What Is the Best Video Size for Facebook and YouTube

What Is the Best Video Size for Facebook and YouTube

“What Is the Best Video Size for Facebook and YouTube” written and video by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for the best video size for Facebook and YouTube?

Most of the time people just upload their YouTube video directly to Facebook.  That works… but you can do better.

I have something to share with you that will help you get better results, especially with your Facebook video.

Best Video Size for Facebook and YouTube

In the following video I talk about video size for Facebook vs. YouTube.

VIDEO: Facebook Video Size vs YouTube Video Size


YouTube Videos

Let’s start with the relatively easy one.

YouTube videos are typically in landscape (1280×720).  Most smartphones and video cameras do this size without much in the way of having to do anything special.

If you have something more narrow, then YouTube just puts black lines on each side of the video to help fill up the space.

Facebook Videos

Let’s start off with Facebook by stating that trying to put a YouTube link into a Facebook post will give you less reach than actually uploading the video directly into Facebook.


Facebook wants to keep on you Facebook.  So make sure you upload your video directly to Facebook.

Now the thing is, most people will take the same video they made for YouTube and upload that to Facebook too.  I used to do that too… but you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

As the video above illustrates, when you make a square video for Facebook you actually have a better change of grabbing the casual Facebook scrollers attention.

What Is the Best Video Size for Facebook and YouTube

The key is to now make sure that when you create video for YouTube that you have to factor in that you’ll be cutting off the edges to make square video for Facebook.  I made sure that any captions and post editing effects would work well when the edges are cut.

Then you can cut the edges off after the video is COMPLETELY edited for YouTube.  That way you only create the video once.

I use Camtasia to edit my video, but you can also use something Premier Pro to edit the video after you created it in something like iMovie.

Instagram Video

If your video is less than 60 seconds, then you can also upload your square Facebook video to Instagram.

Now with the effort of making one YouTube video, with a little editing and foresight, you can now have very effective video for Facebook and Instagram.

Final Thoughts On What Is the Best Video Size

Facebook and YouTube can be a powerful platform to market your business.  I especially love using video to market with on Facebook.  That’s why it’s so important to me to use the most effective video format on Facebook.

If you want help growing your Facebook and YouTube following faster, feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different options we offer.


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What Is the Best Video Size for Facebook and YouTube - Mike Marko

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Article: What Is the Best Video Size for Facebook and YouTube

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