How to Use Hashtags on Twitter for Business

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter for Business

“How to Use Hashtags on Twitter for Business” written by Mike Marko.

Looking to learn the different ways on how to use hashtags on Twitter for business?

At the early stages of online marketing campaigns, business owners tend to focus on how they can build their following and reach potential customers. Most small businesses struggle with this part of their strategy — especially on Twitter, one of the more popular social media platforms.

On Twitter, business owners can reach out and engage with more than 300 million active users. However, this is easier said than done. And there may be a lot of things that could go wrong along the process.

Fortunately, Twitter provides hashtag functionalities, and its proper use can help you overcome this barrier.

Hashtags have a lot of functions and capabilities, and can do wonders for your online business. If you want to effectively market your products and services on Twitter, maximizing how to use hashtags on Twitter for business is a must.

In this article, we will discuss what Twitter hashtags are, the different types of hashtags, and how they can be used to grow your social presence.

Hashtags for Your Business

Effective use of hashtags is essential when trying to promote your business on Twitter. But before talking about how to use hashtags on Twitter for business, let’s dive a little into answering the question…

What are Hashtags?

A hashtag on Twitter is a word or a phrase usually distinguished by the “#” sign.

Hashtags are usually used to group a discussion around a specific topic.

For business owners, hashtags are more than just a metadata tag. It as a special feature that helps increases engagement with their target audience. These hashtags are used to spread announcements or promote events and offers that could potentially attract more followers.

Knowing the ins and outs of using hashtags can give you an edge in the online business industry. Let’s take a look at the different types of hashtags that you can use when you market your business on Twitter.

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Types of Hashtags for your Social Media Marketing

Hashtags may all look the same, despite serving different purposes. When including a hashtag on your post, remember that there are three main types to consider:

  • Brand-specific
  • Content/campaign
  • Trending

Brand Hashtags

Brand hashtags are used to promote your business. Think of a brand hashtag as a unique catchphrase that’s easy to remember.

Brand hashtags are permanent fixtures that can help your message spread even quicker. In addition, it allows users to find tweets around your brand more easily.

Here are some examples of brand hashtags by famous companies:

  • KitKat – #HaveABreak
  • Red Bull – #PutACanOnIt
  • Coca Cola – #ShareACoke

Content/Campaign Hashtags

Content or campaign hashtags are primarily used for marketing or promotion purposes.

Content hashtags describe what your post is about. For example, if you are in the food industry, your hashtags can be #Burgers, #Beef, #Pastarrific, #SundaesBest, etc.
Campaign hashtags, on the other hand, are used when promoting offers and exclusive deals. Your engagement and visibility could be further amplified by adding hashtags like #Sale, #Discount, #ExclusiveDeals, etc. You can become even more creative, and create your own phrases like #OMGSale, #ItsNowOrNever, #20OFF.

Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags are topics that are currently popular or generating a huge buzz online. While these can be used to promote your business, it’s recommended to exercise caution when doing so. Adding unrelated trending hashtags to your tweets will only annoy other Twitter users (it’s similar to tricking people). When the hashtag is not congruent with the tweet then it can drive them away from your account.

How Businesses Should Use Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter helps connects you with these potential customers. Your goal is then to help them find you! The best way to do it is by using a hashtag in your tweets.
So let’s dive further into how to use hashtags on Twitter for business:

Finding Trending Hashtags

You now have an idea on what trending hashtags are, and how you could use it to promote your business! The next step is to know how you can find those that are related to your business.

Social networking platforms, such as Twitter and Google+, show trending topics directly on their platforms. The trends on Twitter can be found on the left-hand side of your feed, whilst Google+ shows hot topics in the Discover tab.

You can also find more information on trending topics on websites such as:

  • Iconosquare,
  • Trendsmap.

Using Trending Hashtags

Using trending hashtags in your tweets can increase your visibility.

New business accounts on Twitter should maximize the usage of trending tags related to their niche to increase engagement and attract future customers. Jumping into conversations is also an effective way to build relationships with your targeted market.

If you use trending hashtags that are congruent to your business, then you have the perfect way to attract relevant potential customers to your Twitter account.

Using Hashtags to Learn More on Particular Topics

Searching for specific hashtags about topics would help you get a better understanding of it. There are a vast number of tweets generated every day on a variety of topics, so you’ll never run out of new ideas.

For instance, if you need advice, resources, or current news in the small business industry, all you need to do is search for #SMB or #SmallBiz to get the information you need. The huge block of information you’ll get can spark inspirations in coming up with a really informative blog post.

You can then use this content and retweat them on your own business account to help provide more value to your audience.

Creating Your Own Campaign Hashtag

If you want to get more engagement and exposure, consider creating a campaign hashtag that is simple and easy to remember. Make it relatable or discoverable from other tweets.

Users are less than likely to use long and complex hashtags, which ultimately makes the hashtags useless. But if you really need to make a long hashtag, make sure that it relays only one message, and is unique and brand-exclusive.

Final Thoughts on How to Use Hashtags on Twitter for Business

Knowing how to use hashtags on Twitter for business can be the key to success on this social media platform. In this blog post we talked about how Twitter business accounts are using three types of hashtags: brand, content/campaign, and trending hashtags.

We also talked about how can use these three different hashtags types to help promote your business.

If you have any questions regarding how to use hashtags on Twitter for business, leave them in the comment section.  Be sure to check out my Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Marketing for more tips.

And always remember to think before you tweet!

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