The Best Tips on How to Advertise on LinkedIn

“The Best Tips on How to Advertise on LinkedIn” written by Mike Marko.

Advertisers who know how to advertise on LinkedIn achieve better results than those who don’t, but even they can’t always ensure a positive return on investment.

It’s only natural to get different outcomes in your advertisements. I too had various end-results with my ads. Some gave me profits, some didn’t.

Little did I know that I was overlooking the most important things on how to advertise on LinkedIn.

Lucky for me, I had more than enough time to figure them out. However, that might not be the case for you.

I’ll save you the trouble and show you tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn now. That way you can have the secrets of successful advertisers without having to spend as much time as I did on trial and error. With my guide for how to advertise on LinkedIn, you can correct every mistake you’ve been doing up until now.

Pointers on How to Advertise on LinkedIn

Learning how to advertise on LinkedIn means investing a lot of your time and effort on the platform. But don’t worry, it’s worth the trouble. Considering the 590 million users of LinkedIn, your investment is a small price to pay for the chance to reach even just a small portion of that total.

But because of the 26 million companies in LinkedIn, simply knowing the basics of LinkedIn marketing won’t be enough to be seen through all the “noise”. You need to know more.

So here’s a look at the most important pointers on how to advertise on LinkedIn.

Planning Your Advertising Campaign

If you want to achieve success in using the platform, you must plan how to advertise on LinkedIn. That way, you can avoid making the wrong choices and wasting money on posting advertisements.

Your advertising strategy should be cost effective. It should also help you achieve your business goals.

One way to ensure this is by visiting the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Doing so will give you an idea of how you can make an effective advertising strategy for this platform.

But you’re probably thinking, “Why should I bother visiting the campaign manager if LinkedIn is just another social media platform?”

Well, you need to do this because advertisements on LinkedIn can be a little bit different from those on platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn isn’t exactly made for entertainment. The features of this social media platform were specifically designed for professionals. Most of the people marketing on LinkedIn are marketing to other professionals or businesses.

That’s why some advertisements on LinkedIn are also a little different from ads on other social media platforms. To give you an idea, here are the types of advertisement used on LinkedIn:

  • Sponsored Content – Your chosen post will appear in your target audience’s feed.
  • Text Ads – The text ads are short bits of text that’ll appear on the side, top, or bottom corner of your audience’s feed.
  • Sponsored InMail – This is where LinkedIn ads obviously differ from others. The InMail is a type of mail that will appear in the inbox of LinkedIn users. These are charged on a cost-per-send basis.

The right type of advertisement for your advertising campaign depends on your business goals. For that reason, it’s important to make a list of your business goals before you even choose the type of advertisement.

After knowing the first step of how to advertise on LinkedIn (planning), you should now be ready to set up your Ad campaign.

Setting Up Your Ad Campaign

First, create a company page. You can only post advertisements on LinkedIn if you have a page for your business.

Once you’re done making a company page, click on the campaign manager. From there, come up with a name for your ad. It could be the name of a promotion, or a general name for an ongoing ad campaign.

After that, just fill out the necessary fields including the following:

  • Language.
  • A goal for your campaign, and
  • Your desired ad format.

After providing the basic information for your ad, you should now go on to the most important part of how to advertise on LinkedIn — the content.

Choosing Content for Your LinkedIn Ad

Your ads must grab you the response that you need from your target audience. Therefore, the type of content you choose should depend on the objectives of your ads.

To help you choose the right content for your ads, here’s a look at the different types of content for LinkedIn ads.

1) Text Ads

Text ads are the most basic type of content for getting engagement. If you compose them right, they have the potential to increase your traffic and sales in spite of their simplicity.

What makes this a noteworthy type is that it’s the easiest ad type to make on the platform. It’s also the ad for which price control is easiest when learning how to advertise on LinkedIn.

Despite its name, you can actually add images to a text ad. It’s a good idea to do so, as it can get more attention from your target audience and bolster the ad’s effectiveness.

2) Video Ads

Statistically, this is the best type of ad to use if you want to increase the number of your followers. Videos usually get more engagement than other ad content. In fact, videos have a 75% share rate.

Aside from getting more followers, video ads can give more detail about your brand than pictures. You’ve probably heard of the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, think about this — your average video uses 30 frames/pictures per second.

That means a ten-second video can give you 300 pictures in total! If the saying is right, that’s worth 300,000 words!

Speaking more seriously, though, videos can communicate so much because they contain all the other main media types. Your typical video has (moving) images, sound, and even text. It’s only natural that the combination of those yields up more information to the audience.

Just make sure that your video conveys the information you want it to. Don’t tack frills onto a video for the sake of tacking them on.

Extending your video unnecessarily may even destroy its effectiveness. It may make your audience lose interest early on.

3) Sponsored InMail

The Sponsored InMail is a unique type of ad on LinkedIn.

Unlike other advertisements, the InMail will appear in a user’s inbox like a normal message. This is the best ad to use if you want to send specific messages to your target audience.

In addition to that, using InMail can help you maintain a healthy ad budget because you will only pay for the messages that you sent. That’s why it’s best to use it only if you’ve identified your ideal customer demographic down to a T.

Posting Your LinkedIn Ads

Now if you’ve created your ads, it’s time to post them.

To ensure the effectiveness of your ads, make sure they’re posted for the right audience. You can do this easily because LinkedIn allows you to choose an audience based on different characteristics including the following:

  • Age,
  • Gender,
  • Company Name,
  • Company Size,
  • Industry,
  • Skills, and
  • Degree.

Other than posting the ad for the right audience, you should also add the right CTA or call to action to your ad. You can add the following CTA buttons to your ad:

  • Sign Up,
  • Apply Now,
  • Download,
  • Get Quote,
  • Learn More,
  • Subscribe, and
  • Register.

The right CTA button depends on your objectives. Just remember to have one, no matter which you pick. It’s a vital point to learning how to advertise on LinkedIn.

Selecting a Budget for Your Ads

If you want to know how to advertise on LinkedIn effectively, then you need to know how to set a budget for it.

When posting ads, it’s important that you get more than what you pay. This means that the ROI of your ads must be more than the amount that you’re paying for the ads.

To avoid paying too much for the ad, you need to pick the right payment type for it. Choosing the right type of payment for your ads will ensure your ad’s cost-effectiveness in the long run.

The methods of payment available on LinkedIn are almost the same as on other social media platforms. To give you an idea, here are the payment methods on LinkedIn.

  • Cost per click (CPC),
  • Cost per impression (CPM), or
  • Cost per send.

Both the CPC and CPM have a daily spend limit and a bid price. Consider that when choosing your ad payment type.

Final Thoughts on How to Advertise on LinkedIn

In this blog post, I talked about how to advertise on LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn can increase your sales, reach, and brand awareness.

But to achieve success in this social media platform, you should make your presence felt. To do that, you should post ads because this is the fastest and easiest way to reach your target audience.

Before you post ads, make a business plan first to give your ad campaign a direction. Once you already have a business plan, sign up for an account and create a company page. You need to do this because you can only access the campaign manager if you have a company page.

When making an ad campaign, make sure that it’s congruent with your business plan. With that in mind, the content of your ads should help you achieve the objective of your ad campaign. In addition to that, make sure to add the right CTA button and choose the right payment type for your ads.

If you have more questions about how to advertise on LinkedIn, leave them in the comments below.

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Article:  The Best Tips on How to Advertise on LinkedIn

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