How to Use Instagram for Business Marketing Effectively

How to Use Instagram for Business Marketing Effectively

“How to Use Instagram for Business Marketing Effectively” written by Mike Marko.

Looking for tips on how to use Instagram for business marketing effectively?

Instagram is a great way for business owners to gain new customers. This visual-centric platform allows them to target very large audiences giving their business the exposure they need. In addition, recent updates and new features allow businesses to explore more formats for their content and advertising.

With a carefully planned and thought-out strategy on Instagram, you can easily realize success with your business. Attracting a good number of following should be the first objective for every business, with converting these followers into clients being the main goal.

But this is not the only way you could benefit from using Instagram. In this article, we will cover the essential guidelines in order to learn how to use Instagram for business marketing.

Tips on How to Use Instagram for Business Marketing

Instagram can prove to be a very essential tool for your business if you want to experience brand growth and use visually-appealing content to connect with customers.

With over 400 million active monthly users and an engagement rate far higher than any other social media platform – it is a good time to be using Instagram for business.

Here are the useful techniques to help you on how to use Instagram for business marketing effectively.

Instagram Marketing Guidelines

Creating an Instagram account is easy, but knowing how to use it can be a whole different matter. To get the most out of your Instagram marketing, here are the most important guidelines that must be considered first.

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Switch to Business Profile

In early 2016, the platform unveiled the new Instagram Business Tools feature. This allows users to identify themselves as businesses, making it easier for their audience to contact them.

Business profiles also provide more in-depth insights and make it easier to promote content.

Note: Your business must have a Facebook business page to switch to an Instagram business profile.

Read and Follow Blog Posts on “Instagram For Business”

With its swarming popularity, Instagram has come up with a special feature called “Instagram for Business” blog. This specific feature offers brand spotlights,
API examples and news from Instagram HQ to its users. Simply allocating an hour or so every day to read can help you stay updated with new updates on the platform.

H4: Link Your Other Related Social Media Accounts

It’s a must for every business to link its Instagram account with all other existing social media accounts.

Linking your social media accounts will also widen your reach to your target audience. Doing this will let your followers from your other social media accounts see that you also have an Instagram account.

When this happens, chances are you’ll gain a new follower.

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Making an Effective Content to Your Business Profile

Investing in a good camera will go a long way both for your Instagram profile and your business as well. As Instagram is a highly visual-centric platform, it’s only appropriate to share eye-catching and thumb-stopping photos in order to attract users.

Don’t be afraid to experiment on posting fun videos that relate to your business, like your staff having a good time on a live video.

People love seeing quirky behind-the-scenes videos. Sharing photos and videos of you, your staff, and your business helps your followers realize there are people behind those services or products.

This will allow them to relate and connect with you when they share experiences related to what you’re doing on the videos.

Follow, Like, and Add Hashtags to Your Posts

Instagram can help your business with three key features: the like, the follow, and the hashtag. Learn how to use each of these to help you boost the interactions in your posts and widen your audience.

Make Use of the Like and Follow Buttons

Search for posts that share the same demographic as yours. Make sure that you “like” those posts because it will allow your Explore or Search feed to have more content that share your interests.

Instagram users with the same interests as your business’ markets are potential customers. A way to get their attention is by following their accounts for a chance that they will view your profile and most likely, follow you back.

Following back your customers can also be useful since it’ll allow you to know more of what they want.

Harness the Power of Hashtags

When you’re choosing a hashtag, make sure that it’s related to your business and post. People will tend to unfollow you if you share posts that are irrelevant to their interests, leading them to lose trust on the content of your posts as well.

You should choose the hashtag with the highest number of public posts. This will make your post easier to discover.

Follow Your Competitors’ Followers

Your first instinct will most likely be to not follow your competitors or their followers. But being too cautious about who you follow could restrict the reach of your account. You could even end up missing out on opportunities like potential customers.

However, following your competitors could prove to be a wise business strategy. As you are sharing the same product category as your competitor, there is a high chance of its followers will also be interested in your products and services. Take that opportunity!

Driving Traffic to Your Marketing Funnel

Acquiring more followers is just one step in the overall marketing funnel of how to use Instagram for business marketing effectively.

Here are other options for you to drive traffic and attract followers:

Add a Call to Action in Your Post

An effective way to move your users further down the funnel is by obtaining their emails. The simplest way to do this is to ask them for it.

Start by sharing a post with a call to action in both its caption and visual element (can be a photo or video). Tell your followers or Instagram users to click a link in your bio.

With your website collecting their emails, this gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience. You’ll be able to share relevant information that will help them be up to date with your business.

Leverage Sponsored Ads

If you are keen on targeting a wider audience, then using the strategy of paid posts is your best bet. Sponsored ads can get your post to reach beyond your current circle of followers and to a more targeted audience that can be filtered by their demographics or psychographics.

Partner with an Influencer

If you’re slightly on a tight budget with your advertisement, a good way to compensate is to find an Instagram influencer.

Influencers are users with the same demographic reach and have thousands of followers on their account.

To know if these users accept paid sponsored posts, check their description or “About” section. If they have an email address with a note “For Business Inquiries”, then they are doing paid sponsored posts.

Try contacting them. Make a brief email about your business and ask for their sponsored post pricing. You can also ask them to include your site in their caption on the sponsored post.

Doing this tactic will help you gain more followers and more users to your marketing funnel.

Final Thoughts on How to Use Instagram for Business Marketing

In this blog, we talked about useful tactics on how to use Instagram for business marketing effectively by familiarizing yourself with the features of Instagram.

Creating an attractive profile along with engaging contents are crucial steps for your Instagram business marketing. Linking all of your related social media accounts will also be of great help.

When it comes to driving traffic to your marketing funnel using a call to action, leverage paid posts and sponsored paid post will prove to be useful strategies. The key is having more eyes to see your business. If users eye your business on Instagram, they can potentially become your customers too.

Follow the guidelines on how to use Instagram for business marketing effectively to help ensure you improve your business profitability long term.

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