Five Ways How to Get Leads For Your Business

“Five Ways How to Get Leads For Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Are you wondering how to get leads for your business?

Leads are an important part of any business because leads are needed in order to get sales.  If you can build up a list of potential customers, either those who are interested in your products or may have already bought and may buy again, then you are ahead of the game.

That’s why today I’m going to give you some ideas on how to get leads for your business.

How to Get Leads for Your Business

There are many ways to get leads for your business.  Today I’m going to focus on the five key methods to get leads.

Five Ways How to Get Leads For Your BusinessMethod 1: Autoresponder

There’s no doubt that the email autoresponder will be your most important online business tool.  An autoresponder is a tool used to help collect and manage your email list of potential and actual customers.

If you are not building a list then you don’t have a business.

Even though it may sound a bit harsh… this statement is very true.

Autoresponders have two purposes:

  1. Collect the emails.
  2. Distribute email newsletters to the campaigns that you set up. Each campaign should focus on a specific topic or subject.

Unfortunately, most new online marketers and small business owners get stuck.  Their businesses don’t grow as fast as they should because they are not leveraging a good autoresponder platform.  The key is to find a good autoresponder that will have a high deliverability rate (something that doesn’t just end up in the spam folder).

You should preferably use an email autoresponder platform like Aweber or GetResponse. Personally I have been using GetResponse more over the past year.  Both work really well… I just decided to focus on one for a while… but either one will be the best as you get started in your online business.

Five Ways How to Get Leads For Your BusinessMethod 2: Use a Business Blog

This shouldn’t be a surprise if you are familiar with this blog.  Having a blog is about as important as having a good autoresponder.

Basically your blog becomes your online “home”.  It’s like your storefront.

If you don’t have a blog then you basically don’t have business… at least to anyone online.

Kalatu Premium is the a great online business builder that includes an incredible blogging platform combined with a great sales system like no other on the internet.

Your blog is your virtual store.  Your blog is the place where all the action happens.

Using banners, links, images, videos and valuable content…you will attract your leads.  As visitors “stroll” around, they may opt into your email newsletter, click on sales banners, and eventually become your paying customer or joining your business opportunity.

Click here to check out Kalatu Premium.

Five Ways How to Get Leads For Your BusinessMethod 3: Lead Capture Pages and Opt-In Forms

Ok, you have the traffic… but how do you get their email so you can make sure they keep coming back?

That’s what a lead capture page, or landing page, is for.

While information on how to create effective capture pages can be a series blog posts on its own, it is important to know that you need capture pages (or even at its simplest form opt in forms where people can subscribe to your newsletter).  These leads are then stored in an autoresponder so that you can later email them your offer, or links to come back to your blog.

Now not all blogs are treated equal when it comes to both lead capture pages and opt-in forms.  You need a platform like Kalatu Premium that will help you optimize the way you can capture those leads and get them on your email list.

Method 4: Lead Magnets

Capture pages and opt-in forms are great… but they only go so far in getting leads.  If you want to get even more leads on your capture pages, then you need to offer free gifts for the opt-in, commonly known as “lead magnets”.

Lead magnets can take a lot of different forms.  They can be a pdf, audio, video, series of videos, a webpage with tips, etc.  Lead magnets can take a lot of different forms.

The trick is to both have the lead magnet congruent to the capture page, and also congruent with your target audience.  If you are trying to target leads who want to build an online business, for example, then awarding a pdf with your favorite cooking recipe may not have the desired effect.

When coming up with lead magnets, make sure you consider your target audience: what do you think would interest them?

And then over deliver on the lead magnet.  The idea is if the lead magnet is amazing, then they think the actual paid for products are unbelievable.

Method 5: Just Ask

The final way how to get leads for your business may seem straight forward, but it is often overlooked.

Just ask for the subscription.

That’s it!  Talk about it towards the end of videos, blog posts, audios, etc… ask your audience to subscribe to your newsletter to keep up to date with your latest information.

By just asking, you’ll get even more leads.

It’s that simple.

Final Words on How to Get Leads For Your Business

We just talked about five ways to get leads for your business.  Apply as many of these techniques as you can, and you’ll be pleased with how much more leads you are getting.

If you have your own ideas on how to get leads for your business, please share them in the comments below.


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