How to Market Your Business with Instagram And Get Results

How to Market Your Business with Instagram

“How to Market Your Business with Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Looking for a complete guide on how to market your business with Instagram?

Many people think of Instagram as simply a platform for users to showcase their lives through the use of photos and videos. For entrepreneurs, on the other hand, it’s considered as one of the valuable marketing tools for business.

Instagram can help you to stay ahead (or keep up) with your competitors. However, merely having an Instagram presence isn’t enough to guarantee competitiveness.

It’s important to prepare a carefully thought-out plan on how you plan to go about marketing your business. You also need to make sure your posts remain relevant to your business and target audience to increase engagement.

In this blog, we will guide you how to market your business with Instagram to ensure that you are on the right path to marketing your business effectively on the platform.

How to Market Your Business with Instagram

Since social networking platforms such as Instagram rose to popularity, the way of advertising businesses has changed. A huge amount of capital is no longer required to successfully market a business.

Instagram can make it easier for you to reach your target audience and beyond with a click of a button. It is simply a matter of understanding the features available in order to properly maximize their use.

But before you start marketing on this platform, it is important to understand what Instagram is.

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Is Instagram Good for Your Business?

Instagram is a social media app for sharing photos that is optimized for use on mobile. It’s currently one of the popular social networking platforms as of date, with over 500 million active users.

Its heavy emphasis on visual content, along with the wide audience, is just one of the reasons why Instagram’s a good platform to showcase your brand and market your business.

Because of its easy-to-use interface and tools, drastically failing to market on this platform does not happen too often. When this happens, it is because they are unaware of the different tools and features available on Instagram and their own target audience.

Users Are Active

Still wondering if Instagram is good for business? Well, there are many reasons why you should use it.

One of those reasons is that Instagram allows you to market your business to many active potential customers.   

Users are always active on Instagram. In fact, the platform has been proven to boast more engagement than any other social media platform today, making it the best platform for social media engagement.

How to Market Your Business with Instagram

Visual Content Performs Well

When using Instagram to market your business, make sure that your content is visually appealing. Your business will be remembered more on Instagram because people perceive and process images more effectively.

Since it’s a photo sharing network, your post should adapt to its environment.

Use high quality and appealing images to garner more engagement. In addition to this, high quality images in your business account increases your visibility to potential customers.

Brand Personality Is Established

It’s important to establish a good image to earn the trust of your target customers.

Exposing how your business behaves and treats its potential customers is one way to do this.

One of the advantages of Instagram is that it can be sued to build customer trust and loyalty towards the brand. The way you communicate with your followers is a crucial aspect of the growth of your business.  Expressing the personality of your business through your posts to build rapport.

Now that you already know how Instagram can help you market your business, it’s time to learn how set up your account.

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Setting up Your Instagram Account

The first step to marketing your business on Instagram is by setting up an account. Creating and setting up an account is free and easy on Instagram.

Take a look at these tips on how to create an Instagram account.

How to Market Your Business with InstagramCreating an Account

Instagram is originally designed for mobile use. You have to download the app first before you can access all of its features.

Download the latest version of the Instagram application from App Store or Google Play.

Accessing Instagram through your personal computer can only give you limited features. Using Instagram on the web won’t allow you to upload pictures as compared to using it on a smartphone.

Sign Up

Signing up on Instagram comes at no cost. After filling up the necessary fields, just tap on sign up and proceed to the next procedure. A valid e-mail address and/or phone number is required to verify your account.

Switch to a Business Account

Your account is automatically made for personal use.

However, if you plan to use it solely for business purposes, then you will need to turn it into an Instagram business profile.

Unlike a personal account, a business profile has features that are beneficial for your business, such as:

  • Contact button,
  • Links to Instagram stories
  • Instagram Insights

After switching into a business account, choose a name that is relevant to the business you offer. Check this tips on how to make a creative instagram name in order to grab the attention of your target audience.

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Optimize Your Profile

While you’re making a business account on Instagram, optimizing your profile is also a must. Completing your profile is necessary to convey professionalism of your brand.

To do this, go to your profile and tap “Edit Your Profile” to start customizing your account’s sections. Adding something that describes your business may help maximize the reach of your market. You may put your company’s motto, website, and even your mission and vision in that area in order for people to understand what your brand is all about.

Fill in Bio Section

The bio section is a chance for you to introduce your business to your potential customers. That’s why it’s best to put important details about your business in this section.

Make your bio grab the interest of your customers and let them have an idea about what you do. Aside from describing your business, put details of recent events, announcements, and promos as it’s easily seen when users view your profile.

