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“LinkedIn Business Plan Hacks for Content Marketing” written by Mike Marko.

Does your LinkedIn business plan for content marketing take account of LinkedIn’s algorithm?

Contrary to what most people expect, LinkedIn doesn’t allow just any kind of post to show up on user feeds. Furthermore, the amount of time posts spend being promoted or up on feeds can vary.

This is due to LinkedIn’s algorithm. It’s responsible for how long your content can stay on user feeds… if it gets posted there at all.

Having your content’s visibility at the mercy of an algorithm may sound scary at first. Don’t worry, though: there’s a way for you to make the algorithm work to your advantage.

In this blog, I’ll be teaching you LinkedIn business plan hacks for content marketing. With these, you should be able to get your content to the top of others’ feeds — just like I did.

Hack the Algorithm to Your LinkedIn Business Plan Advantage

First things first: how does a LinkedIn feed work?

After logging into your LinkedIn account, you’ll be directed to your homepage feed. This is the page where you’ll be able to see updates from your connections and people you follow.

However, users won’t be able to see every single post that their connections make. This is where LinkedIn’s algorithm comes into play.

With the help of filters, LinkedIn’s algorithm makes sure that users will only see content that’s relevant to them.

So, what do you need to do to ensure that LinkedIn’s algorithm will deem your content “relevant”? That’s what I’m going to show you in this list of LinkedIn business plan tips for your content marketing.

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Understand the Content That Works on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was made for professionals so it should be clear that the platform’s users prefer content that concerns the business world.

One of the easiest ways to come up with topics for your LinkedIn content strategy is to look at what’s out there. You should study content posted by other professionals.

Make a habit of checking content from your audience and from connections in the industry. In fact, add it to your LinkedIn business plan for content marketing as a regular task.

This LinkedIn business plan task is important because LinkedIn’s algorithm is designed to find a factor of relevance. In other words, it makes sure that your content is something users would want to see.

If you know what other users are talking about, you know what they want to see. So this LinkedIn business plan hack is all about discovering what your audience finds relevant.

Other than checking others’ posts, you should always make content so that it’s the following:

  • Relevant to your profile and type of business.
  • Of value to other people’s careers, such as business owners and employees.
  • Inspiring for people’s work life.
  • Helpful in growing businesses and careers.
  • From a credible source.

Adding these reminders to your LinkedIn business plan will also help you tame LinkedIn’s content filters. In other words, it’ll prevent the filters from marking your posts as spam.

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Build Your Audience Strategically

Relevance, credibility, followers, and connections play big parts in the LinkedIn algorithm. These factors should also be among your LinkedIn business plan goals.

Luckily, you can improve your performance in all of them by simply building your audience.

Completing your company page details and making your page public are the first and easiest things to do to grow your audience. Doing so makes you more visible to LinkedIn users and search engines.

Add connections through groups. Put it in your LinkedIn business plan too to interact with them frequently. You can even exchange recommendations with them in order to encourage other users to connect with you.

Your employees can also help with this part of your LinkedIn business plan. They can use their own connections to spark interest in your page. They can even produce content for your LinkedIn business plan, and then promote that in their personal networks.

Growing your audience will essentially help your content stay relevant. This is because having a large audience ensures higher chances of audience interaction — which is itself a measure of relevance.

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Always Review Your Content

LinkedIn’s algorithm filters content by checking virality and engagement. By making it part of your LinkedIn business plan to be mindful of your content, this filter will be easy to handle.

Always remember to keep your posts engaging. You can do this by publishing open-ended posts that encourage replies and conversation.

Including different media types and links will also invite users to interact with your posts.

However, you should remember to keep your posts short and concise so you don’t bore your readers. Other than that, you should also remember the following for your LinkedIn business plan for content marketing:

  • Never publish offensive or annoying posts.
  • Don’t over-post.
  • Don’t post irrelevant content in your community.

You don’t want users to report your posts as spam or hide your content from their feeds. This is because it will lead LinkedIn’s algorithm to draw negative conclusions about your material.

Also, make a habit of reviewing your LinkedIn analytics in order to monitor which of your posts are doing better than the others. Study your statistics and learn from them for your future LinkedIn business plan content.

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Post at the Right Time

It should be part of your LinkedIn business plan to find out when your target audience is most active on the network. After all, you can’t expect engagement from an audience if you post your content while they’re busy or sleeping!

Therefore, you should also make and keep a posting schedule in your LinkedIn business plan.

According to HubSpot, the optimal time for posting your content is between Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is because professionals are more likely to be planning and interacting with their work connections on these days.

It’s also optimal to post during early mornings, lunchtime, and early evenings. This is when most users are likely to take a break and visit LinkedIn.

In addition, there’s a sweet spot during 10 AM – 11 AM on Tuesdays when most professionals begin their proactive planning mode. You can make a note in your LinkedIn business plan that this sweet spot is when you can have optimal interaction with your connections.

Always remember that posting at the right time will help your content pass the virality filter as there will be more engagement. This will help your posts to stay on your audience’s feeds longer.

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Final Thoughts on LinkedIn Business Plan Tips for Content Marketing

By keeping up with LinkedIn’s algorithm and its standards, you won’t have problems adjusting your LinkedIn business plan for more successful content!

Make a note of the hacks I gave you and you won’t have to worry about your posts getting filtered out. Keep your engagement and visibility high so none of your content will go to waste.

You also have to make sure to build your audience. Lastly, you should always make sure that you make quality content and post it at the right time.

All of these should do a lot to get you the results you want when content marketing on LinkedIn for your brand.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about hacking the algorithm to aid your LinkedIn business plan!

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