Essential LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Your Business

Linkedin Marketing Tools

“Essential LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Before we talk about LinkedIn marketing tools, let’s address the fact that some still can’t believe LinkedIn is a social network.

That’s because they’re just looking at its seemingly staid, uber-professional facade. They’re forgetting that it’s still a community of people.

A community composed of more than 550 million users, in fact.

So don’t be fooled by the serious and formal interface of LinkedIn. This is a flexible and powerful platform for building business connections and promotion.

But if you want to do that — to do social media marketing on LinkedIn, in other words — you’ll have to make use of all the tools at your disposal.

This is a community of professionals you’re marketing to, after all. In some ways, they can be even tougher nuts to crack than regular consumers.

That’s what we’re talking about today. I’ll give you the best LinkedIn marketing tools for efficient lead generation and improved promotion on the network.

The LinkedIn marketing tools I’ve listed below may be just what you need to market your brand on the platform.

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Tools to Improve your LinkedIn Marketing

I said earlier that professionals can be harder to market to than other consumers. That’s because of the difference between B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) marketing.

In general, B2B consumers tend to do more research and take more time before making a purchase or decision on a product/service.

That’s because their goals differ from B2C consumers’ goals, which typically have to do with improving (perceived) quality of life.

B2B consumers, on the other hand, are often more concerned with how to improve their company’s bottom line.

This isn’t a hard-and-fast distinction, of course. Sometimes, the two concerns merge… After all, B2B consumers are still people.

But it does indicate that you may need to have a different mindset or approach to LinkedIn marketing (which is predominantly B2B) from marketing on other social networks.

Now this post assumes you already know how to do basic LinkedIn marketing. If not, feel free to check out my previous article, a Beginner’s Guide on How to Market on LinkedIn.

So if you’re all set, we can move on to the LinkedIn marketing tools you can use to improve your B2B campaign on the platform.

You can use these LinkedIn marketing tools to turn the connections you build on LinkedIn into clients or followers.

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Dux-Soup is the first utility in this list of LinkedIn marketing tools. It allows you to visit thousands of profiles with just one click. It also lets you do the following things:

  • Automate your LinkedIn activities, e.g. by automatically endorsing prospects’ skills and sending personalized messages.
  • Manage your prospects on the platform, e.g. by adding notes and tags to profiles as you review them.
  • Download profiles, including email addresses that you can use for direct marketing.

This makes it a great utility for scaling your sales/marketing campaigns on the platform. It’s also among the best LinkedIn marketing tools for inviting engagement from people.


ProTop is another of the LinkedIn marketing tools that can automate profile visits. It’s lighter on features than Dux-Soup, but it’s a good alternative if all you want to do is automate profile views for prospects.

There are 2 versions of the tool at the moment. The Free version limits you to 100 profile visits per day, but also comes with a 7-day trial of the Pro version.

The Pro version allows you to reach 1,000 profiles per day. Like Dux-Soup, it also lets you export profile data as a CSV.

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Now we come to the LinkedIn marketing tools that help you profile connections on the platform.

How does this help your marketing?

By helping you figure out the proper approach to take with them.

Crystal is the perfect choice for that among my favorite LinkedIn marketing tools. This astonishing app crawls the Web and social media for data on and from the person you’re trying to connect to.

Then it analyzes that data and gives you a personality assessment of that person.

It doesn’t give you useless notes either. Crystal can give you such practical tips as the following (with the sample person being Bill Gates):

  • Avoid interruptions.
  • Speak matter-of-factly.
  • Skip the small talk.
  • Offer multiple options.
  • Use facts over stories.
  • Mention best practices.

It can even tell you what words to avoid, based on the subject’s personality and communication style. This is one of the LinkedIn marketing tools everybody needs to use!

Struggling to get the business success banner - internet marketing - SEO marketing - social media marketing is a Chrome extension that can retrieve additional information missing in LinkedIn. It also works in Gmail to show you a contact’s social media accounts.

You can use to make researching connections easier. If you’re on someone’s LinkedIn profile, for instance, it will show you if you have mutual Facebook friends.

It can even study the quality of your contact’s relationships so that you know which of those you can call on for best results.


Leadfeeder is one of the LinkedIn marketing tools you can use to improve prospect discovery.

It uncovers the companies visiting your profile and tells you what they do. That can help you start the conversation needed for future collaborations.

It also integrates into LinkedIn Sales Navigator, another of the LinkedIn marketing tools you should look into if you’re using LinkedIn for lead generation.

Through that, you can not only find company data but also identify the best contacts for your purposes and reach out to them quickly.

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Final Thoughts on LinkedIn Marketing Tools

That wraps it up for my list of essential LinkedIn marketing tools. With a little deft handling, these utilities can take your LinkedIn marketing to the next level.

All of them offer functions that simplify your work when you’re marketing on this platform. For example, LinkedIn marketing tools like DuxSoup and and ProTop automate your visits to prospects’ profiles.

They even give you options for encouraging engagement. They also let you save prospects’ profile data.

Then there are LinkedIn marketing tools like Crystal, which give you practical insight into prospects’ personalities and communication styles. It can even give you advice on how to structure cold calls or messages.

There’s also, which gives you even more options for researching prospects and connections. And finally, there’s Leadfeeder, which can reveal hidden prospects visiting your LinkedIn profile or website.

All of these LinkedIn marketing tools can be of use to your campaign. If you have questions about them or think there are LinkedIn marketing tools I should have included in my list, leave me a comment!

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Essential LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Your Business - Mike Marko

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Article:  Essential LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Your Business

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