The Basics About How to Make Money Blogging

The Basics About How to Make Money Blogging

The Basics About How to Make Money Blogging” written by Mike Marko.

Bren and I have been blogging for a year and a half now, and our blog is really taking off in making us income. But it wasn’t always this good, so we want to teach you what worked for us so you can hopefully get to profit sooner than we did.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in…

Before We Start Learning How to Make Money Blogging

Ok, before we really get started and I show you how to make money blogging, I want to lay it out for you. You will not get rich quick blogging. Far from it. It takes time to build up your blog before you start rolling in the dough. A year ago one of my mentors pointed out leaders in my niche had at LEAST 300 blog posts per website… and he told me that was our target before we started getting the traffic to make money online with our blog.

And you know what? He was right…. It was right around 300 blog posts that our website started ranking for tougher keywords and we started making good money from our blog. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t stick around long enough blogging before they start to really learn how to make money blogging. They get discouraged well before the money start flowing.

So you need to ask yourself, are you ready to put in the work to start making your blog profitable? Now remember that your content is evergreen… meaning that once you get your website it will continue to make money online for you even on posts years old. But you have to first build it and you’re following up.

If you don’t see yourself blogging regularly… making the decision to work on your website for an hour at night instead of watching TV, then this isn’t for you. But if you are serious about making money online then this is the BEST way to make long term income.

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Let’s Start Blogging in 10 Minutes

Before you can actually start blogging, you need to get a blogging platform.  There are hundreds to choose from, but I prefer ready to go blogging platforms.  The reason is that you don’t have to worry about hosting, and all the technical challenges with hosting your own blog, but also you get the power of an established blogging platform working for you… which helps you rank on Google.

A blogging platform we recommend is the Kalatu Empower Network blogging system.

How It Started For Us

About two years ago Sam Crowley approached us about making money online with affiliate marketing.  At the time we had no clue “how to make money blogging” (I didn’t even really know what a blog was).

But we dove in anyway not sure what we were getting into.  Over the course of the first half a year or so we basically spun our wheels.  We didn’t really know what we were doing.  We knew some of the basics on how to make money online, but I didn’t apply myself initially because I didn’t really trust the idea of making money online.

Then in December of 2013 we met Hector Guerrero a couple days before New Year’s Eve.  I remember sitting in the hotel on our vacation in Miami Florida, talking to Hector for the first time.  For an hour he opened my eyes to what it really took to make money blogging.  We started our new blog a week later,  We didn’t start making money right away, but as Hector told us, around the 300 page mark our online income started growing substantially.

Bren and I are now on a mission to help others learn how to make money blogging, and avoid the pitfalls we had the first year.

Blogging Basics

I am going to boil this down to some of the essentials.  There are entire books written on the subject, so I am not going to try and cover everything.  Instead I am going to focus on how to get started to make money blogging.

What Is A Blog

The word, blog, is short for “weblog”.  I guess an easy way of putting it is a blog is a website with the entries posted in reverse chronological order.  Although creating a blog used to require technical skills, today software programs have made blogging extremely easy.  You don’t have to have any technical skills.  The “Kalatu blogging system” we discussed earlier is a system that can be setup by clicking a few buttons.

Is it Easy to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is extremely easy.  And the Kalatu blogging system makes it even easier.

How Much Does It Cost to Blog?

There are many free services to start your blog, but I recommend against using them as your primary blog.  You don’t have control over the advertising space, plus the host can shut you down without noticed (remember, there is really no such thing as truly free).  Can you imagine having your blog shut down after blogging for 6 months?  That is why I recommend against free blogs.

how to make money blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

It is difficult for people initially to understand how to make money blogging because it is so much different than most things you have been exposed to.  I think one way of describing it is like your website is a highway and you have billboards (ads) on your site.  As visitors arrive on your site, read your content, and move along the billboard will catch their eye and hopefully they will take action and click on the ad (and maybe buy something).

The more content you have, the more traffic you get, and the more eyes that see your “billboards”.

There are several things you can write about and make money from online. The following is a list of potential ways to make money blogging.

Kalatu Empower Network Affiliate Product Sales

Promoting Kalatu is my favorite way to make money blogging.  In this case you are promoting the same blogging platform that you are using, so that instead of your blog costing you money, it actually pays you.  All you need to do is get the Kalatu blog and the Empower Network affiliate membership, and off you go.  They supply you with everything you need to start making money online.

Software Tools Affiliate Product Sales

When I talk about how to make money blogging, I also recommend promoting the tools that you are using to build your online blogging business.  For example, I use tools like Onlywire to help automate the process of social marketing and bookmarking our blog posts.  If you use video editing software, promote that software.  Almost all companies now have free affiliate programs that you can use to help make additional money.

Now it is really difficult to make a large income with these programs because the commissions are often low, but they do help build upon what you make from the Kalatu blog sales (and other Empower Network products).  Plus by doing this, you get an opportunity to sell solutions to people who are not interested in the main offer (the blog and Empower Network products). Affiliate Product Sales

Along the idea of promoting the products you use, I also recommend promoting the Amazon products that go along with your blog posts.  For example, if you talk about a book like we did in the blog post, “Wild” Chery Strayled and Using Your Own Inner Silence, then you can promote a link to buy the book from Amazon.  Amazon affiliate membership is free.  You can do this with books, CD’s, clothes, smart phones, etc… almost anything you can buy on

Now That You Know About How to Make Money Blogging

So now that you know the basics, it’s time to start blogging.  Get your Kalatu blogging system by clicking the link below.  Happy blogging!

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The Basics About How to Make Money Blogging - Mike Marko

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Article: The Basics About How to Make Money Blogging

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