Google Analytics – How to Determine Mobile Traffic Data

Google Analytics - How to Determine Mobile Traffic Data

“Google Analytics – How to Determine Mobile Traffic Data” written and video by Mike Marko.

Do you know how much of your website traffic is from mobile devices?

Mobile device use is becoming more and more common.  In the past year, Google even started penalizing website rankings if they were not Mobile compatible.  You need to make sure your website is both mobile compatible and has a good mobile experience.  This is especially true if a significant portion of your traffic is from mobile devices.

That’s why today I want to show you how to use Google Analytics to determine your mobile traffic data.

Using Google Analytics To Determine Mobile Traffic Data

In the following video I talk about how to use Google Analytics to research your mobile traffic data.

VIDEO: Google Analytics & Mobile Traffic Data

What Is Google Analytics

Whether you are a first time user, or have used it a few times, Google Analytics can be overwhelming. There are a ton of graphs and reports, menu options, and settings, that you may (or may not) want to know about.

If you are not familiar with Google Analytics, you may want to check out my blog post, What is Google Analytics | How to Explain Google Analytics.

Google Analytics – Mobile Traffic Data

Google Analytics is great for determining how much many of your visitors are using mobile devices, and what devices they are using.

When I first started looking at this data a couple years ago, I was only getting 40% of my traffic from mobile devices.  Over the past couple years that’s increased to 50%.  That’s significant… and telling of what the future holds.

I’ve seen websites that still only have about 10-15% mobile visitors.  Do you know what your visitors are using?

When you understand your visitors, you can use that information to optimize your content for mobile devices.

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Mobile Friendly Content

Things you can do to make your content more mobile friend are:

  • Use mobile friendly website themes,
  • Use larger buttons,
  • Use larger font (try reading 10 or 12 ptn font on your phone),
  • Ensure clickable links are not stacked… be “fat finger” friendly,
  • Larger graphics are broken down so that they move around on the smaller screen instead of having the graphic more difficult to read,
  • Have critical information or actions above the “fold”; or in other words seen without having to scroll down.

I make it a point to test a lot of my pages on my iPhone to ensure that the content is mobile friendly.

Final Thoughts On Using Google Analytics To Determine Mobile Traffic Data

Using tools like Google Analytics can help you do the research you need to collect mobile traffic data.  Using this data you may be able to make some tweaks to help improve the experience of your visitors.  Just remember… you often need to keep testing to help get the desired results.


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Google Analytics - How to Determine Mobile Traffic Data - Mike Marko

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Article: Google Analytics – How to Determine Mobile Traffic Data

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