Startup’s Guide on How to Effectively Use Twitter for Business

How to Effectively Use Twitter for Business

“Startup’s Guide on How to Effectively Use Twitter for Business” written by Mike Marko.

Thinking about how to effectively use Twitter for business?

If you are, you need to understand first how Twitter works. I can personally testify to this because I’m also using Twitter. I’ve seen how effective it can be when you use it right — and how ineffective it is when you don’t know what you’re doing on it.

Twitter isn’t like other social media platforms. For one, it’s a microblogging website. That alone tells you your marketing strategy here should be different because content has to be shorter than usual. Even content turnover is more rapid than on other social networks.

So there are unique challenges to face when learning how to effectively use Twitter for business. Despite that, Twitter is still one of the best business marketing platforms.

In today’s blog post, I’ll talk about how small businesses can get benefit from using Twitter. You’ll learn how to effectively use Twitter for business.

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Learning How to Use Twitter for Business Effectively

There are a lot of reasons to learn how to effectively use Twitter for business. This social media platform can boost your sales, reach, or brand awareness.

According to studies, 70% of small businesses are on Twitter. That’s because using this platform can increase their sales!

People feel more connected to the brands that they are following. In fact, almost 70% of Twitter users buy products that they saw on their tweet feed.

Take a moment to think about that. 70% is huge! If your products happen to be among the things your potential customers see on their feeds, there’s a big chance you’ll be getting orders from users of the platform.

But again, that’s only if you’ve done your Twitter marketing right. So are you still up for learning how to effectively use Twitter for business? If so, then take a look at the following.

Find and Follow Important People

First thing to do on how to effectively use Twitter for business is to follow your employees, business partners, and existing customers. Doing this will increase your visibility to your potential customers.

Twitter will suggest similar people to follow if you do this. There’s a high chance that the suggested users are people who have an interest in your business.

Avoid following random people, by the way. There’s a high possibility that they’ll just litter your Twitter feed with posts that won’t help your brand.

Part of learning how to effectively use Twitter for business is learning what tweets are worth your attention. More than anything else, that means tweets from your target audience.

Why are those important when you want to know how to effectively use Twitter for business? Because they can tell you how you can engage with or approach your potential customers.

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Make Sure to Prioritize Engagement

Prioritizing engagement is another way on how to effectively use Twitter for business.

It’s important to get engagement because it’s the key to your success. Engaging with your target audience will help you gain their trust.

Getting their trust can improve your sales.

If your followers trust you, they might become your future repeat customers. People purchase from brands that show care for their buyers.

With that said, always post tweets that are built around the interests of your audience. Tweets like these always get engagement. That’s because people often retweet posts that they can relate to.

Also, you can try participating on Twitter chats. Doing this won’t only give you engagement, it can also increase your reach and sales.

That’s because having a conversation with users in your niche tends to draw attention. That exposes your account to users who might be interested in your business.

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Use Hashtags on Important Tweets

Twitter is known for showing real-time information. A user’s tweet feed refreshes every second — and in fact, it needs to.

That’s because there are as many as 500 million tweets posted every day. That translates to around 347,222 per minute.

With that many tweets published per day, there’s a possibility that your followers won’t see your tweets without help. That’s where hashtags come in.

Hashtags help your target audience and followers find your tweets.

In case you don’t know, Hashtag is a metadata tag that’s used on social media platforms. It’s a specific word or phrase with a hash or pound that clearly describes the topic of your tweet. To show you what they look like, here are some popular hashtags:

  • #love,
  • #instagood,
  • #photooftheday,
  • #beautiful,
  • #fashion,
  • #tbt,
  • #happy, and
  • #cute.

Many businesses use hashtags whenever they have an event. That’s actually a great lesson for how to effectively use Twitter for business.

Putting hashtags on posts about events increases the tweet’s visibility.  So use a hashtag if you have events like exclusive sales or discounts.

Campaign hashtags can also increase your reach. Many potential customers will see your page if you properly use hashtags.

You can add two or more hashtag in your tweets. However, make sure that the hashtags that you use are related to your post or business.

Using hashtags that are not related to your business can negatively affect your image. They’ll be considered spam if they have unrelated hashtags. So whenever you’re planning to use a hashtag, make sure to use it properly.

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Don’t Only Post Promotional Tweets

Twitter can help you market your business. But it doesn’t mean that you need to post only advertisements or promotional tweets on this platform.

You need to remember that Twitter is a social media platform. You should use it to chat and form a relationship with your audience. That’s how to effectively use Twitter for business.

Keep in mind that people use Twitter to talk about certain topics or make connections. They’re not there just to be advertised to.

Learning how to effectively use Twitter for business involves knowing when to back off with the advertising talk. Good business marketing isn’t just about selling products. It’s also about selling your brand — and that means building connections with consumers.

With that in mind, consider cutting down the number of your promotional tweets to a minimum. You’ll annoy your followers if you don’t.

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Final Thoughts on How to Effectively Use Twitter

Using Twitter can improve different aspects of your business. It can boost your sales, reach, or brand awareness. However, you can’t achieve the boost that you need if you don’t know how to effectively use Twitter for business.

To effectively use Twitter, make sure to follow the people who are important for your business. Along with that, you have to prioritize engagement and add hashtags to your tweets. Doing these things can immediately increase your brand awareness, visibility, and reach.

Also, don’t forget that you’re on a social media platform. You should focus on communicating and forming a relationship with your followers. As much as possible, avoid posting advertisements or promotional tweets too often because it will just annoy your followers.

If you have more questions on how to effectively use Twitter for business, leave them in the comments below.

Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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Startup’s Guide on How to Effectively Use Twitter for Business - Mike Marko

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