Bren Interviews Julia Lamm on How to Avoid Being Stuck

How to Avoid Being Stuck In Patterns of Movement

“Bren Interviews Julia Lamm on How to Avoid Being Stuck” written by Bren Koger.

Tonight I had dinner with my friend and yoga instructor, Julia Lamm, and got a chance to interview her about her thoughts for the day.

Today it was all about movement and how to avoid being stuck in the same patterns. If we allow ourselves to get outside our comfort zone and practice imperfection not only will we be practicing more self-love, but taking imperfect action is a very necessary ingredient in becoming more of who you were destined to be. Any person who has succeeded can tell you it was about trial and error and allowing a certain amount of vulnerability.

Take a tip from Julia and love yourself today by practicing imperfection 🙂



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Bren Interviews Julia | How to Avoid Being Stuck In Patterns of Movement - Bren Koger

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Article: Bren Interviews Julia on How to Avoid Being Stuck 

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