7 Tips on How to Promote Your Business on Twitter

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“7 Tips on How to Promote Your Business on Twitter” written by Mike Marko.

Want to know how to promote your business on Twitter?

With the rapid rise in popularity of social media platforms, every business will need to promote their products or services on those platforms. It’s a crucial way to be discovered by their target audience.

Twitter has become one of the most important platforms for businesses to share their stories and grow their reach.

However, strategies employed to promote business on Twitter must ensure effectivity. With fierce competition and a feed that fills up faster each second, businesses must find a way to have themselves seen.

In today’s blog post, we will be sharing important tips on how to promote your business on Twitter and ensure the platform works for your business effectively.

Effective Ways On How to Promote Your Business On Twitter

Whether you just started your business or have been established for years, promoting your brand online is a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

With more than 200 monthly active users, Twitter is powerful marketing tool that can enable you to promote yourself easily.

But leveraging the popularity of Twitter is not an easy task. Most businesses struggle with sharing their messages in mere 140 characters and standing out on a platform that deals primarily with real-time information.

Unfortunately, doing this relies on more than just tweeting good content and choosing the right Twitter handle. Over the years, Twitter has undergone major changes since its launch in 2006. If you want to market yourself successfully on Twitter, then read on.

1. Tweet As Often As Possible

Being a platform that specialises in real-time message distribution among its users, the Twitter feed fills up faster than one can scroll. This means that there is a huge chance that your business’ tweets will not be seen by your audience.

To counter this, you have to tweet as often as possible (without spamming your the user’s feeds).

According to Buffer Social, you should tweet for about 1-4 times per hour. Anything more than that will result in a drop in user engagement. Regular tweeting denotes an active and healthy business profile, and ensures you stay on top of your consumers’ minds.

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2. Showcase Your Brand’s Personality Through Your Tweets

Let your followers feel that you are not simply present on the platform to promote your business and increase sales. People will more likely to engage when they feel a connection between your brand and themselves.

Do not just tweet about promotions or new products. Skip an overly branded Twitter feed.

It’s crucial that you also share your brand’s story, and do not be afraid to get visual. Photos, videos, and GIFs get 4x more engagement on Twitter than a standard text Tweet.
It is also crucial that each tweet should be useful, relevant and provide value to your consumers. The goal is not just to be seen by your audience, but to also entice them to share your tweet.

3. Engage with Your Followers

The main attraction of Twitter to businesses is that it offers the ability to reach a huge number of users with a single tweet. However, it is recommended that you do not treat the platform as a one-way communication street.

As we have mentioned numerous times in this article, it’s becoming extremely hard to get noticed on Twitter due to the huge volume of tweets that are being distributed every minute.

It’s therefore recommended that you get yourself noticed by your audience by liking and even retweeting their content.

You may even use it to start a conversation with followers individually. At its core, Twitter is about conversations and that is one important fact that businesses often forget. Focus on creating an experience for your followers to engage with.

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4. Use Twitter’s Promoted Products Services Occasionally

Despite being an essentially free-for-all platform, Twitter has also joined the advertising bandwagon by providing business with various ways to advertise themselves and expand their reach.

Examples of some of the ad formats on Twitter are:

  • Promoted Tweets. A promoted tweet looks like a standard tweet, except that it is labeled as a “Promoted” on the feed. This tweet can appear to not just your followers, but also to people who are not yet aware of your business but fit the targeting options you have selected.
  • Promoted Account. This is designed in order to get your business profile noticed by a wider audience and grow your follower count. This enables your account to appear on the Who to Follow section on the homepage and search results. This can also be highly targeted to be seen by people who fit the targeting options.
  • Promoted Trends. Promoted Trends appear at the top of the trending topics list and are clearly labeled as “Promoted.” This can enable users to engage with your trend and since they are not targeted but seen by every Twitter user, it is recommended to only use this when launching a big campaign.
  • Promoted Video. Promoted Video allows businesses to be more creative with their campaigns and increase engagement. However, videos must be hosted on Twitter’s own platform.

5. Add Trending Tweets and Hashtags To Your Posts

It’s recommended to use trending hashtags and tweets to promote your business. This increases that chances of your tweets can be seen by people even when they are not following you.

Search for trending topics that are relevant to your business and join in the conversation. Doing so will be the key for new interested Twitter users to follow your business.

However, take note that you should only use the right combinations of hashtags that are relevant to your tweet. Twitter users are interested with updated information and trends online… With the right combination of trending tweets and hashtags, it can result in an extended increase in both engagement and clicks of your tweets.

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6. Use Twitter As Your Customer Service

Twitter can help you in providing a better customer service.

You can use it as a way to encourage your customers to exchange their thoughts, opinions, and feedbacks about your products.

But make sure that when your customer addresses their concerns to you, you’ll be able to respond to them as soon as possible.

Make it a habit to respond to all of their questions with integrity and honesty. Let them feel your online presence by responding to their every concern, comment, and suggestions about your business. This way, you’ll be able to build your customer’s trust.

Providing a quick response to every customer’s message will also help create a positive image of your business because your customers will feel that they are your priority.

7. Run Twitter Analytics

Once you have developed your strategy, you need to constantly check if your approach towards your audience is effective. That’s where Twitter Analytics can be of assistance.
Twitter Analytics can help you get an idea what is resonating with your audience and what is not. It will pinpoint the best days and time to tweet, the type of content that result in more engagement and the demographics of the audience that you are attracting.

Knowing all these information can help you replicate what is working and re-evaluate your approach towards those that are not.

H2: Final Thoughts on How to Promote Your Business on Twitter

Twitter can be used to reach your target audience without the cost of advertising expenses. You just need to know the right way on how to use Twitter effectively.
In this article, we shared 7 ways to do just that.

It’s all about being seen by your audience by tweeting great content and utilizing the platform to engage and service your customers. It’s also about showcasing that you are not merely there to sell, but instead to build a relationship between your brand and your consumers.

If you have any questions about how to promote your business on Twitter, please leave your message in the comment section.

If you have a business but no Twitter account yet, then I suggest that you start creating a Twitter business account.

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