How to Start a Blog – My WordPress Blog – Episode 1

How to Start a Blog – My WordPress Blog – Episode 1.

As we discussed previously in “How to Make Money Blogging” and “How to Start a Blog“, you need to use a blog to really get content out on the internet.  With this content you eventually create a brand for yourself, and develop followers.  It is to these followers that you can promote products to and potentially get sales.  But it all start with a blog.

Setting up the blog may take some effort, but once that is done, it is easy to create 1-3 blogs a day.  Creating at least one blog a day is key to building up the content you need to become recognized and followed.

If you do not have a blog yet, I highly recommend signing up for a blog with Influx Entrepreneur.  Their blog will give you the flexibility to create a very professional looking website, and they have an amazing 24/7 support team.  The first steps in how to start a blog using the Influx Entrepreneur WordPress is demonstrated in the video below.


VIDEO: How to Start a Blog with WordPress

The video shows that a great trick is to first create a text document that contains the raw form of you blog.  I create a lot of my blog posts using the voice to text feature on my iPhone.  This saves me a lot of time as I take advantage of the time I would otherwise be doing only driving.  Once you have the text (which is ideally, though not necessarily, 500-800 words) you can then copy and past it over to your WordPress blog.

After learning the first part of how to start a blog using WordPress, you are ready to start adding details to the blog to make it more appealing.  This is covered in another article (click here to got to Episode 2).


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How Do You Start a Blog with Kalatu Premium – With Almost No Effort - Mike Marko

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ArticleHow to Start a Blog – My WordPress Blog – Episode 1

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