How To Start Marketing With Instagram | Your First Instagram Posts

How To Start Marketing With Instagram

“How To Start Marketing With Instagram | Your First Instagram Posts” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for some Instagram marketing tips to help grow your business?

Instagram is a great way to build a business online.  It’s one of the best social media platforms if you’re trying to reach a national or worldwide audience.  What makes it more attractive is that people on Instagram are more active than any other social media platform, but there are a lot more Instagram benefits.

Setting up your Instagram account as a lead generating machine can be a bit tricky without the right guidance.  I know because we had to learn a lot of what it took to master Instagram by paying mentors, courses, and trial and error.  That’s why I setup an Instagram marketing service (click here to contact me about this service) to help businesses take advantage of this social media platform.

Previously I shared some Instagram tips.  Today, for those wanting to build their Instagram account themselves, I want to talk about creating your first Instagram posts to get the ball rolling.

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How To Start Marketing With Instagram

Ok, let’s get started building your Instagram account for your business.

Setting Up Your Account

If you haven’t already, make sure you setup your account for building your business and getting targeted followers.  I cover the basics in these two articles:

How To Use Instagram for Marketing | Setting Up Instagram

Niche Advertising with Instagram – How to Pick A Niche for Instagram

Post Your Piece of First Content

For your first pieces of content, don’t overthink it.


The purpose of your first pieces of content is to just get something that is somewhat congruent to your business out there on Instagram.  You should be building up eventually to posting to instagram several times a week (ideally daily) so these first posts will quickly get lost in with all the other posts.

The safest first post will be either a professional picture of yourself, or even an image with a quote on it that is somewhat congruent with your niche.  For example, if you have business somewhat related to business or money it would be safe to post an image with a quote by Tony Robbins or Robert Kiyosaki (for example).

The image should be square if possible… ideally 1080 x 1080.

Don’t worry about description or hashtags or anything like that… remember this first post will get drowned out by all your other posts.  This is just to get the ball rolling.

Here is an article I wrote on how to post to Instagram with an iPhone.  You can use it for reference if needed.


What To Post For Your First Six Posts

Now over the course of the following few days come up with some more posts related to your business.  You should post a variety of posts that may include:

  • Professional picture of you,
  • 2-4 Images with quotes somewhat related to your niche (even motivational),
  • 1-3 Pictures related to your niche (for example for a dog grooming niche you may have pictures of different dogs),
  • Picture related to you or your profession (even a picture of your work space),
  • At most one picture relating to your product or service.

You can experiment some with hashtags and descriptions if you like; just don’t let it hold you up from posting your content.   You can get better at future content.

Instagram Marketing Mastering

To learn a lot more about marketing on Instagram, get a copy of Instagram Marketing Mastery by clicking here.

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Final Thoughts On How To Start Marketing With Instagram

Follow these tips on how to start marketing with Instagram and you will start building up your account effectively.

If you want help in building up the following for your social media accounts, feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different options we offer.

Be sure to also check out out this more comprehensive blog post: How to Market Your Business with Instagram And Get Results.

You can also check out Instagram Marketing Mastery by clicking here.

And always keep in mind… have fun!


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How To Start Marketing With Instagram | Your First Instagram Posts - Mike Marko

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