11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success

11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success

“11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success” written by Mike Marko.


Its been over five years since I started as an entrepreneur.

I realized that sitting in my engineering cubical wasn’t going to get me the dream lifestyle, and I knew I had to do something different.  Forget about the dream lifestyle, many professionals like engineers live their retirement paycheck to paycheck.  And I wanted more…

I’ve always found it interesting how there will always be people that will tell you that it can’t be done, or the problems they “heard about” that can happen to you.

Regardless of the naysayers, what’s important is the people Bren and I’ve had an impact on and helped earn thousands and thousands of money using our online marketing success techniques.

The following key rules to long term online marketing success we’ve uncovered, learned, and experienced from real world application are now rules I live by.  This means this isn’t based on theory… these are tried and tested by myself and our clients.  Therefore I suggest you cut our all distractions, close YouTube and your Facebook pages, and focus 100%  on these rules because you may have your million dollar breakthrough as you read this.

11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success

Rule #1: Never Stop Building Your List & Your Relationship With Your List

This is one of those rules that I took me 16 months of not doing it right to finally understand and follow. This is absolutely essential and entrepreneurs still oversee it. This only applies if the products and services your selling actually are legit and do what they claim.

So if you’re just selling garbage products at the expense of peoples lively hoods then this is not for you. However, if you’re the heart-centered entrepreneur, your list is the one true asset that you can truly own and service for the long haul.

Your company can get shut down, market behavior might change, or your advertising dollars can go down the drain, but no one can take your email list away.

There are so many things that are out of your control due to all the moving parts in your business, but BOTTOM LINE your list is yours and you can control and the responsiveness you create with your list is in direct proportion on how well you serve them.

Give your list your attention, and genuinely help them.  You will build a trust that will be long lasting.

11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success - survey

Rule #2: Survey Your Market Before You Start Any Campaign

I made this mistake and it cost me over thousands lost in advertising along with countless Facebook ad shutdowns. Surveying your market will save you, time, resources and potential head aches.

Assuming you know what your market place wants is not the correct way to approach your business. Simply go to www.surveymonkey.com or www.wufoo.com and create a survey and once you have exactly what your list wants and needs, you can create it highly targeted and serve it to them on a silver platter.  Your audience will greatly appreciate and respect you, and inevitably will become your client.

Rule #3: Chase The Vision, Not The Dollar

Money is a by product of pursuing your vision. Too many entrepreneurs get started in business or make wise investments, but there intentions aren’t in mastering their craft.  They often just want to profit without servicing others.

The reality is that the long term approach of servicing a vision instead of trying to serve your pocket that you will seed you rewards far grander than temporary success. Burning through people by selling products you don’t believe in, or selling information that doesn’t help anyone, is not a philosophy any long term entrepreneur wants to exercise. Business has turned into conscious enterprise where humanity and empathy is at the core of peoples intentions.

Rule #4 : Never Depend On Any One Traffic Source or Guru

If you are like me, at some point you felt it necessary to depend on others to feel anointed worthy of success? Often times the act of comparing yourself to others serves you as a benchmark to measure up to and pass one day. Too many times, human beings let someone else’s opinion create their self identity.  So we find ourselves searching for answers we never solve realizing.  Instead realize that information is infinite and you’ll never have all the answers. Spiritual progression and doing your best daily is the key to quantum leaps, instead of trying to force your success into fruition.

Depending on a traffic source is like fishing in a school of fish with one lure. Open up a Twitter, Tumblr, Periscope, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other accounts, and cast a wide net.  Link all your social media channels in all the descriptions as spoke-wheels to a center blog.  This will help create viral followings and help you “BE EVERYWHERE” and thus raising your authority.

Split test: Facebook PPC, Youtube PPC, Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter PPC, Bing PPC and scale which ever one gives you $2 for every $1 you spend.  Ideally you’ll be able to focus on building two of them up so you don’t rely on any one traffic source.

11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success - mastermind

Rule #5: Attend As Many Live Masterminds And Events As Possible

Nothing has been more fulfilling in my life than the friendships and partners Bren and I have created from live events. In fact, 90% of all the revenue I’ve generated has been because of what I’ve learned from all the mentoring and masterminds we have attended.

Don’t be a hermit. Get out and get to live events every 90 days. Bren and I have attended over a dozen and invested well over $10,000 into mentoring.  Just like Warren Buffet says, “The more you learn the more you earn.”

11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success - raving fans

Rule #6: The Goal Is To Develop Customers Into Raving Fans

When you make a sale, your job is just beginning.

Your long term buyers will buy from you over and over again.  That means your job is to “WOW” and genuinely help your clients by actually helping them. No longer can you get the sale and leave your client alone.  Help your client more than anyone else has by giving under-promising and over-delivering.

Rule#7 : Sell High-End Services

Did you know that 95% of entrepreneurs are struggling because they are doing what every one else is doing.  They are “selling information” or in other words selling the “manual”.   If the level of service you render in the market place involves giving people information to building a business, its the same level of service as if I sold you a T.V and your clueless about how to program it. In other words its like giving you the remote and tell you ” have fun and programming it!”

