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“goDesana Review From A Non-Affiliate: Get The Facts on goDesana Before Joining!” written by Mike Marko.

goDesana Review From A Super Affiliate

If you’re reading this post you’re either looking for a goDesana review to buy the product, or you are considering becoming a distributor for this company.

Now if you’re looking to purchase goDesana products, then I would suggest that you either find a representative, or purchase it direct from the source.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to become a distributor, and built a business around selling goDesana products, you’re going to run into one main problem…. how to Market the business!!

That’s where we come in.

You probably discovered this post on the first page of Google.  Being on the first page of gets you lots of traffic for whatever you’re marketing. Many people market goDesana in the trenches; making use of old-fashioned door-to-door methods.

That’s fine and all, except if you’re anything like me you’ll want to scale your business as quickly as possible.

But prior to diving into this goDesana review and how I can help you build your goDesana business, I want to talk about goDesana and the one thing people are concerned about…

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What Is goDesana Review

goDesana initially launched as Green Organics International all the way back in the 2011. They were founded in the state of Ohio of the United States.

goDesana runs in the field of providing vital oils to their customers, and also this is a particular niche that’s promptly grabbing a good deal of popularity. It isn’t nearly as crowded as points like fat burning and garments, however, it is promptly making its means up there as one of the biggest specific niches for an MLM business to obtain involved with.

The domain name for the goDesana website was registered back I 2013, so this would suggest that this was around the time when the brand-new name took over that of Green Organics International.

I attempted to do some research to see why this rebranding happened in the first place, yet I wasn’t able to come up with any concrete information on the issue.

The CEO and Founder of goDesana is Paula Scarcella, and inning accordance with her business biography on the company site, Paula has been involved in the MLM globe given that as early as the 1990s.

As per the bio, “Over the past Two Decade, Paula found a detach between business owners and their distributors. After experiencing for herself the lack of stability as well as dishonesty from business owners she chose to begin her own business based on sincerity, honesty, as well as openness.”
Before Paula released Green Organics International, she was an affiliate for the company Essante as well as Ultra International.

Furthermore, Paula also obtained herself wrapped up in a Ponzi cycler plan in 2010 with the company Cycle for Wealth.

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goDesana Review of goDesana Products

goDesana focuses on marketing a range of vital oils.  The business also promotes weight management, nutrition, residence and individual care items.

While checking out the goDesana payment strategy, I discovered insurance claims that the company markets “300 organic as well as wild-crafted items”.

Available as songs as well as blends, the goDesana’s necessary oils complete retail pricing can be located on the goDesana site.

Just click “buy retail” on the site navigating menu.

Other items that I found on the goDesana website include:

  • Herbology – Black Assam Tea ($ 18.40), Cellular Herbal Tea ($ 29.90), Cherokee Bitters Kit ($ 20.70), Cleanse Herbal Tea ($ 28.75), Detox Herbal Tea ($ 28.75), Elderberry Syrup it ($ 20.70), Ginseng Root Powder ($ 57.50), Green Tea ($ 18.40), Heart Berry Protect Herbal Blend ($ 32.20), Lifex Herbal Blend ($ 24.15), Peppermind Leaves ($ 10.35), Rooibos Tea ($ 18.40), Sip & Slim Herbal Green Tea ($ 27.60), Soothe the Soul Herbal Tea ($ 20.70), Wise Woman Herbal Blend ($ 27.60).
  • Personal Care – Bath Bars ($ 9.20), Aloe Lavender Body Wash ($ 20.70), Dry Body Brush ($ 10.35), Flora Oceana Bath Bags ($ 31.05), French Green Clay Body Wash ($ 21.85), Hand & Body Lotion ($ 21.85), Hydrating Lip Balm ($ 9.20), Loofah ($ 9.20), L-Stimulate Deodorant ($ 9.20), Mouth Rinse ($ 19.55), Foaming Hand Soap ($ 13.80).
  • PH Nutrition – supplements, tea, weightloss, alkalize & cleanse, biominerals and also heart health and wellness.
    Skin Care– age delay, child treatment and also anti-acne.
  • Day spa – Argan Oil ($ 20.70), Avocado Oil ($ 20.70), Clay Vitality Detox Powder ($ 23), Salt: Dead Sea Salt Fine ($ 17.25), Flora Oceana Bath Bags ($ 31.05), Fractionated Coconut Oil ($ 17.25), Grape Seed Oil ($ 17.25), Hemp Seed Body Oil ($ 24.15), Macadamia Nut Oil ($ 17.25), Pink Himalayan Bath Salt ($ 15.60), Rosehip Seed Oil ($ 17.25), Sea Buckthorn Oil ($ 20.70), Sesame Seed Oil ($ 24.15), Signature Body Oil ($ 20.70).
  • Animal Care – Cold & Congestion Oil ($ 20.70), Cooling Relief Massage ($ 24.15), Fear & Separation ($ 20.70), Flea Repellent ($ 17.25), Immune Support ($ 20.70), Itch Relief ($ 20.70), Motion Sickness ($ 17.25), Stress & Nerves ($ 20.70), Super Calm Trauma ($ 24.15), Tick Repellent ($ 20.70), Warming Joint Massage ($ 20.70), Wound Relief ($ 20.70).
  • Residence Care – Bug Spray ($ 31.05), Deep Green Grounding Blend ($ 20.70), Protector antibacterial and also anti-bacterial ($ 31.05), Home & Laundry Concentrate ($ 13.80), Spray & Wipe Cleaner ($ 13.80).

