Beware The Power of Words; Your Subconscious is Listening

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“Beware The Power of Words; Your Subconscious is Listening” written by Mike Marko.

Did you know that your words shape your future?

Yeah, I know: it’s pretty hard to believe.

If you are like most people, even my old self, you will say pretty much anything in intense moments.  You may even say things you don’t mean for fun in relaxed situations.

But you could be hurting yourself (and others, especially children).

Let me tell you how this happens, and how you can use the power of words to help you succeed.

The Power of Words When Your Subconscious Mind is Like A Sponge

We all know how the conscious mind works.  It allows us to think, reason through situations, and dictate our actions.

My Conscious Mind

Even as I type this out, it is mostly my conscious mind that is actively determining what words to type to get my message out.  I think ahead of time where I want this blog post to go, what ideas I want to present, and what I want you, the reader, to take away from what I wrote.  Then I just start typing and thinking of words to type to finish this blog post.

We all get the conscious mind.

But what about the subconscious mind?

My Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is more of a mystery.  It has been said that 90% of our mind consists of the subconscious mind.

Wikipedia states that “The subconscious mind stores information that the conscious mind may not immediately process with full understanding, but it stores the information for later retrieval when ”recalled” by the conscious mind, or by an astute psychoanalyst who can draw out information stored in the subconscious, bringing it to the individual’s conscious awareness.”

Basically, we really have no direct control over our subconscious mind.  We cannot control what it stores, or eve more importantly, what it will bring to conscious awareness.

What You Put Into Your Subconscious Mind

Think of it this way: if you have no control what your subconscious mind stores, or what (and when) it brings something to conscious awareness shouldn’t you be more careful about what you put into it?

Let’s look at a typical example.  A child, who has a less “trained” mind, who watches wrestling on TV will soon afterwards go and start wrestling with his siblings or friends.

Or even a more powerful example, tell a child that they are not wanted or fat will believe what you are telling them and will become an even larger example of what they are being called.

This phenomenon not only affects children, but it also has an impact on the adult mind.

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The Power of Words on Your Subconscious Mind

The words you speak have a direct influence on your subconsioucs.

That deserves to be repeated: “the words you speak have a direct influence on your subconscious.”

That means that you need to be very mindful of what you tell yourself.  Remember what we said earlier, that we “have no direct control over our subconscious mind.”  But we do have indirect control.  You can control what goes into it.

For instance, if you tell yourself that you can’t do something… then you won’t be able to because your subconscious helps you achieve what you stated you “wanted.”  Instead, if you imagine your success and how it felt like, and repeat it to help filter our the unwanted stuff in your mind, then your chances of success go up tenfold.

Top athletes practice using their subconscious.  They may practice in their mind making the perfect jump shot, perfect golf swing, or winning the race.  They are training their subconscious mind to help them achieve their desired goal.

So What Are You Telling Yourself?

So what is your self-speak?  What are you telling yourself?

Take a moment to listen to what you are saying today to yourself, and others.  Are you talking about what can be done, or what can’t?  Try and then correct your speech.

Talk about success.  Talk about winning.  Be encouraging.

The power of words is incredible.  You can shape your future based on what you speak out loud.


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Beware The Power of Words; Your Subconscious is Listening - Mike Marko

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Article: Beware The Power of Words; Your Subconscious is Listening

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