Using The Human Emotional Vibration Chart To Improve The Quality of Life

“Using The Human Emotional Vibration Chart To Improve The Quality of Life” written by Guest Contributor.

Of all of the emotions that you can feel which do you think is the most harmful?

Most people might say fear or anger, but actually according to the emotional vibration chart shown here (& reproduced from the Love or Above Toolkit), guilt and shame are at the lowest end of the spectrum.

The Human Emotional Vibration ChartUsing The Human Emotional Vibration Chart To Improve The Quality of LifeThe human

Is It Good Or Bad?

Some would argue a little bit of guilt is a good thing because it tells us we’ve done something wrong and we need to change our behavior. Without guilt, we would have a world of psychopaths with no feeling of remorse.

So why is guilt even lower than anger or fear on the emotional vibration chart? It’s because prolonged reflection on a past behavior we judge as wrong is crippling. It paralyzes us.

It’s ok to reflect on something we’ve done and learn from it; that’s instructive. However, continual remorse and regret about past mistakes is one of the biggest destroyers of self-esteem and personal development.

Not only that, when you continually beat yourself up over a past mistake it actually increases the chance that you will make the same mistake again.

“What you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” Carl Gustav Jung

One law of attraction principal is that when you focus your thoughts on something, you will attract more of it to yourself whether it is what you want or what you don’t want.

When you ruminate on something, (guilty thoughts) your vibrations attract whatever it is you are focusing on.

Beating yourself up never leads to change. Only self-love and self-awareness lead to lasting change

Common Cause of Guilt

One of the most common cause of guilt is a feeling of not being there enough for a loved one.

I have felt this feeling more than once as a mom and as a daughter.

My dad passed away last year from Alzheimer’s disease and before he died he spent several years in a nursing home in Wisconsin. I live in Ohio and was only able to see him a couple of times a year. I would have like to be there every day to check in on him or spend time with him over those years but wasn’t able to do it.   With some awareness of my feelings, I have been able to work through some of my guilty feelings. Here are a few steps you can follow if you have a situation that causes chronic guilt.

Self Reflect

Ask yourself: “Was the action appropriate or acceptable under the circumstances?”

I had obligations to other family members and could not live in another state. He was being well taken care of and I did the best I could under the circumstances by visiting as frequently as I could and giving him as much as I could during those times.

How You Can Turn Things Around

If you start to think about the situation and it causes guilt feelings again, redirect your thoughts. Write down a list of why you handled the situation as best you could. Pivot those thoughts to thoughts of self- love and self-acceptance.

If there was some action was inappropriate in some way and there is something you can do to correct it or to make amends to someone. Do that. Put aside any pride or ego and make amends, even if the other person does not respond

Experience Is Good

And lastly know that everything that we experience can be used for good.

Can you see a learning process from this?

Everyone is following their unique path and whatever part you play in another persons life (even if you or others judge it as bad) is helping them on their soul journey.

I may not have been able to be there for my dad as much as I would have liked, but it may have given him an opportunity to make connections with his caregivers that never would have happened if I was there every day.

Using The Human Emotional Vibration Chart To Improve The Quality of Life

Final Words on Using The Emotional Vibration Chart

Look at the big picture and see that everything we do and experience is divinely orchestrated.

There are no mistakes.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be this minute.

You can never feel bad enough to change your past or guilt yourself into being a better person. Change only comes form self-reflection and self love.


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Article: Using The Human Emotional Vibration Chart To Improve The Quality of Life

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