Learn Effective Marketing With Facebook Prospecting

“Learn Effective Marketing With Facebook Prospecting” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking to use Facebook prospecting to help get leads and sales for your business?

Marketing with Facebook can be extremely effective… if done correctly.

But not everyone does Facebook prospecting effectively.  You know what I mean: those annoying emails that you get that are bordering on being spam in your inbox.

Bren wrote a blog post about how to prospect on Facebook a little while ago… some do’s and don’ts.  I want to add to that with today’s blog post.

Marketing with Facebook Prospecting

As part of my regular routine I usually turn to Facebook.  Facebook is great for free leads, but it’s also great for learning more about your prospects before you start your conversation (recon work).  Facebook has 800+ million people on using this social media platform.  These people give away information like their occupation, friends, hobbies, and even daily activities all on their profiles!

Most online marketers don’t realize what a huge opportunity this is to build your business big and long term.

We Do Facebook Prospecting

Bren and I use Facebook prospecting as part of our overall strategy for building our online business.  Marketing with Facebook can be extremely powerful.  It is so powerful that we often send people from our other social media accounts, and even from our blog, to Facebook so we can engage in Facebook prospecting and having conversations with real people.

But some people struggle with marketing with Facebook prospecting.  So I want to share what works.

I’ve found that people have ten times better results on Facebook if they use these easy tricks:

Facebook Market Strategy Tips

Facebook Market Strategy Tips - Marketing With Facebook Prospecting1. Use Their Name

I know this problem sounds simple; but most people don’t get how important this in on initial contact.

There are a LOT of spammers out there, and these people often just copy and paste the same scripts over and over.  They completely neglect building rapport and go straight for the sale.  Bren uses the analogy of guy asking a woman home with him before even asking her out on a date and buying dinner.  You can’t skip steps!

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2. Find Common Ground

It is a good ideas to find common ground that you and the prospect have in common.  This can be because you are in a similar geological area (or have in the past), share similar hobbies, are fans of the same sports team, etc.

When you can connect with them showing you have something in common, they will almost immediately feel a connection with you.

Marketing With Facebook Prospecting3. The Three Message Rule

Now remember there are exceptions to this rule, but you should have at least messages from each party (in a back and forth conversation) before you start talking business in any way.

Get into a conversation and start building rapport.  Get to know them some more beyond what’s on their Facebook profile.

Now a common marketing with Facebook prospecting mistake that people make is that they send the link way too soon.  In fact, I go so far as to ask anyone if I can send them a link before I ever do.  And I only send the link if they say yes.

Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?

It’s much better than throwing a link at someone who hasn’t warmed up to you yet.  Plus I often find that they have more questions or things that need to be talked about before they are ready for that link.  You don’t want to send the link too soon.

Facebook Prospecting4. Listen to Their Questions… and Don’t Ignore Them

What inspired me to create this blog post in the first place was someone trying to prospect me this morning.

I answered all their questions, but they refused to answer mine about them.  There was no exchange: I was trying to learn more about them.

Instead I felt ignore and my needs not important to them.  They kept going back to their pitch as if I never asked the question in the first place.

Now I am not expecting you to answer every question in full detail, but at least show you are listening to them and acknowledge with they asked by giving an answer.

5. Give Them Your Attention

When you start a conversation with someone, be sure to give them your attention.  Nobody wants to feel like they are not important, and that you have better things to do than talk to them.

Plus you can end up sounding rude or “absent from the conversation” if you are not fully paying attention to what they are saying.

Final Word on Facebook Prospecting

Marketing with Facebook can be extremely effective, especially when you use Facebook prospecting.  But stay with it.  You may not get leads and sales right away, but as you keep doing it consistently every day (like talking to ten people a day using Facebook prospecting) in the long term you will build up rapport and also success in your business.

Let me know your thoughts on Facebook prospecting in the comments below.

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Learn Effective Marketing With Facebook Prospecting - Mike Marko

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