Strategic Tips for Facebook Marketing for Small Business

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“Strategic Tips for Facebook Marketing for Small Business” written by Mike Marko.

Looking for ways on how to do Facebook marketing for small business?

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to market your business because many people are using it. Reaching a large percentage of its users who might have an interest in your products or services opens a lot of possibilities to your business.

However, reaching your target audience on this platform isn’t easy.

Competition on Facebook is tight. You need to stand out if you want to get the attention of your target audience.

Yet Facebook is an important part of a Pervasive Presence™ strategy.  

With that said, today I’m going to help you with some strategic tips on Facebook marketing for small business.  

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Strategies for Facebook Marketing for Small Business

Over the past couple years, marketing a business on Facebook has become harder and harder. However, you don’t have to worry about it as long as you know these strategies for Facebook marketing for small business.

The strategies that I will talk about on this blog will help your business in a lot of ways. But before we go into that part, I’ll give you an insight first about how to use Facebook for small business.

Using Facebook for Small Business

Facebook marketing for small business basically means doing it on a personal level. You likely won’t have the time or funds to hire a marketing manager. That means you’re doing all the posting, scheduling, sending of invites and messages.

But don’t worry, if you haven’t done those things before. Here are helpful tips you can do to ease your way when marketing on Facebook.

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Maximize Your Branding Power

Every passing hour on Facebook is an opportunity to promote and market.

You can start maximizing your branding by focusing on your profile and cover photo, call to action, and About page. These are the focal parts of your profile which have the most attention.

Use your profile and cover photo to show off your brand’s personality. You can set a profile picture with your brand’s logo, or a photo that best represents your brand.

Most interested customers will always check your About page. Make sure to have a short and appealing “About” paragraph to describe your business.

Most importantly, always use CTA or Call to Action. These encourage followers to interact and engage with you. Make it hard for them to leave without saying a “hi” or two.

Recognize Your Target Audience

Marketing on Facebook without knowing who to target makes your marketing strategy useless. Make sure that you recognize your target audience.

Recognizing your target audience is an essential part of developing the proper tone and voice for your Facebook posts. If you’re targeting ages 18 to 22, make sure that your posts are relatable to people within this age range. You don’t post contents that ages 28 can only relate.

You must also speak, act and think like your target audience. This helps you build an empathy and relationship with them. Your aim is to approach them on a personal level and post in a personal perspective.

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Make Use of the Free Engagement

One thing people like about Facebook is that you can engage with anyone from anywhere in the world. As a marketer you shouldn’t forget the real purpose of social media, that is to engage and connect with people.

Facebook offers free marketing as well as free engagement.

Your aim here isn’t only to market and promote your brand but to talk with your future customers too. Engagement also increases the chances of attracting more leads and that eventually leads to attracting more clients.  

You can engage with your customers through posting questions, real-time videos, and contests. Post relatable contents that’ll make them want to connect and engage with you.

Go Visual and Get It Right

It’s important that you know how images and photos can influence people on social media. Photos are also a good thing to let people engage with you.

These days, photos easily drive customers’ interests. Just make sure that the visuals you share must be pleasing, interesting, and varied.

You must also share and posts images that are relevant to your business. Once your posts are relatable, your audience would also find it easy to engage with you.

Also, you should also use interesting photos in your Facebook page. It’s best to customize your page as well because it helps in getting more followers.

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Tell Your Interesting Stories

The newest way of interacting with your target audience is through Facebook stories. It’s a new Facebook feature that lets you share real-time photos, videos, and updates. Facebook stories will only be visible for 24 hours after which contents will be automatically deleted.

Facebook stories help brands to keep in touch with their audience every day. It also gives their audience the impression that you’re being authentic in your posts and business.

Re-Evaluate Your Facebook Strategy

Track what you’re doing and see if you’re getting leads and traffic. This gives you the time to evaluate the tools from what’s working and what isn’t.  

You can make use of Facebook insights, intuition, and your content manager to find out what works best. You can also ask for your audience’s opinions through authentic feedback.

If you still don’t have a marketing plan, then you should start making one because it can prevent you from making unnecessary decisions. Check this 5 Steps to Creating a Facebook Marketing Plan.

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Final Thoughts on Facebook Marketing for Small Business

With almost everyone on Facebook including your competitors, it became a necessity to know tips about Facebook marketing for small business. To make the very best of your Facebook marketing, just make sure that you follow these tips:

  • Maximize your branding.
  • Define and recognize your target audience.
  • Engage more.
  • Posts photos and visuals.
  • Post real-time stories.
  • Re-evaluate your work.

Success on social media doesn’t happen overnight or tomorrow. But with great effort, you’ll surely get there.

If you have more questions about Facebook marketing for small business, leave it a comment or two below.

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Strategic Tips for Facebook Marketing for Small Business - Mike Marko

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