Make sure that your bio is concise and written strategically to make it interesting.

Add Your Logo

Your Instagram profile picture plays a very important role in your business too. It attracts people and helps customers identify what kind business you have. Prefer using your business logo so your customers could easily identify your brand based on your logo.

Include Necessary Details

Your business profile should include details about your business hours, address, and phone number. You can also link your Facebook page or website to drive traffic to your site or page.

This is the only place on Instagram that allows you to add one URL.

Building Your Business on Instagram

Building your business on Instagram is more than just creating an account and posting random photos and videos. You still need to make an effort. Knowing how to build a business on Instagram will help you understand that it needs careful planning and strategy.

Giving attention to your online audience is a must. You can’t just keep on posting without knowing your follower’s opinion. It’s essential to build a long-lasting relationship with your followers and customers.

You need to have ideas about what to post on Instagram for business. Remember, if you need to build your business on Instagram, you need to have engagement.

Read our Instagram marketing tips for business and mistakes to avoid to learn more about the mistakes you need to avoid.

The key on how to make Instagram work for your business is quality marketing.

Instagram also has features that can help you in certain aspects of your marketing strategy. The utilization of its tools and features is vital in starting your business on the platform.

You can also check these 5 tips on starting a business on Instagram to know more.


3 Key Points in Preparing for Instagram Marketing

It’s easy to market your product on Instagram. Anyone can use this photo sharing app for free.

The only time you’ll be paying for your marketing campaigns is when you use promoted posts. The promoted posts are the posts that appear in the news feed of your preferred users.

How to Market Your Business with InstagramBut even if you’re not paying for anything, you could still successfully market your business on Instagram.

All you need is just a well-thought business plan. Identifying important variables in Instagram marketing is crucial to your social media strategy.

Your business plan should address how you will:

  • publish shareable content regularly,
  • engage with your customers, and
  • develop a partnership with influencers.

To learn more about this, you can start your strategy with these Three Key Points to Consider When Marketing on Instagram.

1. Focusing on Your Niche

It’s crucial to know what topic to emphasis in your content. Use the topics that are currently creating a buzz in your target audience.

Doing this will help you create a post with a high engagement rate.

2. Knowing What You Want to Promote

Knowing what you want to promote gives direction to your posts. Avoid publishing ppost just for the sake of posting. Each of your contents should be relevant to your business and your target audience.

Avoid making posts which aren’t related to your industry. It’s the common cause why users unfollow a business account.

To learn more about focusing on your niche, read our niche advertising with Instagram.

3. Identifying Your Target Audience

Aim your posts to your target audience.

Identify your posts based on their interests, age, profession, gender, location, preferences and more.

Your marketing strategy should also emphasize how you would approach your target market. This ensures higher engagement rate and customer loyalty.

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Getting More Instagram Followers

Building an Instagram presence means knowing how to increase your followers on Instagram. Your presence is a vital aspect in marketing your business on Instagram. If you’re having a hard time getting followers, you can try advertising your business through Instagram product promotion. Using promotion will help you gain more followers quickly.

Creating a community is also necessary.

A community is where your existing and potential customers share ideas and discuss topics that are related to your niche. This allows you to position yourself as an authority in your niche and be a top-of-mind brand to consumers.

Other than having a community, here are some ways on how you can gain more followers for your business.

How to Market Your Business with InstagramCreate Shareable Posts

One of your goals in marketing your business online should be creating shareable contents. An interesting post could attract more Instagram users to follow your account.

The quality of your content plays a pivotal part in ensuring your success. Show images that will excite and allow the audience make their own decisions, without hard-selling your products. This kind of posts also gets more likes, comments, and interactions which is beneficial for your account’s engagement rate.

Learn more about making shareable contents, check these tips for getting more Instagram followers.

Use Hashtags

Use a hashtag each time you publish an important post. Hashtags make your posts discoverable and it will be easier for your target audience to find and join your conversations.

You can use up to 10 hashtags and more, but make sure that you’re using hashtags related to your niche. To know more about hashtags, read the Essential Basics on How to Market with Instagram here.

Ask Questions

Asking fun and engaging questions increases your followers’ interaction. There’s a big possibility that your followers might invite their friends to do the same.

You can also you ask your followers for suggestions.

Get their opinions about your business as this can help you improve your business’ weaknesses. Doing this will also make your followers feel like they are valued and a part of your brand.

Partner with an Influencer

An influencer is a well-known person on Instagram.

Having a partnership with an influencer who belongs in your target market can immensely help in reaching your relevant audience.

All you need to do is simply reach out to your chosen influencer/s and ask if they would be willing to do a “shout-out” for your business on their profile.


