23 Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement Tips

23 Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement Tips

“23 Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement Tips” written by Mike Marko.

Facebook changes a lot…

They are always tweaking and tinkering with the algorithms in an attempt to improve the user experience.

What the does, though, is making it more challenging for the average business owner to promote their business on Facebook.

The key to Facebook ads is to increase organic reach and engagement.  But this is no easy feat.  More engagement means that Facebook will increase the reach of both your regular posts and your ads.

That is why today I want to talk to you about how to increase your ad engagement and your Facebook organic reach.

Increase Your Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement

The following is a list of recommended things you can do to get better results on Facebook.

1. Don’t include a link in the actual ad or post itself.  When you have a link that sends people off of Facebook, the reach will be lower.

2. Don’t include a link to a website that competes with Facebook, such as Google, YouTube, or Twitter. When you link to these types of sites you’ll see an increase the cost in advertising for the external website.

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3. Be sure to include more white space in the text, and dots “…” to add some suspense within the Facebook Post or Ad.  You’ll find the more that you do this the better it will do.

4. A photo or video usually increases engagement. Remember that the video or photo doesn’t always have to connect with the ad… but the more it connects together (is congruent) the better.

5. Having pattern interruption in your videos is important, however, don’t use a generic “stop”. People have a 2-3 tension span… if they don’t see value right away they will be gone.  So it’s important that there is a pattern interrupt before 3 seconds are up; the maximum amount of time someone will look at your ad before deciding to continue.

6. The more that people click “continue reading”, flick through photos, view the video, comment or like, the more your ad will be shown organically. You’ll also see higher CTR (click-through rate) for this content which will increase the relevance score and decrease the cost.

7. Posts that demonstrate a process in “steps” will typically always do the best.  This will allow you to get more reach. An example may be, “7 Steps to Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns.”

8. When people save your posts it’s a huge indicator of interest to Facebook and will boost your reach.

9. The more story-driven a post… and the more dramatic it is, the more attention you will get from someone.  The key is to do this without being “click-baity”.  Do this regularly and you’ll find an audience that your audience will love you.

10. Use emojis and symbols that people aren’t used to are your best friend. Use them wisely.  🙂


11. Video on most posts will actually decrease your reach.  This is because the settings of Facebook.  Facebook will show less video when the user is not connected to Wi-Fi.
By the way… If you are using videos then captions are always a must.

12. Don’t use apps like Buffer to schedule your posts.  Facebook hates it and will kill your reach and engagement. Plus people know the difference and will respond accordingly.

13. Don’t post more than 5 times a day.

14. Never repost something from your personal profile in a group without changing it. Facebook’s A.I knows the difference. Change it up and then post it later.

15. Post when most of your users will be online.  This is just one of the reasons why it’s important to understand your target audience.

16. Change up the call-to-action button in your ads. The “Learn more” button doesn’t always work the best.

17. Within the Facebook Ad system you can add multiple pictures. The more pictures you have, the better the ad performs.  It also performs better on Instagram.

18. Respond to every single one of your comments… even the more controversial posts.  It will increase the # of comments and increase organic sharing.

19. Sharing on Facebook is mostly dead.  It doesn’t impact much of anything.  Therefore don’t waste your effort.

20. Talking about yourself will get very little engagement.  Story telling about how your experiences can help teach your audience is different and gets better results.

21. If you want to post something with a link then add the link in the comments.  Then show a preview screenshot of what it is in the post image.

22. The first hour of a Facebook Post or ad is the most important. If you are able to get more people to visit the post (such as directing other traffic to the post), you’ll get more reach.

23. Provide value.  Overall if you create content that your target audience wants to see then you increase the chance of them interacting with your posts.  If you don’t… they will more than likely automatically dismiss the post.

Final Words About the Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement

In this blog post we talked about how to increase your Facebook organic reach and engagement.  Facebook is a powerful platform to promote your business.  By following these tips you will get more mileage out of your efforts.

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23 Facebook Organic Reach and Engagement Tips - Mike Marko

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