Know The Advantages of Twitter And Disadvantages Of Twitter

Before we dive into a discussion of the advantages of Twitter and the disadvantages of Twitter, we need to answer the most basic question…

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform. It has both a site and an application where users can easily interact.

Just like Instagram and Facebook, Twitter has a profile and news-feed feature for its users. What differs is that Twitter doesn’t have as many buttons to click. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is very plain… but plain in a good way.

This allows Twitter users to focus on the content instead of struggling to find and understand features like with Facebook.

And just like Instagram, Twitter also has the follow feature. This is where you get to automatically see posts of those that you follow in your feed.

The massive amount of Twitter users made the social media platform popular. Today it’s no longer just about telling your friends where you are and what are you doing. Twitter transitioned to a platform that helps keep track of the latest trend, updates, and news.

This is something good not just for common users… but also for business owners.

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Advantages Of Twitter

Twitter has a lot… like really a lot of users. The massive amount of users is the main reason why it got so popular. And that’s just first of the advantages of Twitter.

Twitter is free. Having a marketing platform that doesn’t require a monthly payment is definitely a plus.  You can create an account for free and start posting (or “tweeting”) right away.

Twitter is a social network that helps you connect with people that you know and people that you want to know easily. Since it has a massive number of users, Twitter is a good choice for business owners seeking to find a new audience for their business.

Twitter’s features and the interface are very user-friendly. The web-version is elegant in it’s simplicity.  The basic every day features you need are follow, tweet, and retweet.

The Twitter app is probably my favorite when compared to Instagram and Facebook.  It’s very easy to use… making it one of the big advantages of Twitter.   The app makes Twitter widely accessible regardless of nationality, culture, and sexuality.

Twitter also recently improved their direct messaging algorithm.  It now has a very user friendly direct messaging feature that allows you to easily communicate with customers and other business owners.

This platform is a great source of lead generation and traffic. Every tweet that gets posted publicly on Twitter will be indexed by search engines like Google.  So make sure you take advantage of hashtags.

Twitter serves as a good tool for search engine optimization and connecting websites through links. It’s one way many ways Twitter helps your business grow for free.

Twitter is also good for visual content… though that’s not the primary focus of Twitter.  It’s still a place you can upload photos and videos.

You can add links and hashtags to your posts.  This can help further your reach to potential followers and customers on Twitter. This provides your followers to be redirected to the site where they can view and watch the videos… or really any content you want to share.

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Disadvantages Of Twitter

Having a massive amount of users may also be one of the disadvantages of Twitter. In my opinion, there are quite a lot of fake accounts all over Twitter. And in most cases, these accounts are not just fake accounts but are also spam accounts.  These spam accounts may end up annoying you with their non-stop posts and messages about the same thing over and over again.

That means you should be careful on who you follow on Twitter. And not just that… You should also check if there are spam or fake accounts following you on Twitter.

The biggest disadvantage of Twitter is that, unfortunately, Twitter has a limited word count for every post. The social network only allows 140 characters per post. This is tough for business owners who enjoy sharing a lot of information with their customers.  This is mainly the reason why Twitter is link-based. Most of its users will provide their followers the links where people can click to read the complete content.

Final Thoughts About the Advantage and Disadvantages of Twitter

There you have it! We’ve talked both the advantages of Twitter and the disadvantages of Twitter. There are so many things you can do on Twitter.Take a look at these advantages and disadvantages and make your own decision.

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And always remember to think before you tweet!  🙂

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