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I’m sure if you’re reading this post you already know about Empower Network and probably even the IPAS system but I will give you the run down just in case.

First off yes I’m an affiliate, but I won’t be doing the typical affiliate review post where I just tell you the system is the best thing since sliced bread. 😉

Empower Network (EN) isn’t for everyone, but it is one of the best systems and training I’ve seen that provides a lot of value to help grow your business online.

IPAS2 Review about ipas system - Empower Network Review of Empower Network Products

Check out the income disclaimer.

So in the Empower Network review I’m going to cover what Empower Network is, the quality of the products, how you make money with Empower Network and if you decide this system is a good match for you I will show you how I will help you produce results just like the rest of my coaching students.

Empower Network BONUS – Sign up with the Empower Network now and I will give you access to the same traffic source used by 7 to 8 figure earners online. If you have had any interest at all in how to make money online, then Empower Network is what you are looking for. By reading this Empower Network review you will learn the answer to what is Empower Network.

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What is Empower Network

To answer the question, “What is Empower Network”, it is host to one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms online in addition to providing educational training products and services to online marketers and start-up, home-based and small businesses. Empower Network offers six business and marketing software products and tools, including its signature blogging system, video hosting, training and several coaching packages for start-up, home-based, small and medium businesses.  Bren and Mike highly recommend these online marketing business products.

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About the Empower Network Founders

Before reading the rest of this Empower Network review, you must consider the history of the two founders, which will give some insight on why they started this kind of company. In 2011, David Wood and David Sharpe joined together to create an opportunity. Both had to overcome struggles in their past.

David Wood – for several years, he was homeless….. blah, blah, blah…we all know the story…bottom line, he had nothing and built an empire…that is amazing…but what about us? 🙂

David Sharpe – Also, overcoming huge obstacles…broke and a drug addict, he helped David Wood build this empire…if it inspires you… great, it did me, but some people just want to know “what’s in it for me?”… ok I’m working on that!

Some may hate David Wood and David Sharpe, and some may love them. To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold on these two guys until recently. I still can’t say they are like you or me, but I can say they are two of the craziest salesman in the world.

They built a business upon the very foundations that make the sales industry thrive.

In business, when you are selling you need to do these things: 1) Understand your audience, find out their pains and frustrations; 2) provide them with a solution and an irresistible offer on why they should buy your product to solve their pains and frustrations.

Unfortunately David Sharpe had to leave the business for health reasons; fortunately Empower Network is still growing with leaps and bounds.

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Empower Network Overview

In my opinion, most people approach promoting Empower Network incorrectly. They start off promoting the Kalatu Viral Blogging System for $25/month to get people hooked. They then try to upsell their customers the next higher ticket item, and so on up to the Masters in order for the affiliate to make substantial commissions.

Instead, Empower Network needs to be promoted as a series of products that can provide people with solutions for their online marketing business. Not all customer needs require the same solution. I show my team members how to do meet their customers’ needs properly by being solution oriented.

Empower Network Training

Empower Network is filled with tons of great online training. Sure they have a great blogging system, but that is just one of the many products they have to offer.

And with Empower Network, not only do you get to help people make more money online either with their present businesses (even brick and mortar businesses) but you also can make substantial commissions as well.

If you don’t already know, if you want to make good money online ($8,000 + a month) it’s much easier to sell just 4-5 people a higher priced product than to sell 100′s of low ticket products.

You may not realize this, but when you start building your email subscriber list you have people that will buy products or product packages that cost $10,000 or more.

Empower Network Solution Oriented Products

What Empower Network does is offer solution oriented products that you can also use to sell as Low, Medium, and High ticket items. And at the same time you make 70% commissions on almost all of the products.

Most people in this industry fail because they don’t know where to get started, how to drive traffic, how to position themselves as an authority and the #1 killer which is how to get people to buy what you’re selling. Empower Network has training to teach you to overcome these challenges. They give you the tools to make substantial commissions selling Empower Network products.

Empower Network has created a system to make you $350, $700, $2100, and $3000 commissions as straight forward as possible. Plus they have products that can be used to help develop your passive source of income with products that pay you monthly.



Empower Network Kalatu Blogging Formula

Their online blogging system, the Kalatu blog, allows each user to have their own website set up exactly for them for their own online business. Most people outside of Empower Network don’t find success from their own blog.  This is because they don’t know how to properly optimize it and generate leads that will turn into sales.

