Is Instagram Good for Business?

Is Instagram Good For Business

“Is Instagram Good for Business?” written by Mike Marko.

Did you know the power of powerful social media for business?

Instagram as a top of the line social media app continues to grow its community of 2 billion active users. With over 400 million Instagram users daily there’s no doubt this is the best social media platform.

These days, social media platforms are not only used for personal use but as a vessel to publicize business too.

Starting a business on Instagram could be a very effective marketing strategy for your business. Many businesses are already using Instagram as a way to reach more customers online. If you want to be one of them, then you should get to know the basics to make the most of this powerful platform.

That’s why I want to take the time to help you answer the question, “Is Instagram good for business?”

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Is Instagram Good for Business, Yes or No?

So without further delay, let’s dive into the points to help answer the question, is Instagram good for business.

A Community of Active Users

Instagram is a well-known huge platform that has reached a lot of active users for the past years since it has emerged in the social media world. Each of these users has their own specific and common interests.

This social network has gained popularity because of numerous accounts being created each day. That means that the number of active users is growing.

These users love to post and like pictures. They will also be actively commenting on posts that they really like. The engagement on Instagram is second to none.

So if you want to know, is Instagram good for business? This one will be a Yes.

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Business Insights

Once you create a business account in Instagram you will have access to information about your business, such as information about your business competitors and how mainstream your business products may be (similar to Facebook and Twitter).

Instagram provides an around-the-clock update of how your business is doing. The number of times your profile was viewed and even up to the number of new and fresh accounts that your posts have reached.

Instagram business insights will also show what your top posts are. Even the number of followers you gained can be seen easily.

The more people who reaches your post, and then like or comment on it, the likely it will eventually just cycle throughout everyone’s feed.

Is Instagram good for business? With this powerful feature of Instagram, I am confident we can all agree that it is still a yes.

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Instagram Ad Campaigns

Just like Facebook, Instagram also has its own version of ad campaigns. In fact, the ad platform is managed from Facebook. It’s a great tool for business owners to extend their reach.

Instagram helps you reach potential followers that have yet to see your profile. This means that you’ll be getting impressions, from active Instagram users.

As mentioned above, when more and more users reach, likes, and will give comments to your posts or ads, Instagram guarantees you a progress to your campaign. It’s the so-called untouched potential market where if handled well will provide your business good demands in the future.

However, this is not free. But it works really well!

Is Instagram good for business? Yes, it is.

Content Focused Images

In Instagram your pictures are your products. Your posted images or even short clip videos presents your product or service.

Users of Instagram enjoy and likes high definition pictures. What’s great is that they even follow Instagram users whose accounts are interesting and enjoy the topic of the images.

If you take hold of this tool you and manage it correctly you’ll start gaining a bunch of followers, commentators, and likers. The main idea is to give your potential market a very interesting image.

The goal is to easily attract the eyes of its viewers.

Instagram even provides its users the features of making your posts extra special. There are a lot of filters and tools that you can use to make your post look better.

So is Instagram good for business? I believe with this tool, it’s a definite yes.

Your Business Behind the Scenes

Apart from pictures, by means of short clips and Instagram stories, you can provide your customers a view of how your business works. Instagram lets its users share stories, upload short clips and post it on their profiles.

These videos are just like the pictures you post.

You can use video when you feel like showing something different to your followers.

A 30-second video clip showing a glimpse of your business’ day to day activities will help you get your customer’s attention. With this, you’re virtually updating your customers and engaging with them.

This one is also a yes when you ask yourself, is Instagram good for business?


Game Changing Feeds

What does a feed mean where Instagram is involved? This is what all your posts are typically viewed. The feed is where someone can view images from everyone they follow. Once you get their attention with a great picture then people will come to your profile. There other images can easily be seen with the grid type on your profile.

That means an aesthetic feed can help boost your followers.

Instagram users love seeing aesthetic profiles that can be seen through their feed. This way, it helps your viewers see your interests and activities in just a scroll and a tap. If you have eyes for photography then this will be very beneficial for you.

Because Instagram is generally all about photos, using outstanding images can be a game changer for you.

Make use of this wisely and you can see yourself advertising your products in one of the best social media platforms yet.

Go Live & Get Viral

Yes! There is an opportunity to broadcast live! You can broadcast any event or occasion being held by your business is one awesome way of achieving a lot of followers on Instagram.

Events like promos and giveaways can be efficiently promoted through this feature.

Daily updates activities such as this can help you retain patrons in your business on Instagram. It’s also a fun way of informing your customers about the latest information about your business. Gain viewers and they might even turn to new followers.

Apart from it, here’s a greater benefit! Once gaining huge numbers of followers on Instagram, the greater possibility is that your followers can as well be your potential business partners or click your business’ links.

Your followers can also endorse and can also resell your products or services.

And it’s not a promise! It’s very common with users on Instagram lately.

Final Thoughts On Is Instagram Good For Business

In this blog post, we discussed “is Instagram good for business.” In my overall opinion, Instagram is a great platform for you in endorsing your business. Just think about how all these active users can easily connect with you through your posts. With the growing popularity of Instagram, it helps to tap into the power of this platform. You can reach a wide range of target audience and get more followers. You can also promote your products and services through photos you post and share across other social media platform by linking your accounts.

To wrap it up: YES! Instagram is good for business.

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Is Instagram Good for Business?

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