Top 23 Best Email Subject Lines for Open Rate Results

“Top 23 Best Email Subject Lines for Open Rate Results” written by Guest Contributor and Mike Marko.

Are you looking to get a better open rate on your emails?

The open rate, or the percentage of people opening your emails, is an important statistic in measuring your reach to your audience.  Keep in mind that you’re competing with tons of emails going to your lists inbox every day.

And if no one opens your emails, then no one sees your offer or your opportunity.

So what is the extra something that will make people on your list open yours?  No one is going to see your content without an enticing subject line.

That’s why we’re going to talk about the best email subject lines for open rate results.

Best Email Subject Lines for Open Rate Results

Over the years we’ve learned a few things when its comes to getting people to open our emails. Here are some of our favorite subject lines.

1) You are not alone

You want to keep titles short and simple.  Around 30 characters is ideal.

This is not only is this short and simple but Aweber conducted a study and found that this phrase got at least a 90% open rate every time. It triggers an idea of compassion and understanding

2) We Like Being Used

Humor is a great way to connect with people and build rapport. Make people laugh and you’ve already established a connection.  If the subject line is funny they might open it thinking the email will be funny too.

3) Were we boring you?

Asking a question often leads to an opening.  People want to see if the answer is inside. This question is a great way to clean your list and find out ways
Mike, where are you? This is a great reminder email Before an event or webinar

4) How’d You Get So Weird?

People like the crazy and absurd. It gets their attention

One Word Subject Lines

One word subject lines are bold and confident. The are a great way to get peoples attention They stand out as being different from the typical email.

5) Hey


7) Whoops!

8) Dude

Now this one I have seen used by the well-known marketer, Frank Kern.  This is a subject line I have seen him use a few times in emails sent to me.

9) Delete

This one word has worked very well for me… and you can get very creative coming up with email body copy to work well with this one.

More Tips On Best Email Subject Lines for Open Rate Results

10) Hey, ]…

Personalize it with a name. We all love to see or hear our own name. We feel that this email is specifically for us.

11) New Years message from us

Something trending. If there is something happening in the world that is newsworthy or has gone viral take advantage of it. It will be fresh and relevant.

12) Our big secret

People like the mysterious. It’s great to pique their curiosity.

13) Did you know this trick

Another subject line eluding to something unknown but you are willing to reveal.

14) What everyone is talking about

People don’t want to miss out.  By knowing what everyone is talking about, they feel part of the crowd.

15) Unblocking financial abundance

If you use a lot of different media include in in your subject line. You want to let people know that there is a video or podcast inside.  We like to make it as obvious as possible.

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16) better let me know soon

A sense of urgency can work really well.  Other ideas can include “I need to know today” or “almost out of time.”

17) I may have to unsubscribe you

Now this was a trick we first saw our first mentor use on us.  When you challenge whether they should be on your email list, your subscribers feel compelled to open this email to make sure they aren’t actually being unsubscribed.

This email subject helps break them from their usual file your email for later habit.

18) are we friends?

This is a great subject to get them to open the email.  I’ve used this many times to get them to friend us on Facebook.

19) I just can’t quit doing this

Anything that leaves things open to curiosity will get subscribers to open your email.  It get’s them thinking, “what is this?”

20) Ok, I can’t take this!  I quit!!!

Now nothing like saying you give up or quitting to rouse curiosity.  You just need to keep the subject line congruent with the email copy.

21) I don’t understand

This is a great one to use occasionally as an intro to some training, or to describe something that is complicated.

22) I almost forgot about you

We’ve used versions of this very successfully.  It is especially useful when you send this to a segment of your email list that has not opened an email from you in a while.

23) are you quitting on me?

This subject has a great personal feel to it.  It can imply a lot of different things, and so can be very effective.

Final Word on Best Email Subject Lines

It is extremely important to have your subscribers open your emails.  Try these different email subject lines help improve your email open rates.

If you are still struggling with email open rates, then check out this article on improving email deliverability or this article on how to engage and convert customers.


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