How to Brand Yourself Online | Your Personal Brand

How to Brand Yourself Online - Your Personal Brand

“How to Brand Yourself Online | Your Personal Brand” written by Mike Marko.

Are you wondering how to brand yourself online now that you decided to use the internet to build an online presence?

If you want to develop your personal brand, whether it be for marketing, coaching, consulting, or any other reason, you develop recognition of who you are and want to be known for when you learn how to brand yourself online.

For us, our personal brand has been an ongoing process. We are constantly tweaking and redefining it.

To help you, I want to tell you our personal brand story. By doing so I plan to demonstrate one way how to brand yourself online.

Using My Story to Learn How to Brand Yourself Online

Let’s start this story from the very beginning…

Day One… We Bought a Blog?

How to Brand Yourself Online - Your Personal BrandWhen we first started online I had no clue… absolutely no clue… what a blog was.

It may seem hard to believe, especially because you yourself had heard of blogs and blogging, or maybe because our blogs have now become the cornerstone for our online presence, but it’s absolutely true.

I remember that day that I pulled out my credit card and Bren and I bought the blog system that we first started on. It was a giant leap of faith for us.

Now don’t get me wrong… had we thought about it $25 is really nothing. It’s a very small investment especially when you consider all the other forms of building businesses, but we still took a while to make that first purchase.

Lol. It makes me laugh now that I look back on that day now a little over two years ago.

The Beginnings of Our Personal Brand

Like I already mentioned, when we started I didn’t know what a blog was. Luckily the blog took no effort to setup.

It should go without saying that when we started, I had no idea how to brand yourself online.

We just started blogging about what we felt like writing about: what we were learning about blogging, marketing, law of attraction, our experiences with rental properties, etc. We were all over the map. But that was ok because we were working to find our voice.

Finding your voice is extremely important when you first start to brand yourself online.

How to Brand Yourself Online - Your Personal Brand

Fine Tuning Our Brand

The more we blogged, the more we developed our voice. It was probably after about six to eight months after starting that we realized that we needed to zero in on our niche.

Up to then, we were blogging on a lot of different topics. But in order to give our visitors an opportunity to visit a more congruent blog we decided to focus on Law of Attraction combined with Online Marketing Coaching. In our opinion the two married really well together because Law of Attraction served to help motivate and drive the performance of the Online Marketing Coaching side of the business.

At this time we were really focused on blogging daily, and consistently producing content. Our blog was growing quickly.

Further Refinement of Our Personal Brand

It was around this time that I decided I wanted to master SEO (search engine optimization). We wanted to get top spot in Google for the term, IPAS2, and I was on a mission to do it by the time the product launched. I had roughly three months… but thankfully due to some challenges the launch schedule slipped a couple months, giving me roughly five months to rank for the keyword.

And when IPAS finally launched, we were in #1 spot!

It was a challenge, and occasionally we fell out of first spot, but I kept at it and continued to learn more to master SEO.

Without realizing it, I was further refining our brand. We were quickly becoming known as really good at blogging and SEO. People kept telling us that they kept seeing us when they searched in Google.

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Present Status of Our Personal Brand

So here when we started not knowing how to brand yourself online, we were building our own strong brand. Our brand was blogging and SEO experts who practiced Law of Attraction. Our blog posts also evolved to reflect our evolved brand.

While we continued to blog about Law of Attraction and motivation, we started to hone in on blogging, how to promote your blog, and especially talking about SEO.

Now we are branching out into consulting about blogging and online marketing using a blog. We expect to be full into promoting the consulting side of our brand in the next month.

So How Does This Help You Know How to Brand Yourself Online?

The point of my story is that your personal brand will evolved over time. Don’t worry whether you have an idea of how to brand yourself online, or what your personal brand is when you start.

It will come.

Just start taking daily action on your goals, and developing your online presence through your blog. You will have plenty of time to modify, and adjust your personal brand. Just start taking action today.


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How to Brand Yourself Online | Your Personal Brand - Mike Marko

Author: Mike Marko
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Article: How to Brand Yourself Online | Your Personal Brand

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