5 Well Kept Instagram Marketing Secrets

“5 Well Kept Instagram Marketing Secrets” written by Mike Marko.

11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success - mastermindAre you looking for some Instagram marketing secrets to take your Instagram account to the next level? I have found that, properly used, Instagram is a great marketing tool. In this article, I reveal my top 5 Instagram market


ing secrets that you can start using today.

Have you ever wondered how people are having lots of success with Instagram?

It can be a really effective way to get leads for your business if you know the key Instagram marketing secrets.

I have been using Instagram to generate 50+ free leads a day on my blog. Once I learned Instagram, I had a great way to get targeted traffic and leads.

Instagram Marketing Secrets

In this blog post, I’m going to share my top 5 Instagram marketing secrets.

Instagram Marketing Secrets #1: Hashtags Help You Hone In On Your Target Market

Using hashtags properly is a critical method to master in order to attain Instagram success. Perhaps Hashtags are not the largest of Instagram marketing secrets, however the actual secret is understanding ways to use them properly … There are 3 different types of hashtags– basic, particular, as well as trending– that can be executed:

A basic hashtag is something that is broad yet pertinent for the picture you are posting. As an example, if you’re Star Wars and you post a picture of a R2D2, suitable hashtags would be #movie#movies. Making use of general hashtags is a good way to obtain brand-new followers given that customers browsing the photos marked with these words will stumble upon your material.

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Certain hashtags are hashtags that you design.  You use these hashtags in your advertising to create it much easier for your fans to group and also share your content. For example if you want people to post images from an occasion, create a particular hashtag as well as promote it: #YourBrandEvent 2014.

In our example of Star Wars, you would use the hashtag #starwars.

Trending hashtags are an excellent source of brand-new fans because of the large number of people clicking images with these tags.    But these trending hashtags are rarely relevant for brand names, frequently representing popular culture happenings and widespread report. If you make a decision to use a trending hashtag in your marketing, make certain to recognize real meaning behind the tag. Trending hashtags can have multiple meanings/uses or perhaps suggest a solid point of view of values that could not line up with your brand.

In our Star Wars example, if you had your own Star Wars fan page you could use #TheForceAwakens to catch the new trending hashtag as we approach the upcoming new movie, The Force Awakens.

5 instagram marketing secrets

Instagram Marketing Secrets #2: Tease Them

Instagram isn’t the area for a hard sell.  You shouldn’t be trying to directly get business.  So instead of straight-up telling your fans concerning a brand-new product or promo, publish a cool photo or video that means your news without actually giving it away.

Be subtle.

Have your followers guessing. Generate curiosity to get their attention.

Instagram Marketing Secrets #3: Don’t Swipe Their Content

Your Instagram followers can be a great resource of cool images including of your brand name or item.

But dont’ talk about your follower’s images without giving them credit rating. Instagram is a platform for publishing original content; there is no “retweet” or “reblog”. Therefore  you need to get written permission from the content creator prior to discussing their image on your account.

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Instagram Marketing Secrets #4: Make The Feel Special

We all want to feel special.

Therefore be sure to upload special material to your Instagram account.

People visit different social networks for different reasons.  That means you should designate different images for different social media platforms.  Reward followers with fresh and diverse material on each of your social platformthat to market your brand. That will give people a reason to stick around.

Each social platform has its own use, and you must make every effort to deliver the ideal posts on each of them.  Don’t get into the habit of just recycling the same content everywhere.

Instagram Marketing Secrets #5: Use Instagram for Promotions

Do not allow your even be a secret!

Bring offline material into the Instagram account by advertising a specific hashtag throughout your event or promotion. Madonna does a great job of doing this in her account.  Not only will this hashtag develop a stock of shareable material for your fans, but it will also make it easier for them to quickly find similar content.


Final Words On Instagram Marketing Secrets

As you can see, these easy to implement Instagram marketing secrets can really help you zero in on your target market and build an ideal following.  Just by implementing these five tips, you should start seeing results like I do in my marketing plan.

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5 Well Kept Instagram Marketing Secrets - Mike Marko

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Article: 5 Well Kept Instagram Marketing Secrets

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