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Kalatu Review – Get The Facts on Kalatu Premium Before Buying!

What is Kalatu Premium? I know many people are asking that question. Learn more about the Kalatu blogging system in this Kalatu review as we discuss the latest version of the viral blogging system by Empower Network.  Take a look at our Kalatu Premium BONUS before getting this blog.

UPDATE – September 4, 2016

Up until recently, we were STRONG supports of the Kalatu blogging platform.  We have been testing the platform for almost two years now, and we how wish to report that we NO LONGER support the Kalatu blogging platform.  We will keep our Kalatu blog in order to make sure we can review accurately any changes, but we can no longer support Kalatu as the best blog and marketing platform of choice when we have found a MUCH BETTER PLATFORM at a MUCH BETTER PRICE.

It would be irresponsible of us not to present this alternative to you.  Not only is it better (better features and ranks better in Google) but it’s at a fraction of the price.  So before you consider getting the Kalatu blog be sure to check this platform out first by clicking the button below.

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Kalatu Premium Review - Kalatu Review - Kalatu Bonus

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kalatu review - kalatu bonus - kalatu scam

kalatu premium review - kalatu premium bonus - kalatu premium scam



A Kalatu Review From A Super Affiliate

The official Kalatu Review is here.  Get the in depth, un-edited, no BS review here.

Hey, my name is Mike.  We are super affiliates and we make the majority of our online profits from blogging.  When Bren and I first I heard about “Kalatu” I thought to myself, “What is a Kalatu?”  To me it sounds like some mythical creature.  Although it isn’t a mythical creature, it is definitely something just as cool.

In this Kalatu review we will be covering what exactly Kalatu is and why Kalatu will benefit you.  We’ll also share a little of the vision of the company so you can see how all this comes together with you in mind.  Let’s be honest… you want to know what’s in it for you!

What is Kalatu and What is Kalatu Premium

To begin this KALATU review let’s first look at what is it…

The Kalatu blog is the brand new blogging platform of Empower Network, and is also know as ENV3.

The word KALATU comes from the aboriginal word meaning ‘story telling.‘  That’s what blogging is about – story telling!

Kalatu is WordPress based but without all the technology challenges, hassles and costs that come with building and hosting your own WordPress website.  Basically it is WordPress made easy.   It makes it easy to do stuff like finding the right theme for your business, selecting the best and safest plugins, ensuring website security, backing up your website, creating lead capture pages, etc.

Kalatu Premium is an upgraded version of Kalatu.  See below for more details of the additional benefits of Kalatu Premium.

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Kalatu Review

I am finally able to give you a sneak peak of the Kalatu Empower Network for this Kalatu review.  And we absolutely LOVE it.  Bren and I wished we had the Kalatu blogging system when we started.  When they promised that it was WordPress made easy they weren’t kidding.  The success of Empower Network has always been it’s blogging platform, and with this product the competition doesn’t stand a chance, and neither does your competition once you start using it.  

David Wood once said, “What we have done is we’ve made it attractive, we have made a great product, we have made it something that bloggers are going to want to blog on to…. they can blog about their passions, and then we’re going to help them to profit from that.

“We’re going to help them to make money from that. We are going to help them to create a financial result from that.

“That’s really what our platform is designed to do”

Watch the video below to get our first time impressions of the Kalatu blog.  This video is completely unedited, and unrehearsed.  We wanted to give you a honest review of Kalatu.

As you can see in this Kalatu review video, the strength of the Kalatu blog is that it has a wizard to help people blog.  If you are new to blogging, the wizard makes the struggle of coming up with blog post ideas and how to laying out the blog non-existent.  And even experienced bloggers occasionally get stuck for ideas to blog about: in that case there is an blog post idea generator to help you get out of your writers block.

When you add in the plugins available, and the SEO advantages of being on a blog network, the Kalatu blog is a must have for any serious blogger or online marketer.

Kalatu is Both Easy to Use And Powerful

Kalatu has everything you need to build a professional, profitable blog.  It is also mobile friendly.

