How to Setup a Free Blog – Or Do You Really Want To?

How to Setup a Free Blog

“How to Setup a Free Blog – Or Do You Really Want To?” written by Mike Marko.

So you want to learn how to setup a free blog?

I get it. Free blog… sounds like a great idea, right? You get the advantages of a blog without having to pay for it… or do you?

Today I’ll be talking about both how to setup a free blog like Blogger, and then I’ll be talking about the pros and cons of having a free blog.

So let’s get started.

VIDEO: How to Setup a Free Blog

In the following video I’ll be talking about how to setup a free blog, in this case Blogger. I use Blogger quite a bit for some of the tier one blogs for our own blog network. It is a pretty easy to use blogging platform.

As you can see in the video, setting up Blogger as your blogging platform is easy. It doesn’t take time to have something you can start blogging on right away.

So what’s the catch?

The Pros and Cons of Using a Free Blog

Using a free blog may seem like a no brainer for obvious reasons… but I think you need to step back and assess all the pros and cons of using a free blog before starting. Remember that a blog is an investment of your time and money (even for free if you end up paying for traffic), so take the time to make in informed decision.

The Pros of a Free Blogging Platform

The advantages of a free blogging platform are as follows:

  • It’s free (ok, got that easy one out of the way)
  • It is faster to get going than if you were to host your own blog.
  • The platform will do some search engine optimization (SEO) for you. There are some checks and balances so you don’t have to worry as much about it.
  • Free blogs typically have higher page rank (PR) than self-hosted blogs. That’s because there is a lot more content on the platform, it is more established, and there are a lot more high authority back links.

I use free blogging platforms for the tier one blogs in our blogging network. They link directly to the pages we are trying to rank. It’s nice having them free because otherwise you could be looking at a significant amount of expense as your network builds up. Plus since they are on networks vs. self-hosted, there is almost no site maintenance you need to be concerned about. Everything is handled for you.

The Cons of a Free Blogging Platform

There are a few disadvantages with using free blogging services rather than hosting your own blog:

  • The domain to your blog is not owned by you. The domain is owned by the website that is providing you with free blogging services.
  • The real ownership of the blog is not really yours. The content becomes part of the overall blog network.
  • Because the site is not yours (and neither is the content), the site admin can shut down your site without prior notice. I have heard of several people having their free blogs shut down without warning or recourse.
  • If you ever decide to shift to having your blog on your own domain, you cannot easily pull your readers along with you to that site. There is a whole new beginning to build your web presence (though you can help facilitate this if you were building a list when you had the free site.

how to setp a free blog - bloggerSo What’s the Best Solution?

That’s the million dollar question… What is better?

Free is great for tier 1 sites, but if you want to build your own primary blog then I would avoid free blog networks… too risky.

But I personally wouldn’t recommend a self-hosted blog either. Too much work, and it is a lot harder to rank in Google because you are essentially starting from scratch (unless you pay a lot of money for a good, used domain).

Instead I recommend paid blog networks. They have nearly all the advantages of free blog networks except obviously you have to pay for them.

But you use blog networks like either Kalatu or Influx Entrepreneur, then you get all the advantages of the free blog network PLUS they are more flexible and setup to rank in Google even easier.

Final Words about How to Setup a Free Blog

So we showed you how to setup a free blog… it’s really easy.

But in my opinion the free blog isn’t the best route for your primary blog. I recommend a blogging platform like either Kalatu or Influx Entrepreneur. If you need help selecting the best blogging platform for you, please feel free to contact us.

Get your blog here:

How to Setup a Free Blog


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How to Setup a Free Blog – Or Do You Really Want To? - Mike Marko

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