How To Create Effective Marketing Hooks for Facebook Ads

How To Create Effective Marketing Hooks for Facebook Ads

“How To Create Effective Marketing Hooks for Facebook Ads” written by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling to get results with your Facebook ads?

Facebook ads can be tricky.  You can try again and again and now get great results.

I know… I was there.  When paying for Facebook ads feels like you are giving donations to Facebook.

But when you know the trick to doing effective Facebook ads, it gets easier and you start seeing great results.  That’s why I want to talk to you today about Facebook marketing hooks.

Effective Marketing Hooks for Facebook Ads

Previously, we talked about Facebook ads and how to create capture pages and engineer an ad matrix.    These are essential parts of marketing with Facebook.  But you still need to create the marketing hooks in the Facebook ad itself to get the click.

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That’s why you need to take the time to identify and develop marketing hooks.

The marketing hook is the “marketing message”, or the WHY people want to take you up on your offer.  Often this offer is the lead magnet.

If your offer doesn’t include the hook then you’re going to have a difficult time getting people to take you up on your offer.  That means you need to explain the value as to why they need to take you up on the offer.

There are SIX different types of hooks:


When the visitor takes this offer, what will they have that they didn’t’ have before?  The best way to look at this is to think of it as a Before and After scenario.


How will the visitor feel after they take your offer?  Will they feel more relaxed, will they be pain-free, or will they feel more confident?


How does the visitor’s status change when they have consumed (and implemented) what you offer?  How will it help elevate their status?

Speed & Automation

How will the offer speed up or automate the visitor’s life or business?  For example, this pencil sharpener will literally shave 10 seconds off your sharpening time.

Average Day

How will your offer improve their average day?  What mundane task does your offer improve?  Does what you offer to save them time or energy on a day-to-day basis?


This is a pretty common hook.  Case studies or reports help demonstrate proof or results that the visitor could experience with your offer.  This is considered “social proof”.

An example could be “join hundreds of people who have already benefited from xyz!”  You can also explain actual results they occurred because of the offer.

Final Thoughts On How To Create Effective Marketing Hooks for Facebook Ads

Creating marketing hooks is a very important part of creating Facebook ads.  When you use these marketing hooks as part of your ad matrix, you can really improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

Most of your Hooks are going to flop — and that’s fine! Testing multiple Hooks gives you room for error… you never know what people are actually going to respond to until you test it.

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If you need help in creating Facebook ads, then feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different consulting options we offer.  Or use the link below to apply for your “results in advance” free consultation and let’s get started right away:

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