Body Posture | Sit Like a Stack of Gold Coins


“Body Posture | Sit Like a Stack of Gold Coins” written by Bren Koger.

Are you aware of how you are holding your body right now?

Body Posture Audit

I’m going to ask you to do a little audit of your body.

Trust me it will be worth it.

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’re sitting with your back hunched over your computer or phone. You might even be hugging your body or crossing your legs or arms.

Body Posture Affects Success

You may not realize it, but that kind of posture may be hindering your success.

VIDEO: Sogyal Rinpoche and Body Posture

In this video about meditation Sogyal Rinpoche tells us that “if you sit slouched your mind will also slouch”

Body Posture Affects the Mind

It’s not only the posture of the body, it’s the posture of the mind.

Posture is very much connected to the mind.

An open, relaxed posture will help you feel more open, confident and relaxed.

An open, spacious posture will also make you feel more likely to be open to what is in the present moment.

Body Posture in the Animal Kingdom

This goes across the animal kingdom. Think about the open expansiveness of certain postures animals assume when they want to feel dominant.

They are taking up more space and as humans we do this when we are feeling dominant and victorious.

Inducing Confidence with Body Posture

But can we trick the body into feeling more confident as needed?

In other words, can you “fake it til you make it.”


For example, studies show that the simple act of holding a pen in your mouth can stimulate the same muscle you use to smile. This simple act can make you feel happier.

And for the same reason, If you stand or sit in a powerful pose it will not only change your thoughts and feelings, but your body chemistry.

Certain postures can even emit certain chemicals in the body. For example in this Ted Talk, Amy Cuddy talks about how certain open postures can emit hormones that make us feel more confident.

This is a high power pose

And this is a low power pose

Studies have shown when you are in a higher pose ( more open and expansive) you will have an increase in testosterone and a decrease in cortisol. Testosterone is a dominant hormone and cortisol is about how you handle stress. In a low power pose (more closed off and protective) you are breathing more shallow and signaling the brain that there is danger.

The good news is, the body taking on a role change can affect your physiology and change your mind.

Final Words on Body Posture

Can this truly change your life?

Right now, wherever you are, try sitting in a more open posture.

Sit with shoulders back and down arms relaxed and not crossed in front of you. You will not only feel more confident, but be able to breath deeper and more expansively. This will allow more good to come to you.

And if you want to fake it till you make it, the next time you go into an important meeting and want to feel especially assertive, confident and comfortable…

Take a few minutes to assume a powerful pose. Be aware of how you are siting or standing.

While you are in the elevator or bathroom assume a power pose and then “sit like a stack of gold coins” open, expansive and confident and before you know it your boost of confidence will help you have that stack of gold coins right in front of your eyes.


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Body Posture | Sit Like a Stack of Gold Coins - Bren Koger








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Article:  Body Posture | Sit Like a Stack of Gold Coins

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