Madonna Kissed Drake | Reinventing Yourself

“Madonna Kissed Drake | Reinventing Yourself” written by Guest Contributor.

Toastmasters “The Icebreaker” and Reinventing Yourself

In my very first Toastmasters speech called “The Icebreaker” I compared myself to the singer, Madonna.

Madonna Kissed Drake | Reinventing Yourself

I told of three things I don’t share in common:

  1. I’ve never kissed Brittany Spears.
  2. I’ve never written a book called “Sex.”
  3. I have never been on “Forbes Most Influential Celebrity List.” (not yet)

And the three things I do share in common:

  1. We were both born in August.
  2. We both have one son. Mine is an amazing loving kind grad student at The University of Michigan  in Ann Arbor.
  3. We both like to reinvent ourselves every few years.

What I mean by that, is that Madonna has gone through her 80’s stage, her glamour stage, her mom/Evita stage and now is reinventing herself again as a 50 something grill wearing cougar.

Madonna Kissed Drake

Once again she is causing a sensation by being Madonna and pushing it to the edge.

Madonna Kissed Drake | Reinventing Yourself

She is able to generate attention year after year because she does not settle for the typical idea of who she should be.  She created trends in clothing in the 80’s,

madonna kissed drake 2

She said the F-word 14 times on David Letterman.

Madonna, Blonde Ambition Tour, 1990

She wears a grille at 54.


And yes she deep throat kisses a man (Drake) half her age.

Instead of typical she’s always chosen to be provocative. This involves some risk and a great degree of “I don’t give a crap what others think.”

Like Madonna

I’ve never been one to push the edge and cause a sensation like Madonna, but I have reinvented myself by switching careers several times in my life. I’ve been a nurse, LMT (Licensed massage therapist) esthetician and studied fashion design.

I am now the happiest I’ve ever been in a career doing what I love. I have a freedom with my schedule and get to talk and write about the things I am passionate about from anywhere in the world.

Some of the decisions I’ve made have had to involve a change. I couldn’t worrying about what others thought of my decision.

It’s been an evolutionary process and I’m so glad I didn’t get stuck along the way because of fear of change or what others might think.

Be Authentic by Reinventing Yourself

If you want to live an authentic life it’s going to involve change and growth and people in your life may not always understand.

You may have to step outside your normal way of doing things and take a risk.

You may have to leave people behind.

You may get criticize or ridiculed.

But the rewards are SO well worth it

Final Words About Reinventing Yourself

Are you living the life of your dreams? If not, where did you get stuck along the way? Its never too late. You could be 25 or 85. It’s never too late to go after your hearts desires.

There is a reason you are reading this post all the way through to the end. This is your sign. This is your time. Grab it now and don’t look back.

Your future self thanks you!


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Article:  Madonna Kissed Drake | Reinventing Yourself

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