Building Your Network Marketing Business

Building Your Network Marketing Business

“Building Your Network Marketing Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling in your personal business?

Wondering why you can’t get traction and get some meaningful success?

It was like this for the six months of our online business.  It wasn’t until I realized the true nature of building your network marketing business before success started to build.

Today I’m going to talk about what you need to consider when building your network marketing business.


Building Your Network Marketing Business

In this business I see so many people in network marketing businesses trying to recruit people in the most unprofessional ways. They go through their ‘list’ or through social media like Facebook, and literally send out the exact same message to every person. This message is usually not personalized.  And more often than not, these messages are long and/or spammy.

When I receive these messages I usually cringe…

The Spam Fest

Thousands and thousands of people every month start network marketing businesses across the world. These people then, using poor marketing techniques, clog the Facebook news feeds and personal messages with their desperate marketing messages.

They swarm in on Facebook groups and spam the heck out of them…. it’s a real turn off.  Not only is it very unprofessional it also doesn’t work.

You can be better and work smarter than this.

Building Your Network Marketing Business By Becoming a Friend

Be a friend.

You should reach out and build relationships with people.


Gain their trust.

Enjoy professional exchanges with them.

Now I know it will be more time consuming initially, but it can be more fun, interesting, and more effective than spamming dozens of Facebook messages to people you don’t know… until you get blocked by Facebook and have to start a new account.

Target Your Messages

Take the time to only send your message to people that can benefit from your offer.  Do so because you are being genuinely helpful and interested in helping solve their need.  if you are trying to solve their needs or a problem they have, you will come across a lot differently than if you are just trying to sell.

Because let’s face it: nobody likes being sold to (but we all like to buy).

Work From a Contact List

I recommend working from a contact list.  This can be people that have expressed an interesting by opting into your email list, or even people that have Friended you on Facebook.  This works best because they have already started to get to know you.

Keep adding to this list on a daily basis. Also nurture these lists by working on building a relationship by providing value and showing that you genuinely want to help.

Why? Because your list(s) are gold to you.

Final Words on Building Your Network Marketing Business

Treat your lists like gold, and they will pay you back. Cultivate their trust and respect and they will start hunting you down to speak to you about your opportunity rather than you having to desperately hunt then down and harass them to find 1 recruit.

Go and make some friends and look after them. You won’t regret it.


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Building Your Network Marketing Business - Mike Marko

Author: Mike Marko
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Article: Building Your Network Marketing Business

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