Because Empower Network is in control of the Kalatu blogging platform, optimization is made easy but limited. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to start using the Viral Blogging System (VBS).

Lead generation is a part of the system, which means affiliates will be given a head start at building a successful business without having to go through all the mechanics of setting things up. You can customize the blog to help collect leads and grown e-mail lists for businesses outside Empower Network.

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Benefits of Empower Network

Not only does the Empower Network give new marketers the opportunity to by-pass the technical skills required to build a blog but it also provides unbelievable training to any individual who wants to generate leads and traffic through various methods of marketing on the Internet.

What is really great about the Empower Network system is you can write about whatever you want. No one is going to dictate what you write about. You can blog and post about anything you want, but you will need to blog at least once a day to see results. Consistency is the key! And the more you blog the easier it will be for you. It is a great way to gain exposure and get the word out about what you have to offer with Empower Network, or your own business for that matter.

Each Empower Network blog is turnkey… ready to start using right “out of the box”. In addition it is fully optimized to add in your success as a marketer. As a marketer all you have to do is put your content into this powerful blogging system. It does not matter what skill level you come in at, the Empower Network viral blogging system is tailored to fit you.

As you can see Empower Network is a viral blogging educational platform for network marketers and Affiliate marketers. By posting to your blog daily about content that you want, you gain exposure to what you are offering. It is that easy.

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Empower Network Products Review

0. Affiliate Membership: $19.95/month

This low fee is required to promote Empower Network products and earn commissions. Unlike everything else, you do not gain commissions from selling this membership.

1. Empower Network Kalatu Blog (VBS, ENV3 or Kalatu): $25/Month

what is KalatuAn easy to use already setup blog that even the extreme newbie can use. Although I prefer my own main blog, I own the Kalatu blog because it’s a great product to sell to someone who needs easy to get off the ground. I use the viral blogging system for my quick specially focused blogging needs.  

Blogging like putting up flyers around town, except these flyers stay up forever!  No one can take them down and you pretty much own that part of the internet real estate every time you post a blog.

This is by far the best long term strategy that exists today.  Think about it; what is the internet made of?  Why do people go to the internet?  Information!!!  They visit the world wide web to see content that will answer their questions.  The whole internet is based on this.  With Empower Network you can tap into this and build a legacy around it.

The genius part about allowing everyone to have their own Empower Network Blog is the authority it has.  This blog will out perform any normal blog out there because there are so many people posting to it daily.  The Alexa rank for the main website just after 45 days is under 2,000 in the entire world.  This allows you to start blogging with authority right from the get go!

This is easily worth $25 per month!!! It’s actually worth a lot more then that…

And on top of that, you get the basic IPAS marketing system for FREE with the basic Kalatu blog.

You’re also able to upgrade from Kalatu to Kalatu premium for enhanced Kalatu features.  When you upgrade you will also get IPAS Pro for free.

Kalatu Review - Empower Network Review or Empower Network Products

2. Inner Circle: $100/month

Empower-Network-Inner-Circle - Mike-MarkoDownloadable MP3s of great mindset lessons, stories, uplifting testimonials and some training mixed in. Both a great buy, and a great product to sell. I love to listen to these audios from my smartphone while driving my car.

You may already be a student of Les Brown, or Jim Rohn or even Brian Tracy, and that’s wonderful.

Yet the Inner Circle allows you to have access to not just the big names like those I mentioned above, but mainly to the regular, everyday people who are winning in life and in business and hear their success strategies and principles that are enabling them to be that way.

Simply put, The Inner Circle is a collection of audios put together by successful entrepreneurs, to help you put positivity into your brain in your down time. They are meant to be listened to while you are in your car, or jogging, cleaning the house, exercising, or just about anything else you can think of.

Get the Inner Circle by clicking here.

3. Top Producer Formula: One-time $500

empower network - top producer formulaTop Producer Formula is a new marketing training program designed to help you figure out exactly what you are missing that is preventing you from making real money in your online business.

The program is a complete “transform your presence” digital course designed by some of the top earning millionaires in the industry of internet marketing…that says as much as…

The curriculum of the system reveals unique selling strategies that support your improvement and responsiveness towards your business. The thoughtful-tactics in these marketing modules have generated over $160 million for affiliates, members, and customers in pay outs since October 2011.

Now, ALL of Empower Network’s history, hustle and heart is rolled up into the Top Producer Formula.

