How to Choose a Name For Your Blog

How to Choose a Name For Your Blog

“How to Choose a Name For Your Blog” written by Mike Marko.

Have you decided to create your very own blog, but are now stuck trying to find the “perfect” blog name?

If you’ve decided to start a blog, choosing a name for your blog can be one of the most important decisions you can make. Your blog name can both help propel you to the top, and help brand yourself. A poorly selected blog name can have the reverse effect… effectively hindering your success.

There’s several things to consider when choosing a name for your blog.

Let’s start with talking about some of the more popular options for choosing a blog name.

Choosing A Name For Your Blog

Popular Options for Choosing a Blog Name

The following are options to consider when choosing a blog name.

Option 1: An SEO-Friendly Travel Term


Pros: Gets lots of organic traffic; potentially great for finding targeted traffic. Can also help make you look like an established blog.

Cons: Your blog name could be easily forgettable because it isn’t as memorable as others.

Option 2: Your Real (or Professional) Name


Pros: You own your name on the web and nobody can take it away from you. It is a great way to attempt to “own” your name in the search engine results. It also gives you professional credibility. I created the MikeMarko blog to help rank for my name in search engines.

Cons: You may end up being very careful with everything you write because you don’t want to say anything remotely offensive to present or prospective employers that may Google you. You also may not want to represent yourself foremost as a blogger.

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Option 3: A Variation of Your First Name


Pros: This option is a great balance between providing your name without giving your entire identity. Bren and I selected this to help brand ourselves with our blog.

Cons: It’s not as easy to brand yourself as a prominent blog. It can end up sounding a bit more generic.

Option 4: A Niche-Based Name


Pros: This helps make it more obvious what your blog is about, and demonstrates that you are knowledgeable in that niche.

Cons: You might be pigeon-holed as only being knowledgeable or pertinent with the niche in the name. And if you grow either to cover a broader niche or even add another niche do you still want it to define you forever. Furthermore, does that niche define you to begin with?

Option 5: A Creative Term


Pros: It’s unique, yet undeniably about your target niche.

Cons: Very few — this often a smart choice. Be careful to avoid a complicated name, becoming overly gimmicky, or being too narrow in scope, thinking you have to stick to the theme of the name.

Option 6: Something ”Crazy” or “Out There”


Pros: Your blog name is memorable. The name also creates an unforgettable image in the reader’s mind! And you won’t have to compete with similarly named sites.

Cons: It’s not clear that your blog is about your selected niche. You might get tired of having to explain the meaning of your blog over and over.

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Questions After Choosing A Name For Your Blog

Now that you have finished choosing a name for your blog, here are a few things to consider.

Is It Available As A Dot-com?

The ideal blog names are either .com or .net. You can chose others but they may be a bit confusing, or not rank as well in the search engines.

How Long Is The URL?

Is the blog name simple? Short? Concise? Easy to remember? Easy to both spell and pronounce? Make sense to your new visitors?

What Shows Up In Search Now?

It is worth the time to find out what Googling your blog name bring up now? Is it highly competitive? Does someone else have a similarly named site? Does it bring up porn?

Is That Name Used On Social Media Already?

Is it available on the main social media platforms? Is it available on Twitter? On Facebook? YouTube? Instagram?

Ideally you want the same site name for all your social media as you blog. It will make it easier for people to find you and help you dominate search engine results. You should also check out and Blogger.

Does The Name Lock You In Long Term?

Sure, if you’re teaching about how to master Pinterest then “Pinterest With Pete” might seem like a great blog name. But what if you decide to add Instagram next? Or search engine optimization? Or, what if you decide to expand into consulting?

Final Thoughts On How to Choose a Name For Your Blog

Your blog name is essentially how you will brand yourself. Make sure you are comfortable with the blog name by following the tips I outlined.

Finally, picture yourself shooting a video or on stage… where you smile and say with confidence, “Hi, I’m [name], the founder of [blog name].”

How does it feel to hear those words?

If it’s right, it will feel right.

Thank you checking out my article, and happy blogging!

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Article: How to Choose a Name For Your Blog

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