Top Tips On How To Manage Online Reputation

How To Manage Online reputation

“Top Tips On How To Manage Online Reputation” written by Mike Marko.

Did you know that one bad review can have a bigger impact on your business than 20 positive reviews?

That’s why learning how to manage online reputation is a very important part of marketing online.  The trick is to get on top of it ASAP.

That’s why I took the time to sit through a seminar on how to manage online reputation… and then created this blog post so you can learn what I learned.


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How to Manage Online Reputation

The following are steps you should do in order to manage online reputation for your business.

Ranking In Google

Ranking in Google is important part of managing your online reputation.  You need to rank for your business name (and personal name) as well as building up content for additional organic search traffic.

That means you need to keep on top of Google and the various changes, like:

  • Feb 2011 – Google Panda update – restrictions vs duplicate content
  • April 2012 – Google Penguin – prevents link bombing (cheap backlinks)
  • August 2013 – Google Hummingbird – encourages more natural content using words like “who”, “where”, “why” & “how”
  • July 2014 – Google Pigeon – increases the ranking of local directory sites
  • April 2015 – Mobilegeddon – mobile friendly websites had a better chance of ranking vs non-mobile friendly websites

Top Tips On How To Manage Online Reputation

Google Thinks Differently Now

With the launch of Google Pigeon in July 24, 2014, local directories and review sites were given more authority in search results.  That means that more positive reviews count as a “vote” for website quality.

So today you need to consider:

  • Local listings on directory & review sites,
  • Google My Business Verified listing,
  • More positive customer reviews;

just to make sure that you are well represented when people look for your service.

Best Practices for Google Pigeon Update

Since these changes you need to keep on top of how your company is doing relative to your competition.  That means you need to start doing the following best practices:

  • Search for your business with your city and different keyword combinations (think what your potential clients will be searching for)
  • Research your competitors – what local directories or review sites show up first in search?  And then get listed!
  • Consider investing in certain directories for top search results
  • Use your local area code in your phone number.  If you have multiple cities you cover then consider using a area code more “central” if it makes sense to your busienss
  • Select multiple cities to reach major metro areas

The following are possible business directory sites you can be on.

Google My Business

Google is the number search engine in the world… there are 6 billion searches per day.  And listing your business with Google should be at the TOP of your priority list.

Advantages of registering with Google include:

  • Easy and free
  • Listings appear in Google Maps
  • Happy customers/clients can leave reviews on your Google+ page

You can register by going to

Yahoo! Local Listing

Yahoo is the 3rd most popular search engine, right after Bing, bringing in millions of searches per day.  So you should consider also registering your business with Yahoo.

The advantages of registering with Yahoo Local listing are:

  • Its free
  • Includes photos, company description, and more for only $9.95/month

You can register by going to


Yelp is an online directory and review site.  If you’re looking to tap into the word-of-mouth advertising world then Yelp is the perfect place to start.

Advantages of Yelp include:

  • Create deals for loyal customers right in your Yelp account
  • Send messages to your customers publicly or privately
  • Review business trends in Yelp’s reporting tool

You can register by going to


Foursquare is a popular social networking site.  Customers can check in and comment on your business – ultimately leading more potential customers to your business.

Advantages include:

  • You can connect your Twitter handle so visitors can Tweet you
  • Add a map so people can “check-in” to your business

You can register by going to

Angie’s List

Angie’s list is one of the most well respected online directories for services and is known for its ability to provide accurate and reliable reviews for readers.  If you’re looking to establish an online reputation through positive reviews, Angie’s list is a must.

The advantages include:

  • Online reputation management services
  • Ability to read and respond to reviews
  • Access to additional helpful business tools

You can register by going to

Facebook Reviews

Any business page considered a “Local Business” with a physical address can enable this feature.  It is a well thought out and convenient platform to encourage, showcase and respond to customer feedback.

The advantages include:

  • #1 website in the world
  • Provides social proof
  • 70% of customers trust peer recommendations over advertisements

You can register by going to


MerchantCircle is an online directory that helps small businesses connect with local customers, and other local small businesses.  They offer free marketing tools to help you build your business.

The advantages include:

  • Geographically localized to your target audience
  • Ability to advertise to boost your listing
  • Host a business blog on the site

You can register by going to


The Yellow Pages is the online directory version of the modern day phone book.  The Yellow Pages also offers advertising, lead generation services, and online payment options.

The advantages include:

  • Well-organized interface
  • Detailed ad performance data
  • Receives millions of searches per day

You can register by going to


MapQuest is a web mapping service to help bring local customers right to your business doorstep.  This listing is great for businesses that are trying to get customers to visit a physical location.

The advantages include:

  • Detailed driving directions to your business
  • Only $3/week

You can register by going to

Free Bootcamp Training Mini-Course is a free business online directory powered by offers searches detailed information about everything going on in their city, including events, deals, and information on popular businesses.

Advantages include:

  • Additional advertising options available
  • Add a coupon to attract customers

You can register by going to


Citysearch is an excellent online directory and review site for restaurants, bars, spas, hotels, and more.  Citysearch also offers city guides for the most popular sites in the United States.

Advantages include:

  • Vast partner network including Expedia, Urbanspoon, MerchanCircle, and more.
  • Customers access business listings through popular Citysearch mobile app.

You can register by going to

How to Get More Positive Reviews Online

FACT: Only 23% of customers have submitted an online review.

That’s an important statistic.  What’s worse, people will be more likely to give a negative review over a positive review.

Tips To Get More Reviews

That’s why it’s important to try the following:

  • Educate customers on how to leave a review – create a webpage that guides them to all of your review site options.
  • Add a “widget” on the side of your website that gives links to several review sites.
  • Include a “review” link in your email signature.
  • Add a “give feedback” button and provide 3 choices: send us feedback, suggest new features, or review our service.

Monitor Your Brand Keyword Mentioned Anywhere Online

Be sure to check your review sites often to see if there are any negative (and positive reviews) for your site.  Be sure to address any reviews and either respond them online or offline depending on the nature of the dispute.

Final Thoughts On How To Manage Online Reputation

Follow these steps on how to manage online reputation.  Keep on top of things, and it will help make sure you control communication about your products and services.

Remember if you are struggling with growing your business online: we can help.


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