Key Tips On How To Promote Products On Instagram

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“Key Tips On How To Promote Products On Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Are you using Instagram for your business?

Instagram is a great platform for promoting business products.  It’s one of the best social media platforms if you’re trying to reach a national or worldwide audience.  What makes it more attractive is that users on Instagram are more active than any other social media platform, but there are a lot more Instagram benefits.

That mean’s Instagram can really help your business.

If you haven’t tried yet, take the time and read below on how to promote products on Instagram.

How To Promote Products On Instagram

The following steps will help you know how to promote your products on Instagram.

Use The Right Hashtags For Your Products

Hashtags are your best friend when promoting your business with social media. It’s a great way to group your content with related topics or ideas. When promoting your products or services for your business, make sure to use the right hashtags that will help tie you to other products for your target audience. This will improve the chances of your target audience of seeing your products.

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Post At The Right Time

Another way to promote your products on Instagram is by posting your content at the right time. Use tools like Iconosquare to see when people are more interactive on your account and post them. The more people to see your content the higher the possibility of getting comments and likes and even share with your followers.


People who follow you should interest on the products that you offer. Make sure to sustain their interests by engaging with them at least once a day. This also applies to your competitor’s followers… make sure to interact and engage with them. They might become your future customers. You are developing a long term relationship and they may buy your products now or late in time.

Spotlight New Products

Whenever you have new products available, highlight them with your business Instagram account. You can use them as your profile picture for a while. The profile picture gets a lot of exposure, so people will see it on every post you make. That makes it a great way to get the new product noticed. Show it off!

Creative Photos

Make creative photos as much as possible by using great tools available. Use a professional camera and be creative in editing the pictures. This will help draw attention to the products that you are offering. Promote your products the best way you can use the photos.

Size of Photos for Professional Quality

A good way to promote your products is to post a quality content. This means that your photo must be clear to everyone. Avoid posting a blurred image. Having shoddy pictures might degrade the perceived value of your products, and will lose your professionalism points.

Use Instagram’s Editing Tools

Instagram offers editing tools that are ready and available while you are posting content to your account. The filters and editing tools are designed only for Instagram and they will definitely improve the quality of your photos.

Just don’t over edit to the point of changing everything to the products. Remember less is better.

Apply The Right Filter To Your Product’s Photo

The image filter can help you promote your products on Instagram. It can make a good photo look even better. Using the right filters will help the picture look almost look natural. You don’t want to offer a product that looks unreal or different than how it looked in person.

Final Thoughts On How To Promote Products On Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to promote your business products. That’s why I took the time to talk at length about how to promote products on Instagram. Take the time to master Instagram for your business and it will become a great marketing platform for you.

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Key Tips On How To Promote Products On Instagram - Mike Marko

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