How to Market on Facebook for Free

How to Market on Facebook for Free

“How to Market on Facebook for Free” written by Mike Marko.

Looking for ideas on how to market on Facebook for free?

Maintaining a strong presence on Facebook can have a powerful impact on your business when done the right way. Although it is now often associated with making use of Facebook ads, marketing on Facebook can still be effective when doing it for free.

However, this can be tricky. Organic visibility is no longer as high as it used to be.

To be able to still guarantee this, it is important to understand how the platform works and using it how it’s always meant to be – a social network.

If you’re having trouble working on how to market on Facebook, then this blogs post can help you. Today we will discuss effective marketing strategies and tips on Facebook.

Beginners Guide on How to Market on Facebook

Facebook continues to amaze business owners with its flexibility and convenience. In addition to this, it offers various marketing options that are tailored to fit on any type of business to make reaching target audience easier.

Achieving success on Facebook is simply a matter of knowing how to use these marketing options. To help, here are some tips on how to market on Facebook effectively.

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Create A Robust Business Page

The first impression people will get of your business comes from your cover photo and profile photo.

With that being said, make sure the images used are captivating and can represent your business well. These become a part of your brand.

At the same time, when writing about your business, use keywords and terms that describe it concisely. It’s important that your customers will immediately get an idea of what you have to offer them by reading it.

To further increase the chances of visits and sales, ask loyal customers to leave a review for you. By doing this, you can ensure that your business page is robust.

Create a Personal Business Presence

One of the major strengths of social media marketing is its ability to create relationships between a business and its audience. Make sure that you constantly engage with your potential customers and existing customers by maintaining communication.

The person-to-person engagement also intensifies the interests of customers in a business. It makes them feel valued and showcases your attentiveness to their needs.

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Join Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups can help you find people who fall in your target audience. Facebook groups work similarly with LinkedIn’s online networking for professionals.

This kind of marketing is very powerful because it’s highly targeted. People need answers to their questions and you are put in a position where you can provide solutions on a regular basis.

The more you contribute to the conversations taking place in these groups, the more your name will become recognized.

Stream Live Video with Facebook Live

Why are marketers getting so excited about Facebook Live?

Because it’s a fun way to use videos to communicate with your audience. You can stream brand stories, and build authentic relationships with fans and followers and engage in real time.

The intimacy and immediacy of live video create a behind-the-scenes peek at the personal and human side to a business.


Create a Community

Focus on building a community around your brand. Once your audience feels involved in your social presence, the chances of engagement are increased.

Creating a community provides you a group of people who are constantly connected to you. Make them feel part of your brand. Doing so will encourage them to promote you to their friends.

Being in a community, you can engage with people authentically by:

  • Writing on their walls,
  • Responding to their comments on your own,
  • Conversing in groups, and
  • Introducing people to each other.

Giveaways and Discounts

People love incentives and freebies! Rewarding your loyal customers will make them feel special. Doing so gives them a reason to come back for more.

Do this by holding a contest or raffle. To be effective, you can have liking your Facebook page as part of the criteria.

Contests can be:

  • Posted on your timeline or in other words Timeline Contest.
  • It could also be in Form Contest.

You can also give them something in return for liking your page. Create a promotional code that people can use to get a discount (such as 20% off) on your website. Not only will this promote sales, but will also drive traffic to your website.

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Advantages of Facebook Marketing

While marketing on Facebook does not always require a lot of time, it needs a lot of effort and careful planning. Don’t let this deter you, as there are many more advantages that result from doing so.

Two examples of these advantages are:

  1. Low cost. In fact, creating a Facebook business page is free and once you have this, you have all the power. You can promote your products and services, and sell them without having to worry about marketing costs.
  2. You can instantly update all your fans to let them know about any special events or deals. Through Facebook, you can interact and become the “top-of-mind” brand to your customers.

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Final Thoughts on How to Market on Facebook for Free

In this article, we talked about how to market on Facebook effectively at no cost. With Facebook’s various marketing platforms and features, it has proven itself to be powerful and flexible for any type of businesses.

And since it’s free, it will never cost you any penny to drive leads and succeed.

Just keep these tips in mind in order to achieve success in your Facebook presence:

  • Create a striking business page.
  • Make impressions through your personal presence.
  • Join and engage with groups.
  • Make use of real-time live videos.
  • Create a community with your customers. and
  • Give discounts and freebies.

Most importantly, remember that Facebook is all about the people – not you. Communicate with your followers regularly and do not be afraid to showcase your brand’s personality when you do so.

Making yourself relatable is the easiest way to grab attention.

If there’s anything else you need to know about how to market on Facebook, leave it a comment below!

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