Article Spinner Spin ReWriter Review – How to Spin An Article

“Article Spinner Spin ReWriter Review – How to Spin An Article” written by Mike Marko.

If you want to do well in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you need to use a spinner to setup backlinks to your target page.  Writing a lot of unique blog posts for backlinks is very labor intensive.  That is why I recommend an article spinner  to stretch out the usefulnesss of 500-600 word backlink blog posts.

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Article Spinner SpinReWriter Review - How to Spin An Article

Spin ReWriter Review

Hi, It’s Mike. In this video, I’m going to talk to you about my favorite article spinner, which is Spin Rewriter. Now the nice thing about using spinning tools like this is that you can create an article once and use it multiple times without having to rewrite it, because it actually creates different versions for you. Now in the previous video, I gave you an overview of Spin Rewriter.

So now in this video here, I’m going to talk specifically about how I use it to generate our articles that we use for posting to our tier 1, our parasitic websites, so we can actually backlink our main site.

So I’m going to show you.

How Use Spin ReWriter

This is an article that I had written here. And first thing that I do is, once I’m ready to go, what I actually do is I’ll create two spaces before headings, one space after, and one space after paragraphs. And you’ll see later on exactly why I do that. It actually helps me identify where the headings are and where the paragraphs are. Because once you take this into Spin Rewriter, you’re actually going to lose a lot of this formatting.

Here we go. I’m gonna select all, copy, and now what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna drop it right in. I used hot keys for this – “Control + C” for copy, “Control + V” as in Victor for pasting, but everybody has their own way. You can do a right click or something like that if you wanted to. But as you can see here, I lost all the formatting and that’s why you can see the advantage of the spaces I just created before actually pasting it in.

Setting Up SpinReWriter

So now I have everything in. And now what I’m going to do here is I have some settings I keep for every time. I want Spin Rewriter to rewrite complete sentences, to rewrite the entire paragraphs, and also to restructure phrases and sentences.

Now I don’t like the option, quite honestly, where it asks you to add additional paragraphs, because what it does is it borrows from other paragraphs and repeats it. It’s kind of goofy. Now unless you don’t care about the legibility of the post, I would recommend leave it unchecked. If you do not care at all, check it and it will actually create more variation for you.

Rewriting Process

So now we have the article in. We’ve got the initial settings done. What I’m going to do is I’m going to start the rewriting process. Now this is really cool, because what it does is it takes an view and it creates structure for the entire thing. Again like I said before, this is the exact same steps that I use for our own blog posts. So almost done. It’s just going through everything. This is actually a pretty simple step here.

And so now it’s done some of the initial cut. And basically you can see here, it highlights some major terms and it’s done already some initial spin text. Now what I like to do here is go ahead and jump right to the point where I take a look at this. You can see I have 80% unique. Now ideally you want to have 90% or higher. That’s why we go to the next step, because we can generate even more versions at 65,000.

One-Click Rewrite Settings

So what I could do here is I could do One-Click Rewrite Settings. Now in this case here, I like to keep the settings right here on medium readability. If you don’t really care if it’s readable, you’re actually putting yourself at a little bit higher risk. You’ll have a lot more variation.  But I think down the road, personally I think that Google’s getting a little smarter and then we have a little more grammar checking in it. It’s gonna look more for the rewriting process at least for article spinners, and I don’t like to risk that. A plus too, I get traffic to these blog posts on these other websites.

So I want them to be legible. I don’t want them to represent, not look horrible like someone with maybe a grade two or grade three level wrote these things. So I usually keep it on medium. If you clicked on here “correct”, you’re gonna lose a lot of the variation you’re going to have. You’re not gonna be able to spin it as much. So if you want to spin it maybe a couple times, maybe correct and then read it through to rewrite it just a little bit, because it’s still going to be a little bit off but it will give you the variation you’re looking for. But if you using it like I’m using it for for a lot of websites creating backlinks, keep it on medium settings.

Protecting Keywords and Phrases

Now here you can actually change the phrase you want to use. For instance, this article here, maybe I want the online marketing system not to change. So I type this in. Next slot, “online marketing system”. These phrases will not change, okay? If I didn’t put this in here, you may put different words, maybe internet marketing, or change the words around. Now this is good if you’re want to have particular key words or anchor text that you want to use and you want to make sure does not get changed on you.

So you freeze that in time and then all you do now is start the One-Click Rewrite Process. And this takes a little while. You can see here it starts generating all these different versions. You can watch here as it’s working. It’s actually creating all these different variations using this code.

