How to Age A Domain That is Unused

How to Age A Domain That is Unused

“How to Age A Domain That is Unused” written and video by Mike Marko.

Did you recently buy a domain, and now you are looking to age this domain until you are ready to use it?

Aging a domain can really help you long term if you are not quite ready to use that domain yet.  An “aged” domain will rank better in Google relative to a brand new domain.

That’s why I’m going to share some quick tips on how to age a domain that is unused.

How to Age A Domain

The following video talks about how to age a domain that you are not presently using.

VIDEO: How to Age A Domain That You Are Not Using Now

Using The Domain Before Using It

Start finding a way to use that domain… even as a forwarding domain.  For example when I first bought, I used it as a forwarding URL for almost two years before using it.

Then I referenced that link in blog posts, in YouTube videos, and when commenting on blogs.  That helped build up backlinks and traffic to the URL.

When You Start Actually Using The URL

When I finally started using it ranked a lot faster than any brand new URL I had used.  That’s because it was both older, and it had backlinks built up to it already over a period of time.

Using an aged domain is more effective than starting off with a fresh one.  So if you have an unused domain, start using it even if in small amounts.

Final Thoughts on How to Age A Domain That is Unused

It is very important to consider using any unused domains you have.  That way when you are finally ready to use the domain, it will have a much easier time ranking in Google.


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Article: How to Age A Domain That is Unused

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