Key Tips on How to Market Your Business with Instagram

How to Market Your Business with Instagram

Instagram’s unique visual-centric content allows brands to further explore different opportunities to establish and develop their businesses.

The only thing you need to do is employ an effective marketing strategy.

To help you with your marketing strategy, here are the key tips regarding how to market your business with Instagram. These easy tips will maximize your use of Instagram for your business.

Know What to Post

You must give attention and care to what your target audience wants. Provide them posts that give them value.

Keep in mind that your post should have an interesting visual content to make it more engaging. Each of your posts should always contain a high-quality image with good color schemes.

Watch this video about what to post on Instagram if you need ideas. You can also read this easy tips on how to maximize Instagram for business to make your content stand out on the platform.

Decide How Many to Post

The best way to determine how often to post on Instagram is by experimenting. Try to post day by day at a different number of times.

Then check which time of posting you got a higher engagement rate. It’s better to post at the time when you get the highest engagement rate.

Regular posting allows followers to remember your account despite Instagram’s high saturation of posts and users.

Increase Engagement

Without your target audience’s engagement, your efforts in marketing your business will be like a leaf on a still water. Having a high engagement rate on Instagram shows that your social media strategy is effective.

Read How to Get More Engagement on Instagram here to help you gain higher Instagram engagement rate.

You can also turn those engagement to leads. Learn how to get leads from instagram followers here in our Instagram marketing secrets.

Another effective and common way to have an engagement is by adding a Call to Action (CTA) or having followers tag people who they think will find your content interesting.

You can also link your Instagram with your other social media accounts. It’s one way on how to use Instagram for business marketing effectively. This can notify your followers from your other social media accounts that you also have an Instagram account and encourage them to follow you.

Be sure to also look at paid ads for fully utilizing your Instagram account.

Monitor Your Analytics

Lastly, when you’re marketing your business on Instagram, always monitor your analytics. It will allow you to understand the performance of your posts with regards to your audience.

There are a handful of online tools that can help you monitor your account. The data you’ll gather will help you plan future methods to improve your Instagram account’s performance.

Some of the tools can also help your business in boosting up your social standing on Instagram.

Make sure to read the 5 tips on how to make Instagram work for your business here. You can also check this 7 best instagram marketing tools to help you understand how to market your business with Instagram.

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Monitor Your Analytics

Lastly, when you’re marketing your business on Instagram, always monitor your analytics. It will allow you to know how many people view, like, and commented on your posts.

Many business owners do this to help know if their marketing strategy is connecting with their target audience.

There are a handful of online tools that can help you monitor your account. The data you’ll gather will help you plan future methods to improve your Instagram account’s performance. Some of the tools can also help your business in boosting up your social standing on Instagram.

Make sure to read the 5 tips on how to make Instagram work for your business here. And if it’s still not enough, check this 7 best instagram marketing tools.

Business owners use online tools to boost up their social standing on Instagram. Specifically, businesses are these best Instagram marketing tools:

  • Repost – A tool that can help you easily share any user-generated content found on Instagram.
  • Crowdfire – This allows you to easily discover when it’s the best time for you to post content on Instagram.
  • Iconosquare – This tool will help you organize, understand, and measure your content.
  • Ink361 – This will give details about your audience and how you can improve your growth rate and presence on Instagram.
  • Hootsuite – This tool is ideal for planning and scheduling Instagram posts.  
  • Soldsie – Perfect tool for promoting on Instagram.
  • Snapseed – This tool helps you improve your pictures; it’s a visual editing type of tool.

When you use some of the best Instagram marketing tools that I recommended, it will help you become more efficient and get better results with Instagram.

Final Thoughts on Using Instagram to Promote Your Business

With its millions of active monthly users, Instagram has become a powerful tool for businesses to reach consumers from all over the world. As a heavily visual platform, it is the best way for brands to showcase their personality and business in a fun and unique way to increase engagement.

However, it involves more than simply having a presence. Knowing how to market your business with Instagram means you also need to follow a trend to keep your account in the loop.

Remember to start your Instagram marketing strategy with an attractive profile. Don’t forget to focus on your niche and identify your target audience when you’re posting.

Pay attention to publishing engaging contents at the right time to attract followers and gain higher engagement rate.

Lastly, make sure to monitor your analytics so you’ll know how your marketing strategies are working.  Don’t forget to communicate with your followers to build a relationship and understand how you can improve your business for them.

If you have questions about how to market your business with Instagram, just leave them in the comment box below.  You can also check out my Instagram Marketing FAQ.

And always keep in mind… have fun!

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