Looking At The One-Click Rewriter Process Results

Now, for instance, one word, different variations, is covered by these two parentheses. Let’s see if I can if I can… It’s processing. Let’s go over here. So, for instance, this word right here between these two parentheses is “new” and “brand new”. So it’s going to alternate between those two words. And then here in this next word right behind it is “invention”, “innovative creation” or “development”. So it’s going to alternate between those words.

So you see, just by these two words side by side, you now have… Was it four or was it eight different variations of that? So actually now you can keep on adding them up for your entire article. I went from eight variations just from two words. You magnify that say by 600 or 700 words, how many different variations are you gonna get?

Now let’s see here. It think this one, this report at the bottom here, you can see here it’s got billions of different versions and 99% unique on average. So that’s pretty cool.

Varying Other Words and Phrases

Now what I like to do is quickly kind of go through the whole thing. Here you can see if there’s any other words that I want to vary. So if you look here, I froze “online marketing” so it didn’t change. But maybe I’ll just take a look here. So if I were to do “system”, I could see is there anything I could mark to do to replace this. Maybe I want to do “process”, so I just click on it. And maybe “program”. Maybe I want to do “online marketing product”, “platform”. So you can see different choices. It keeps adding different variations.

Now you’ll see here I keep my main keywords I want to try to target here – the main focus. In this case, online marketing system. I keep it XXX. You’re gonna see what I do afterwards. I won’t even touch this until the very end. So you go ahead and do that. I’m not going to do that for all of these, but you want to go through and see. Especially on headings I find, those are the times that oft they won’t do a whole lot of variation, and so I might want to choose different… If not, if I know some, I can enter it in here. So I can say here “online marketing program”. And it adds a different variation right there. So you can actually type them in as well. And that saves, and I can always unselect it if I change my mind.

Spin Rewriter Final Spin Step

So that’s it here. So now I see I’m happy with this overall thing here. I’m ready to go. So now I can go ahead and continue to our final step. This takes a little while. This is a little faster, because my computer, it doesn’t have as many processes running but ran pretty first. It’s all ready to go.

So you can see here is they’re all the spin text all throughout the whole thing. If we look, we can see here it actually even has parentheses inside parentheses, so it actually gives us different options. So, for instance, it says both. It either does both or the two and that does either number two or word two. And so you can actually have embedded code with that to give you different variations. Remember the pipe symbol here represents or.

Put in Product Name

Now I said before, we’ve got everything done except for our made product name. And so this is where you actually have different names if you have different products. Maybe you have ProductX, maybe one version of the name, maybe The ProductX System or The ProductX Solutions. Different variations of the name. Often we’d have a name of a product or some major keyword even with all the different variations. So this is where I type in a whole bunch. Now I’m going to repeat it. Every time I see the words XXX, I’ll go ahead and replace it. Control copy, control paste, and I’ll go through the entire thing and do it that way.

I won’t do that through here because I want to keep this video relatively short. So once I have the whole thing done, I’ll actually make sure I like the title. Also now I’ll test everything out. I’ll hit “Generate a unique version”. You can see here, this is 98% unique. It means it actually did a really good spinning job. Now you can see here that I have some XXXs I didn’t replace yet, but again just go ahead and get all those – copy and paste.

And so now you actually have everything set up. Now the funny thing I found. Even though it’s here and you’ll actually find that it won’t actually have the double spaces before headings. For some reason when you generate a new version, it doesn’t do that but at least it’s pretty easy to identify where the headings are.

Now often what I’ll do is I’ll actually put the headings all capitalized. I find that’s most effective for using this tool, but again it depends on what you prefer to do. This works efficiently the way I did it.

Copy New Spun Article for Distribution

So now all you do now is you Control+All and Copy, so Control+A for all, Control+C for copy, or if you’re using a Mac, I think it’s command, or open-Apple, A, or whatever the hotkey is, or you can just go ahead and select the whole thing and just triple check it. So if I want to do all of that, I just go ahead and copy it and then mouse click copy or however else you want to do it. Then you just paste it to wherever you want it to go. It’s really that simple.

Final Words from this Article Spin Rewriter

So I hope this video was very informative. I really enjoy Spin Rewriter and if you want to learn more about it, click the link below. Okay, thank you. Bye.

So What Now?

If you are ready to take your blogging to the next level, then it may be time to look at getting an article spinner.  For more information about Spin Rewriter and how this article rewriter can work for you, be sure to click the button below.  Remember that by using good tools like SpinRewriter, you can leverage your time and become a more effective blogger.

Hope this Spin Rewriter Review helped.

SpinRewriter Review - How to Use an article spinner

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Article Spinner Spin ReWriter Review - How to Spin An Article - Mike Marko

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ArticleArticle Spinner Spin ReWriter Review – How to Spin An Article

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