Social Media Target Market – How to Determine Your Target Market

“Social Media Target Market – How to Determine Your Target Market” written and video by Mike Marko.

Have you given thought as to how to determine your social media target market?

Social media can be a powerful way to market your business and products online.  And knowing you target market is key to your success when using social media to market online.

That’s why I want to talk to you today about how to determine your social media target market.

How to Determine Your Social Media Target Market

Let’s talk about your social media target market and how to determine it.

VIDEO: Social Media Target Market


This is the blog post for more information that the video refers to.  🙂

Why Have a Social Media Target Market

It is important to have a social media target market because it allows you to specifically talk to an audience.

Have you heard the expression, “if you market to everyone you market to no one”?

Well it’s very true because you can’t really talk to your target audience, to their needs and desires and build rapport.  If you are talking to a younger crowd, you need to TALK like people in that younger crowd.  That includes using slang and expressions, relevant pop culture references, etc.  If you start talking about older pop culture references like the band, REM (as an off the cuff example), chances are the younger crowd interested in music will have less of a chance knowing who they are than say Gen-x’ers.

This means it is very important to know who you social media target market is.  If you are trying to appeal to a couple target markets, then CLEARLY identify each as a separate identity.  This may end up having you do two different marketing campaigns so that you relate to your target market and build rapport.

How to Determine Your Social Media Target Market

There are a list of questions you need to answer to help you narrow down your target market.  And then use this to further narrow it down.  Remember just because some potential customers may not fall into your target market, doesn’t mean you turn them away.  This is purely a means to help you really connect with a particular demographic.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Are they male of female
  • What is the age range (try to keep it within a 20 year band)
  • What country (or countries) do they live?
  • Do they live in a city, in the country, or suburbia?
  • Are they married?
  • Have children?
  • How many children?
  • How old are the children?
  • Is the family involved in sports?
  • Are the children home schooled?
  • What do they do on the weekends?
  • What do they do to relax?
  • What is their beverage of choice?
  • What types of stores do they shop for clothes?

This is just an example list of questions to ask to help you narrow down your social media target market.

Remember that you may end up having to create two separate target markets if that accurately represents who you are trying to target.  I am presently working with a client who is doing life coaching.  Her target audience is in their 20’s AND gen-x’ers.  Two completely different target markets, but with potentially the same concerns she was going to help them address.  That meant she needed to create two separate target market profiles.

How To Use Your Social Media Target Market

We already touched on how to use your social media target market.  Now that you identified your target market, its time to start identifying a niche that you can use in conjunction with that target market.

I covered how to do niche social media marketing in this blog post.

Final Thoughts On Social Media Target Market

Identifying your social media target can really help you hone in with your social media marketing.  Take the time to clearly identify who you are to target like we discussed.  It will help you get the most effective results for your effort.

If you want help in identifying your social media target market, feel free to contact me and we can talk about how we can help.


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Social Media Target Market - How to Determine Your Target Market - Mike Marko

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