Know the Importance of Time

“Know the Importance of Time “ written by Guest Contributor.

If you no longer had to worry about money what would you want in your life more than anything in the world?

Time – Know the Importance of Time

In this interview with Sandra Bullock, Sandra turns the tables on Barbara Walters and asks her this question:

“In five years what would you like to have in your life that your don’t have now?”  at 10:01.

Her response?


She would want more time.

In Time

Speaking of time, have you seen the Sci-Fi movie “In Time” with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried?

It’s basic premise is that It’s the year 2169 and time, not money, has become the universal currency; people are born with a digital clock on their forearm and time is used to pay for day-to-day expenses and can be transferred between people.

The Importance of Time In Our Lives

Sometimes it’s hard to think beyond our day-to-day worries about making ends meet, especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Sometimes it seems like all we want are the things and the money, but I think when you delve deeper, many people just want time freedom to design their own schedule and work from wherever they want.

I would even say, underlying ALL of our hopes and dreams we just want more time and the freedom to have fun and enjoy our lives with our loved ones.

Because once you have the money, the cars, the houses, vacations and have bought things for everyone you know and have given to charities, then all you will want is more time to bring more value to people’s lives and just enjoy your amazing existence.

Feel It First

One of the keys to the law of attraction is to feel it first and manifest it second.

This means that as much as you possible can get into the feeling space, now, of whatever it is you want to manifest into your life. Don’t wait for it to happen to feel the joy and freedom. Feel it first.

If it’s a relationship, then see that person sitting across from you, feel yourself holding hands or hugging, hear the sounds of people laughing and having fun. See the end result first.

If it’s more money then write a check to yourself and feel the joy in cashing it and the freedom to buy whatever you want

You Need That Time

No matter what you want to bring into your life the end result is you will want more time to spend enjoying it so why not enjoy right now. Savor the time you have now.  Realize the importance of time.  Get to the end result first.

  1. Meditate– Meditation is a great way to be in the moment and enjoy what is happening right now. It’s the perfect time to do a 3 minute visualization of what you want your future to look like.
  2. Have a date with yourself. Go somewhere fun and exciting and treat yourself to something special and outside your normal budget. Joy and fun release resistance and allow a flow of all good things.
  3. Do what you love: This should be your ultimate career goal. Just remember it is possible. Ask us how.
  4. Stop waiting: Stop waiting for something to occur before you are happy. Because guess what? Chances are more money, a car or a house will not make you happy in the long term if you’re not happy now.

Final Words on the Importance of Time

Get happy now, because all you really have is now. And you might be surprised how fast the things you are wanting will come your way.

There will come a time when all you will want is to have more minutes to spend enjoying life and those around you.

Do it now.


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