How Do You Start a Blog with Kalatu Premium – With Almost No Effort

How Do You Start a Blog with Kalatu Premium – With Almost No Effort

“How Do You Start a Blog with Kalatu Premium – With Almost No Effort” written by Mike Marko.

Are you wondering how do you start a blog?

Maybe it’s to promote your business or profession? Or even to share your thoughts on anything you love?

Blogging is a free or inexpensive way to get your message out. You can get easily get started in minutes.

This free tutorial will show you how easy it is to get started. There is absolutely NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. I have written this “How Do You Start a Blog” tutorial with the complete beginner in mind.

I will take you through the entire process, step by step, with all the relevant screenshots and explanations accompanying each and every step. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with domains, nameservers, web hosts and other fancy hi-tech “lingo” because … well… most of that will be done already for you with either Kalatu or Kalatu Premium. So you really don’t have to worry about most of the tech stuff.

And that’s pretty cool, right?

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Now let’s get started with how do you start a blog.

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Step 1: How Do You Start a Blog – Domain Name

This whole process is pretty easy, but of it all this is in my opinion the most fun: picking the name for your website.

I want to start by giving you a few things to be aware of when choosing your domain name:

a. Don’t Make It Too Wordy

You want to have a website address that is easy to type in and spell correctly. Why make it super long or use really difficult words? You’ll only frustrate your visitor when they try to figure out the spelling or realize they are missing words. Keep it as simple and to the point as possible.

b. Select an Easy to Remember Domain Name

Make it easy to remember your domain name. You can pick something that is either funny or catchy like many people do. Avoid a domain name with too many strange sounding words because people are not going to remember that.

c. Avoid Using Registered Brand or Trademark Names

You can get into a lot of legal trouble using a registered brand or trademark name. This is best avoided. If you are looking to blog about a particular brand proceed with extreme caution.

Now on the flip side, it is good to use this as an opportunity to brand your own name. There are benefits to including your own name in the domain name to help the search engines later recognize your name as a brand. You can use your own name in your domain (e.g., or you can use the overall theme or topic of your blog in the domain name (e.g. or

d. Pick the Right Extension

Where possible use the .com extension. If this is not available, you can get by with either .org or .net. These three are the most popular extensions. Not only will using these help with your visitor typing in the website address correctly, but sticking with these recommendations is believed to help you in ranking in Google.

Use the search tool below to see if your desired domain name is available and then register it:

Step 2: How Do You Start a Blog – Initial Setup Blog

Instead of hiring a web programmer, or even having to setup a hosting account and install a blogging platform like WordPress, we’re going to simplify things by using a self-hosted platform called Kalatu.

a. Purchase Kalatu

Kalatu is a ready to go blogging platform. You can later upgrade to Kalatu Premium if you like, but for now let’s start with Kalatu.

Get Kalatu Button - How Do You Start a Blog with Kalatu Premium

b. Initiate Building Your Kalatu Blog

Log Into to start your blog set up.

Be sure to enter both your user id and password before clicking, “Login & Start Blogging”.

Now let’s get to the blogging platform setup.  Click on “Login & Start Blogging”.

Next fill out the following form start the process of creating your blog.

Username.  Select a username you will remember.

Password & Confirm Password.  Enter and then reenter your password for your new blog.

Domain.  Pick any one of the domains that appeals to you.

Site Name. This is part of the website address; a subdomain of the domain you just selected.  What you select here isn’t a big deal since you will be mapping this over with the domain you just purchased.  I would enter a site name that matches your new domain name if it is still available.  Make sure the domain name has NO spaces.  You cannot change the site name once you create the blog.  (E.g. brenandmike is the site name).

Site Title.  This is the name of the blog as it appears to the world.  This can be changed later on.  I recommend for now basing this on your site name, adding spaces, punctuation, and capital letters as appropriate.  (E.g. Bren and Mike is the site title).

After you click “Create New Blog!” you have to wait about an hour for your blog to be created.

Step 3: How Do You Start a Blog – Setup Basic Appearance

After waiting about an hour, you are now ready to start mapping your domain and then changing the basic appearance of your blog.

a. Map Your Domain

Follow the video to see how easy it is to get the domain name.

If you haven’t already got it yet, you can get your domain here:

b. Kalatu Tour

Watch this video for a tour of the Kalatu blog.

Step 4: How Do You Start a Blog – Start Blogging

You are now ready to start blogging!

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Now you know how do you start a blog with Kalatu… that’s it for now.

Happy blogging!


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How Do You Start a Blog with Kalatu Premium – With Almost No Effort - Mike Marko

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Article: How Do You Start a Blog with Kalatu Premium – With Almost No Effort

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