How To Program Your Subconscious to Change Your Life

“How To Program Your Subconscious to Change Your Life” written by Guest Contributor.

Words are powerful not only in how you communicate to others but in the ability to shape your life.

The words you speak have the power to program your actions through your subconscious mind. Disempowering words can have subtle and detrimental effect on your success in life

Even if you don’t realize it consciously, your subconscious mind is taking everything in and like a tape recorder picks up the meaning in the words we use and continually gives you evidence to support those words. Then we take action steps in the direction of the evidence. This becomes a pattern and a set of beliefs.

You can change this pattern with a few simple tweaks.

Start by a gentle awareness of the words you speak. You can start with these ten and go from there.

Tips On How to Program Your Subconscious

Here are my top 10 ways you can change your life by making small linguistic tweaks.

How To Program Your Subconscious to Change Your Life

According to Bernard Roth, a professor of engineering at Stanford

and author of “The Achievement Habit” replacing the word “but’ with the word “and” is a great start.

1) Avoid the word “BUT”

For example, You might be tempted to say, “I want to go to the movies, but I have work to do.”

Instead, Roth suggests saying, “I want to go to the movies, and I have work to do.”

This implies that you have a way to fit everything into your life. You are not limited to either work or fun and your subconscious mind will supply the evidence to support that thought.

2) Avoid the words “I SHOULD HAVE”

Try not to should on yourself 🙂

You might be tempted to say “I should have left earlier. I’m late.”

Instead say. “Everything is happening in perfect timing.”

This brings an ease about your life. Anything that you resist will persist. With a lighter thought, you are allowing everything in your life to have a flow and a balance. You will find you have more time and more peace of mind.

3) Avoid the words “I COULD”

Instead of saying I could start that new project.”

Instead say. “I will start that new project.

It shows that you are making a commitment.

4) Instead of saying “I AM terrible with names.”

Instead, say I AM great at remembering people’s names.

Be VERY aware of any words you say after the two words “I AM” There is power and magic in these words. Wayne Dyer says these are the words of god. They are words that speak worlds into existence.

Any “I AM” statements will turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

5) Avoid “I HAVE TO”

Instead of saying “I have to go to work on Monday.”

Instead, say “I choose my schedule every week.”

This will help you realize that you DO have choices in what you do. You are choosing to go to your job every week. It’s so much more empowering to realize this and make changes from there.

6) Avoid the word “PROBLEM”

Instead of saying “There is a problem with my computer.”

Instead say “I have a challenge to overcome with my computer.”

7) Avoid the words “I CANT”

Instead of saying “I can’t speak in public.”

Say instead “I can learn to speak in public.”

8) Switch from saying IMPOSSIBLE to it’s possible.

Avoid the words “I should”

9) Instead of saying”I should work out”

Instead say “I intend to go to the gym.”

This feels lighter. This subtle change will affect your commitment to your goals. It will make it easier to do those daily action steps

Avoid negations in your spoken word

10) Avoid the word “NOT”

Instead of saying “I will not spill this cup of coffee.”

Instead, say “I will hold the cup steady.”

Instead of saying “I will not get a cold.”

Instead, say “I am healthy. I have a healthy body.”

“I HOPE, I WANT, and I’ll TRY” are all very passive and self-defeating

Replace them with

-I Intend
-I Am
-I Will

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Final Thoughts On How to Program Your Subconscious & Change Your Life

The words you use can make all the difference in your life. Now that you have an awareness of the subtleties of your language and how it affects your subconscious programming and ultimately your actions.

If you’ve used a disempowering word or phrase just restate your thoughts using more powerful language. Write them down for a few days. Notice conversations between other people and be aware of how they are speaking.

You will find that you will notice things that you were not aware of before.

As much as possible, catch yourself and transform a word or phrase into something more empowering.

Be easy on yourself. It’s not an exercise to beat yourself up.

Just a soft easy awareness is all that is needed and over time, you’ll see the positive effects in your business and your life.


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How To Program Your Subconscious to Change Your Life

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Article: How To Program Your Subconscious to Change Your Life

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