Simple, Powerful, and Dynamic.  It is both flexible, but also extremely easy to get started.  You don’t have to be a techie to have a website up and running in minutes.

Custom Domains.  Kalatu makes mapping your custom domains simple.  Follow the easy step-by-step tutorial and you’ll be done in minutes.

Flexible Theme Editor.  You can change the look of your website using the theme editor.  You can personalize layouts, fonts, colors, and create the layout you want.

Reliable and Secure Hosting.  If you have had any experience with website hosting, you’ll know that having a reliable and secure hosting service is paramount.  With our reliable, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about the usual website concerns with Kalatu Premium. Plus there’s never ever, anything to install or patch!

Power SEO Platform.  If you have following our blog, you know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is EXTREMELY important to me.  We have over 50 different websites, and Kalatu Premium surprised us with its ability to rank… so much so that we now have our main Kalatu Premium blog as our second pillar to our blog network.  I can confidently recommend Kalatu Premium for someone wanting organic search traffic.

Kalatu Review - Kalatu Premium Review

Kalatu Premium Additional Features

Kalatu Premium has the same features as Kalatu plus the following:

  • Premium Themes
  • Premium Plug ins to Assist You in SEO , Syndication And Ranking
  • Live Blog Q & A Every Week
  • 10 Blogs with Your Membership (instead of 3)
  • 7 Minute Blog Hacks To Help You Become a Master Blogger
  • Affiliate Fee is INCLUDED And Has a BONUS Compensation Plan

A Word from Jonathan Constedt

Jonathan Cronstedt, CEO of Empower Network, said this about Kalatu Premium:

“….This truly for me is the vision that Dave has passed to us…..  we want to see this industry thrive, and thrive in a way that people can truly enjoy the dream, and why they got into it.

“Most of the time in this business, people were sold the dream, but they are living a nightmare.  The business doesn’t have to be that way. We believe that this technology, that we are going to be bringing to market, coupled with the tools and training, is going to be something that’s going to allow more people to begin to dream again. To really reconnect with the core motivation that brought them into this world, and had them bravely say ‘I want to fly my flag as an entrepreneur and I am ready to go.’”

Kalatu BONUS

When you get your Kalatu blogging system from Bren & Mike, you become part of our team.  We offer several bonuses for those who join us in addition to being mentored by someone who can actually get a blog to rank high on Google.  Google has replaced the ancient yellow pages (historical lesson: people used to use this book to find businesses and services a long, long time ago).  If you want your business or service to be found today, you have to rank high in Google.  Being found in Google means you get traffic to your website.  

Why would you get the Kalatu blogging system from anyone?  Instead you should get it from someone who can show they can get results and are willing to take the time to mentor.  That is why it is important to your success to join our team, Bren & Mike.  You can join our team by clicking here.  

Kalatu Review Summary

This is a summary of what I mentioned about Kalatu Premium:

  • WordPress made easy
  • Simple to use
  • Multiple themes to choose from.
  • Installed plugins ready to activate
  • “Done for you” template for beginners to copy and paste.
  • Themes for different industries
  • SEO Friendly

Let us know if you have any questions about Kalatu, or about anything in this Kalatu review:

Kalatu Review Bonus

That’s It for This KALATU Review

Kalatu Premium is the blogging system you need to make money online. You know all the facts, and that Kalatu is the easiest way to build an online presence.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today and start blogging your way to financial freedom. 

Kalatu-100-percent-Risk-FreeKalatu arrows-Review

Kalatu Premium Review - Kalatu Review - Kalatu Bonus


To get either Kalatu or Kalatu Premium without watching the video, use either of these buttons.

kalatu review - kalatu bonus - kalatu scam

kalatu premium review - kalatu premium bonus - kalatu premium scam



Hope my honest KALATU review helped you!

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Kalatu Review with Kalatu Bonus

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Article: Kalatu Review – Get The Facts on Kalatu Before Buying!