You could likewise find goDesana products in different packs.

According to the company, they assert to supply a “100% unconditional money-back guarantee”.

goDesana Compensation Plan

goDesana associates are supplied a settlement plan for creating retail sales, in addition to recurring sales through a uni-level settlement structure.

goDesana Retail Commissions

Affiliates in goDesana can gain a 20% commission for sale quantity from retail client orders.  I also found out that associates that organize retail parties can gain just what is described as “buying bucks”.

These shopping bucks can be made use of in the direction of an associate’s own acquisition of products.

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Residual Commissions

goDesana recurring commissions are paid out making use of the exact same uni-level settlement framework as the Wholesale Bonus.

The difference is that while the Wholesale Bonus relates to wholesale item orders only, recurring commissions that are earned are paid on the total placed order volume.

There is a total of 7 uni-level degrees that residual payments can be made through.

The quantity of uni-level levels an affiliate could earn on depends upon their ranking:

  • Product Consultant– 3% on degrees 1 as well as 2
  • Silver– 3% on degrees 1 to 3
  • Gold– 3% on degrees 1 to 4
  • Jasper– 3% on levels 1 to 5
  • Amber– 3% on levels 1 to 6
  • Ruby or higher– 3% on levels 1 to 7

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goDesana Affiliate Ranks

The goDesana payment strategy has ten affiliate ranks.  These are the ranks and their certification requirements:

  • Product Consultant – register as a goDesana affiliate and also keep 30 PV over a moving 31-day period.
  • Silver – maintain 50 PV over a rolling 31-day duration.
  • Gold – preserve 80 PV over a moving 31-day duration.
  • Jasper – preserve 80 PV over a moving 31-day period as well as hire at least 2 affiliates.
  • Amber – keep 80 PV over a rolling 31-day duration, recruit at least four affiliates and also have a down line creating a minimum of 1200 GV a month.
  • Ruby – preserve 80 PV over a moving 31-day period, recruit at the very least 6 associates and also have a downline generating a minimum of 2400 GV a month.
  • Emerald green – keep 80 PV over a moving 31-day period, recruit at the very least twelve associates and also have a downline producing at the very least 5000 GV a month.
  • Ruby – preserve 80 PV over a rolling 31-day period, hire at the very least eighteen associates and also have a downline generating at least 12,000 GV a month.
  • Dual Diamond – maintain 80 PV over a rolling 31-day period, hire at the very least twenty-four affiliates and have a downline generating at the very least 30,000 GV a month.
  • Platinum Diamond – keep 80 PV over a rolling 31-day period, hire at the very least thirty affiliates and have a down line creating at least 60,000 GV a month

goDesana Scam or Legit?

So is goDesana a scam?

It never fails that an individual who knows nothing about network marketing and direct sales will certainly state any mlm (multi-level marketing) company out there is a pyramid plan and they don’t even know the true definition of a pyramid system.

goDesana is an steady business and they also promote great products.

Thousands of individuals are looking to buy the products each and every day online.  It’s a very profitable business particularly if you have a passion for fitness.

So you know when you market the products you’re advertising something that is a first class product and it also helps people obtain results when they use it.

Now if you decide to market goDesana the primary issue that lots of people have is finding new consumers interested in what they’re promoting.

This is where online marketing comes in.

Effective goDesana Marketing

Every single day I signup folks for the numerous companies I’m involved in.

I don’t tell you this to brag, but to help you realize the power behind promoting your own business online.

The traditional means of selling to your good friends, family and anybody else that will listen to your business opportunity, or interested in trying the products, prevents most people from having success.

goDesana is a fantastic business, but you need to get your offer in front of people searching for what you’re marketing.

When you take your business online you could place your products or services in front of countless potential customers daily.

Can you imagine how much money you can make when you can take advantage of your time and energy by making a few simple blog posts and having them show up at the top of Google?

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3 Steps for Promoting Your Business

Step 1 – The initial step to marketing your company online is getting setup with your own blog.

A blog is just one of the very best ways to market any type of business online.  Using Google, you can get your offer in front of thousands of people looking for what you’re selling.

Step 2 – Generating your own content to show up in the search engines.

You don’t just create the content and then you’re finish. You have to market your blog post to get it to turn up on top of the online search engine so potential customers will see it.

This isn’t a hard process and I can teach you that.

Step 3 – Getting webpage visitors to subscribe to your e-newsletter.

Even for individuals that understand the value of marketing their business online, the main thing that people fall short to do is collect visitor emails so they could follow-up with the people interested in their content and/or business.

Most people need to see something at least 7 times just before deciding to buy.

If you do not collect their e-mails with an email auto-responder you’re leaving lots of money on the table.

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Now clearly there are a few more steps in developing a successful business online, yet it’s a lot easier than using the traditional methods that most people use to market their business.

I’m positive that anybody could run an effective business online despite just how old, the amount of experience, or your personal background.

I’ve taught people from all backgrounds how to dominate online and produce results inside their business.

But… it all started with my bootcamp training where they learned how to properly setup their business online.

If you’re interested in discovering the best ways to market your goDesana company online and signup more people right into your business, or just offer more goDesana products, then click the banner below and get my free bootcamp training.

This will teach you how to setup your blog, how to get your bog posts to rank, how to generate endless leads for your business and how to get people to buy what you’re selling.

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