If you want to attract high ticket high end clients daily, increase the level of service you render and help your clients with their sales processes, advertising, and sales funnels.  You can even host your own masterminds and workshops to service these types of services. Bolting on these services to your existing business will not only double your revenue if you apply it, but you’ll be able to help your clients cut the 3-5 year painful learning curve most go through.

You must also diversify your income. In the times of extreme that we all live in, no longer can you put all your eggs in one basket. You must diversify your income and have multiple streams of income. A lot of internet marketers will tell you to focus on one thing at a time and although I agree with that statement, you can still add services to increase your revenue and add multiple streams of income like:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Group coaching (4-week coaching programs)
  • Live workshops (1-2 day)
  • Masterminds (marketers cruise, mansions)
  • Affiliate tools (Aweber, infusion soft, lead pages)
  • Sales funnel creation & consultation
  • Advertising consulting

There’s no reason why you aren’t creating income because those are five to six different income streams you can apply today. If you need advertising dollars, bolting on any of these services now to your business will help you have an ad budget.

In fact, if you invest $750 in advertising for Facebook’s platform, Facebook will credit you $2,500 and continue to credit you as long as you continue to provide the end user relevant and high valuable consumable content. If you need help with this, send me a personal message on Facebook by clicking here.

Online Mentoring with Bren and Mike

Rule #8:  All Your Marketing Must Be Centered Around Creating Goodwill

The reason why some entrepreneurs effortlessly out earn the competition is because of the good intentions behind their marketing.

If you have a get rich quick mindset, this isn’t for you.

It takes good will, hard work and consistency to make any money in your business. Money follows intention.  And if your broke you must ask yourself what are your intentions?

Most entrepreneurs are unconsciously getting their list into the habit of not buying from them.  When they “take the stage” and send emails to the REAL people behind those emails, they send emails with the intention of selling, selling and selling.  This tactic really wears down your list and causes them to unsubscribe or become non-responsive.

If you approach your business with the intention of creating content that helps your clients get results in advance, way before you ever ask for a sale, in the long term they will do business with you over anyone else.  That’s because you decided to work the hardest, and deliver more value to them than anyone else.

Good will is critical to implement in your marketing approach. It’s what makes you earn 300% more profits simply because it’s the difference between a BMW and a ROLLS ROYCE. Although BMW owns rolls royce and both cars practically have the same chassis, Rolls Royce is priced three-hundred times more.

Why you may be asking?


Rule#9 : Asset Allocation

Tony Robbins once said the most important principle in investing is doing the right thing at the right time.

Have you ever made the right decision at the wrong time? I know I have and found myself learning more lessons than what I would have liked to have learned… but I am grateful for the lessons nonetheless.

Now my new philosophy is to try and learn from mentors vs life’s mistakes. This doesn’t mean you don’t take action or invest in yourself.  It means being able to discern from investing into the wrong thing because of desperation.

Resourcefulness as an internet market is crucial if you expect to keep your business alive. A big problem people face is lack of resources and money to start their business.  But they quickly forget it’s their resourcefulness that helps them. Are you creative enough, are you loving enough, and do you want it bad enough to find a way get the money you need by doing whatever it (legally) takes?

Make a decision to make it happen.  Until then the apparent lack of money will always be the excuse and it will always elude you.

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Rule #10: Don’t Buy That Car Just Yet

Applying the information in this PDF and video series may help you break through. With that being said, build your foundation and continue to invest 30% of your profits back into advertising. Buying a dream car might cause you to GRIND it out unnecessarily for 3-6 months while you’re recouping from the cost of the car instead of scaling your business and taking you to the next level.

Law #11: Do Your Very Best Every Day

Mastering internet marketing requires discipline and consistent growth in your education, business skills, technology, marketing, and your spiritual progression.

This is not a sprint.

Your brand, credibility and long term success is dependent upon how you approach your business.  From this day forward, are you going to rise above the noise and give before you ask for the sale?

I spend A LOT of time, energy, and money on my skills and knowledge. I’ve been doing that from the start, and I’m not ever going to stop… no one can take that away from me.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have long term success… but I’ve also had set backs. I’ve had significant revenue streams disappear overnight – but it never slowed me down. In fact, it really wasn’t even very troubling because I knew I had the skills to bounce right back. Once you’ve developed your skills, you have the ultimate control over your destiny.


So there’s my 11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success

I’m not claiming they are all-inclusive, or that they’re a fit for everyone. But they have been working consistently for Bren and myself.  If you have any intuitive nudge in applying these laws in your life and business, I would love to hear how it’s helped you. Feel free to reach out to me personally!


About the Author

I’ve has spent the last few years helping hundreds of entrepreneurs in various niches and markets generate bigger profits, have more impact, and their own personal transformation.

I’m most excited about all the “regular people” that I’ve helped either grow a serious business online, or helped their offline businesses take advantage of the internet to get new customers and clients.

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11 Key Rules To Long Term Online Marketing Success - Mike Marko

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