Get the Top Producer Formula by clicking here.

4. Team Building Formula: One-time $1,000

empower network - team building formulaThe Team Building Formula is jam-packed with all the information you need to successfully create and build the long-term team environment necessary in the field of home-based business to maximize profits. Once you are able to do this, consistently, you can build any business, with any product and be positioned to guarantee your own residual income increase.

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5. Mass Influence Formula: One-time $3,500

empower network - mass influence formulaEver heard the old saying “you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink?”, what if we told you that was wrong!

Mass Influence Formula shows you how to win the respect of others, and influence them to take the action that you want them to. Backed by scientific influence and persuasion principles, you’ll know exactly how to get people to do what you want.  These skills are essential to taking your business to the highest level possible.

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More Empower Network Review

Empower Network Compensation Plan —- OLD!!!

First of all, to be qualified to earn inside of Empower Network there is a $19.95 per month affiliate fee.  That allows you to earn 70% commissions from most of the products above!

Having done a lot of research, the Empower Network compensation plan is the best there is.  Some are great, some are good, but none paid out 70% commissions on products that were actually GOOD!

Yes I have seen some high commission programs but they absolutely sucked as a product, and it was usually a 1 time high commission and that’s it.  No leverage or residual income at all…  Where is the fun in building something like that?  You have to make sales consistently otherwise you don’t make any money!

Based on what I have described, do you think the Empower Network products are worth the money you spend?  I sure do!

The fact they pay 70% commission is just icing on the cake!

I also want to point out that since they pay you 70% commissions, you are getting paid as if you owned, created, did support, hosted & managed the product but you DON’T!  They do that for you and you get paid as if you did all that!

This gives the average person the ability to get paid as if they created the product but not have to worry about it!  I love that!!  I actually heard someone who created his own product that he wished he never bothered  because he would have made better money just selling Empower Network products!

They also have a built in leverage plan so you can still earn on your downline.  Your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th person are passed up to your sponsor…  What this allows to happen is you can tell your team what you are doing, teach them your secrets because there is leverage in the comp plan.  You are not training your competition like other 70% commission programs out there.  You can build a long term team and generate 70% residual income pass-ups for the rest of time on each and every one of your referrals…  I love that!

New Empower Network Compensation Plan

The Empower Network Compensation plan just changed as of November 1, 2015.  This plan is far superior to the previous plans that it should get anyone building an online or network marketing business excited.

Because there is a lot to the new Empower Network Compensation plan, I have written a separate article just on it.  Click here to check it out.

Is there an Empower Network Scam?

I’m sure someone will ask this so I will clear this up now.

With any company, product or internet marketer, someone will say that “Empower Network is a scam”.

Nine times out of ten it’s not about the company or product, but it’s about the person writing the review. Scam reviews on the internet are created by competitors that take cheap shots at more successful businesses in order to sell their own products.  Look closely… every so called “scam review” has a product the reviewer is trying to sell… some are subtle about it, and others are really blatant.  But these reviewers don’t have your well being in mind.

What Dave & Dave have created is an excellent online marketing system that will get people results if they follow it, but the sad reality is that most people won’t even follow the training.

I was really skeptical when I first learned about Empower Network, but I did my homework and then dove in. What I appreciate about Empower Network is that it will work for the people willing to put in the work, treat their business seriously and follow what Empower Network leaders teach you.

If you’re the type of person who expects to get rich overnight without putting in work, then Empower Network or any other program for that matter will NOT work for you. In fact… you might as well go out and buy some lottery tickets because that is the only thing that will work with the frame of mind.

My Final Thoughts on Empower Network

The great thing about this business is your income is directly correlated to your ability to succeed. However, the worst thing about this business is exactly that. Some people think they can sit around, bring in a few people and have them go to work for them. This never happens. The Universe has laws and will only reward those who actually put in the effort.

People join Empower Network because of us, not just because of the compensation or the products. They want to join Bren and I on our crusade, and we make them feel that they can succeed, and we tend to make that a reality if that person is willing to put in the work.

By joining Bren and myself, we give away so much more value than Empower Network could ever give away. I give the one-on-one mentoring, the Facebook messaging, phone calls, Skype conversations, access to our private Facebook team group and access to the Prosperity Team.

Our Empower Network Team

If you’re looking for a system to help you produce a full time income online and a mentor that will help you produce results, then join Bren and I in Empower Network and we’ll will be in touch once we see you signed up.

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