How to Get into the Habit of Daily Routines of Successful People

“How to Get into the Habit of Daily Routines of Successful People” written and video by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling to get results in your business?

You are working hard at your business but are not getting the results you desire?

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Watch my video and read further to see how you can improve your results when you get into the habit of daily routines of successful people.

How to Get into the Habit of Daily Routines of Successful People

Getting into the habit of daily routines of successful people isn’t as hard as it sounds.  In our online business we listed out what we need to do on a daily basis to be successful.

I have listed them here for you as an example (in order of priority).

Email Our Lists Daily

This is our number one daily task: emailing our lists (lead lists or potential/past customers) daily.  It is so important for us to keep in front of our followers by providing lots of valuable content.  When we stop emailing our lists then our results drop.

  • We get less blog visitors
  • We get less sales
  • We get more people leaving our email list

The last result of not emailing our lists seems counter intuitive but its true.  If you don’t email your list with valuable content daily, they will soon forget about you or lose their interest, and they’ll just view your emails as annoying… a that point they put you into spam, delete your emails, or unsubscribe.

To help with this I try to allocate an hour every week to schedule most of my emails for the rest of the week.

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Blog Daily on All Main Blogs

Blog daily is big for us.  Though to be honest we are not 100% successful here we do come close.

As a result of blogging daily we have:

  • Lots of content to share to our list (see the first point)
  • More articles to be found by Google
  • Posting regularly actually helps your blog rank overall because Google sees the site as an authority with lots of fresh content
  • Our blog be seen as an authority in our niche

I am sure with more thought I can come up with more points, but you get the idea.

Post to Social Media Daily

Not only should you post daily to social media, but some sites like Facebook or Twitter should be posted to more regularly (4-6 times for Facebook and 5-10 times for Twitter).

You need to keep in front of your audience, and with lots of fresh content throughout the day you increase the likelihood that someone will see you content.  You may not get customers right away, but social media is a long term strategy that will help you convert leads into sales more effectively (and keep them as long term customers).

I’ve tried to become better at posting to social media.  Luckily I can use tools like Tweet Deck to schedule our posts for the week.  Batching these kinds of tasks where possible makes it easier to maintain.

Shoot A Video Daily

This is a new daily task that one of my mentors recently challenged me with, so I hope you can keep me honest here.  The idea is to post a video every day for the next year. These videos can be 2-5 minutes long, but they need to give people glimpses into our life and struggles in our online business… and of course showing how we overcome them.  It isn’t for a complain fest.  Instead it helps draw the audience into our lives.

This in the end will help with our branding, and thus impact our business results.

Final Thoughts On Getting Into the Habit of Daily Routines of Successful People

Using my calendar for each month really helps keep me on track with my daily tasks.  Since I started with the calendar I have seen a dramatic increase in our results.  I can’t wait to see what the future will bring as I continue with this.


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How to Get into the Habit of Daily Routines of Successful People - Mike Marko

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Article: How to Get into the Habit of Daily Routines of Successful People

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