Importance of Multiple Sources of Leads

mulitple sources of leads

“Importance of Multiple Sources of Leads” written by Mike Marko.

Are you struggling to get leads?

Don’t worry, many people do.

And when you finally get something to work, it may work for a few months or even a year, then suddenly try up as new ad rules change, Google changes an algorithm, or simply buying habits change.

Therefore today’s video blog post is about the importance of multiple sources of leads.

VIDEO: Multiple Sources of Leads

Watch the video as I talk about the importance of having multiple sources of leads.

Why Have Multiple Sources of Leads?

The risk of having all your eggs in one basket is that if you rely on only one lead source then if that goes away, you have nothing and you lose your business momentum. I know… it happened to us.

That’s why it’s important to have multiple sources

How Many Sources of Leads Are Needed?

My recommendation is to have one free source, one paid source, and of course your blog.

Some examples of free sources of leads include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Organic search traffic from Bing or Google
  • LinkedIn

Some examples of paid sources of leads include:

Facbook PPC (Pay Per Click)

  • Solo Ads
  • Twitter PPC
  • Instagram PPC
  • Bing PPC
  • Google Ads/PPC

And those are just off the top of my head.

The Importance of Blogging

I can have an entire series of blog posts about the importance of blogging.  Blogging is an essential part of making any method of getting leads work efficiently.  The blog is a great way to capture leads, to help built trust, demonstrate that you are a expert, and help with the overall sales conversion process.

Also over time, you’ll start getting organic search traffic results if you at least spend some time doing keyword research for those blog posts.

After You Master Your Paid or Free Method

Once you have become very good at either your free or paid method of getting leads, then you can consider adding another method.  Slowly add onto your lead sources.  My recommendation is don’t in the end focus the majority of your time on more than five method total because you stop being as effective in getting leads.

Final Thoughts on Multiple Sources of Leads

Learn from our mistake… build up multiple leads sources from the very beginning.  That way you can help ensure a robust flow of leads that will help you weather more difficult times.


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Importance of Multiple Sources of Leads - Mike Marko

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Article: Importance of Multiple Sources of Leads

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