How to Get More Leads with Keywords for Google

“How to Get More Leads with Keywords for Google” written by Mike Marko.

Are you hungry for more leads?

Yeah, I get that. Who doesn’t want more leads?

I love using SEO (search engine optimization) for getting leads. Nearly every one of our blog posts in is designed to be found by search traffic. The idea is that people will use Google, Bing, or some other search engine and find our blog post.

And it all starts with your keyword research.

Today we’re going to talk about how to do thorough keyword research. And it begins with researching keywords for Google.

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Keywords for Google

Ooops.. I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s first answer the question, what is a keyword?

What are Keywords

When you are talking about SEO, a keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes the main content of a website. They are intended to act like shortcuts that represent the entire webpage. Keywords are includes in a webpage’s metadata, and help search engines like Google match a page to a relevant search query.

The following video may help describe what are keywords better.

How to Get More Leads with Keywords for Google

How Do You Find Keywords for Google Search?

There are a lot of ways to find keywords for your blog post. I recommend looking for them before you even start writing a blog post.

Keywords for Google

Example Keywords for Google Used for this Blog Post

For example, this is what I researched before writing this blog post.

How to get more leads

The best keywords I found are as follows:

how to get more leads

I created three columns: the keyword phrase, the searches per month, and the competition.  You will note that in the competition column I made notes about the sites listed in Google.  I wanted to tell myself which keywords I thought would have a better chance going after.

For example, for “how to get leads for your business” I found that there were only 50 searches done a month AND 31,200 sites.  That means there were relatively few people searching for that keyword phrase and there was little competition.  I would actually suggest using that keyword in your blog, even if it is a secondary, except… I noticed that there were three ads on top of the search (though only one showed up when I used my iPhone to search for the keyword phrase).  That means that even if I managed to get first place that I would get little if any of the remaining traffic… which would be virtually nothing since there was only 50 searches a month on the term.

Bottom line?  I am not even going to bother with the keyword phrase “how to get leads for your business.”

NOTE: Ok, ok, I know by mentioning “how to get leads for your business” in this blog post several times it may appear that I am going after this nearly impossible, yes unfruitful keyword.  But I can’t resist trying a keyword like how to get leads for your business because I had already mentioned it…. And well, I love a challenge.  But you will note that how to get leads for your business isn’t my main keyword.  I’m not going to waste an H2 or H3 header on this phrase.  Ok.. I think this note mentioned “how to get leads for your business” enough times to get my point.  🙂

So What Keywords Did I Choose?

Instead, I chose “how to get more leads” AND “keywords for Google” as my main keyword phrases.  Why both?  Well… I couldn’t decide which was better, how to get more leads OR keywords for Google.  So I thought I would use both.

It is best to use only one main keyword, and a couple secondaries in a blog post.  But as I am writing this blog post, I’m having fun seeing how many keywords I can stuff into it while still giving TONS of value.  At the same time, I am trying to show how you can naturally put in keywords into a blog post without it seeming unnatural (though if you know anything about SEO, you’ll know that I am practically stuffing the last few paragraphs with keywords).  Lol

Ok.. let’s move on.

How to Get More Leads with Keywords for Google

Now this next part is very important.  When you do keyword research, you should come up with as long a list of keywords as you can.  List the search frequency, and the competition count.

Then select what is probably the best keyword phrase… then write a blog post on it.  You can also pick one or two other keywords to use as secondary keywords and maybe mention them each 1-3 times throughout the blog post.

Cross off the one main keyword you just used with a single line (make sure it is still legible).

Pretty easy so far, huh?

Now Let’s Learn How to Get More Leads

Next pick you next best keyword phrase… and write another blog post around that keyword.  Pick a couple secondary keywords.

You can even use the primary keyword from the previous post.  If you do use the keyword from the previous blog post, then make sure you use the keyword you just used as a secondary in the new blog post and link to the original article that used that blog post as the primary keyword.  What you are basically telling your reader, and Google, that if anyone wants to learn more about that blog post you can follow that link to the older blog post.

You just backlinked your older blog post.

Rinse And Repeat And Repeat And Repeat

Keep writing blog posts until you use all the best keyword phrases as primary keywords.

Then when all your posts have been written, go back and make sure that any blog posts that use secondary keywords link to the appropriate blog post that uses that keyword as the primary.

Seem how that works?

What you have basically done is created a network of links within your blog to blog posts on a similar topic.

Not only does it help keep your visitors on your page longer, but you hit more keywords on the same topic, and the pages backlink each other.  It turns into a powerful little group of blog posts.

Lasts Words On How to Get More Leads

Doing good keyword research and writing one blog post is only part of making use of your keyword research.  As we outlined, you can really maximize your research for keywords for Google by writing multiple blog posts around a list of related keywords.

Now that you have learned how to get more leads, the real magic comes with putting this into practice.

“You miss all the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

Start blogging today, daily, and make sure you do your keyword research.  If you put what I talked about into action on a daily basis, you’ll be amazed at how much faster you get results.

Happy blogging!


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How to Get More Leads with Keywords for Google

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