How to Make Videos – What is a Pattern Interrupt


How to Make Videos – What is a Pattern Interrupt

Videos are a very effective way of attraction marketing… they allow your audience to get to know you, become familiar with you, and be entertained by you, while you give them some information… and eventually your audience will buy from you. Creating YouTube videos can be as easy as shooting a video with your iPhone and uploading it to your computer…. so there is really no technical challenge.  In fact it can be easier and less time consuming than writing a blog.  Personally I prefer to imbed videos into my blogs to appeal to a much broader audience.

Often it is difficult to get the attention of you audience… most of your audience will lose interest in your video shortly after they start it because they are distracted and probably have already have another webpage over the video while they multitask.  That is why it is important to have a “pattern interrupt” within 11 seconds of starting the video.

The following YouTube video discusses how to make videos that include a pattern interrupt.

VIDEO: How to Make Videos – What is a Pattern Interrupt

This video showed how to make videos using a pattern interrupt. In it, the video discusses how to use either a naturally changing scene like driving.  But it could be a beach shore with waves, birds, animals; or a park with any number of things changing in the background.

A pattern interrupt can also be a disturbance within the video, or something completely unrelated to call the attention of the viewer.  This pattern interrupt has to occur within 11 seconds of the start of the video otherwise you are likely to lose a large percentage of  your audience.  There is no point in having a video played by someone if they don’t pay attention to the video… therefore it is key to get their attention right away.

You should also try to keep most of  your videos between 1 and 3 minutes in length.  The attention span of the majority of your audience is very small and if you want to keep them long enough to give your call to action then you have to keep it to within that short length.

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How to Make Videos - What is a Pattern Interrupt - Mike Marko

How to Make Videos - What is a Pattern Interrupt - Mike Marko

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Article: How to Make Videos – What is a Pattern Interrupt

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