Time Freedom

“Time Freedom” written by Guest Contributor.

“No one has the complete freedom to choose everything in his or her life, sis. They may think they do. They may think they’re choosing those jeans because they like them or that house because of that location, or that car because of the speed, but the reality is, they choose the jeans because some celebrity wore them, they choose that house because they needed to live near the kid’s school, or that car because it was the only one they could afford that could live up to their social standard.”  ― Ameera Al Hakawati, “Desperate in Dubai”

A Step Into the Past

When I was 18 years old, I graduated from high school, moved out of my Dad’s house and was on my own. I was happy to be living in a small cabin on a lake in Wisconsin with my best friend, Tammy Wickstrom.

In order to pay my bills I took a job as a nursing assistant in a nursing home which made better money than my previous part-time job at a Hardees’s fast food restaurant.

The work was physically demanding, lifting residents in and out of chairs and beds and emotionally draining with people in their last years sick and suffering. I didn’t really know myself well enough to realize I had other options. I just knew I wanted something more.

I decided to expand my horizons and increase my income by going back to school for nursing. I wanted to make more money. I then went on to have a career in nursing, working 12 hour shifts; sometimes evenings and graveyard.

The Desire for Time Freedom

Helping others and the responsibility gave me a sense of pride, but I never really felt like it was something I enjoyed. I always knew there was something better. I just didn’t know what it was.

I didn’t want to punch a clock, or have other people tell me I needed to work a holiday or a weekend. I was aspiring to freedom.

I tried woking part time, went into massage therapy and esthetics. But was still alway working for someone else according to their rules. I have been searching for the idea of complete freedom with my schedule and being my own boss for my entire adult life until I found online marketing.

My New Economic and Time Freedom

Now my days are completely my own. I get to choose when I work and how much. As cliché as it sounds, I enjoy it so it really doesn’t feel like work. I get to write about things that are interesting to me and share my message with the world. I have finally found the freedom I was searching for.

But I’ve found with great time freedom comes great responsibility.

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The Great Responsibility that Comes With Time Freedom: What I’ve Learned

If “time freedom” is not supported by awareness and wisdom, we can have the tendency to misuse it.

I don’t have a boss telling me when to be into work or how much to work. so it’s completely up to me to trust that the amount of work I put in will be rewarded with appreciation from our audience and financial abundance.This takes a level of discipline and faith that, at times, stretches me to my limits.

I can’t blame a boss for things that need to be changed. If something goes wrong in my day, its up to me to change something that is not working.

The people I associate with are my peers instead of a hierarchy of bosses and employees.

If I have the freedom to think on my own without someone telling me what to do, it is my responsibility to think positively, and to keep my mind focused on my goals, no matter what my current situation.

Trust My Own Judgement

I’ve learned to trust my own judgment. I make my own decisions with the help of a few in my close inner circle that I respect and trust and I’ve learned second guessing a decision is a waste of time.

I’ve learned to question ANY organization or institution and not blindly follow a set of guidelines, if it is not in line with my beliefs, perspectives, and values.

I’ve learned I am not a powerless victim of my environment, spiritual forces, my unconscious, or my genes.

I’ve become more authentic and aware.

I’ve learned to accept more and more that I deserve only the best and not allow my ego to push me back into worrying and complaining,

I’ve learned to allow myself time for introspection and meditation.

Economic freedom, time freedom, or otherwise does not guarantee happiness. I have times where I can feel frustrated or doubtful. I simply need a break. That is natural. It happens no matter what your situation in life. I am no longer a victim to these emotions.

I realize I have complete creative freedom to design all aspects of my life like the true co-creator that I am.

Want Your Own Economic and Time Freedom?

You too can have your own economic and time freedom.  The system we recommend to receive both can be found here.  Just keep in mind that when you have your own economic and time freedom, with it comes great responsibility.


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Article:  Time Freedom

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