Online Video Marketing: Starting Your YouTube Career

Online Video Marketing Starting Your Youtube Career

“Online Video Marketing: Starting Your YouTube Career” written by Mike Marko.

Let’s be honest here…

Everyone dreams of having a successful YouTube Career.

I’m sure you heard of YouTube “influencers” making millions off the platform.  

But somehow that’s just a petty dream.

You can’t be successful on YouTube overnight. Success takes lots of time and effort.

Yet investing in YouTube videos is one of the things that most brands, and even individual proprietors, realize they must do today.

One reason to use YouTube is to showcase their products in 3:00-minute video.

But actually, there’s more to that.

Videos are becoming the preferred mode of internet communication. More people are taking their time watching videos than reading a news feed headline. That’s why mastering the art of online video marketing is a must.

You can’t just show off your videos and tell them about who you are. Rather, you must show your viewers why your videos deserve their time.

Today’s blog post will redefine the ways in creating the best online video marketing for YouTube career.

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Creating The Best Online Video Marketing for YouTube

Starting your YouTube channel is one of the most effective marketing strategies in optimizing your brand.  Online video marketing can also help you get a lot of traffic than regular social media posting.

People can get more readily hooked into watching videos than reading posts.

However, if you haven’t started creating video content to promote your brand yet, don’t fret. You’re definitely not alone.

But before we discuss how to create the best online video marketing content, let’s first answer the question of why you need to publish videos on YouTube.

Why Publish Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the number one source of video content online. That is, indeed, a fact that has ruled today’s social media era.

You see, almost everyone you know is hooked on YouTube videos.

YouTube has a lot of users.  And those users process over 3 billion searches every single month. With that number of searches, imagine how many people can become your next viewers. Eventually, your viewers will become your next clients.

A favorite reason why most people prefer to publish on YouTube is that YouTube videos are extremely easy to share. You can embed YouTube videos on Facebook posts, blog posts, and tweets. This makes it more easy for you to promote it across various channels.

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Three Main Types of Video Content

Meeting your online video marketing goals means you have to know what type of content is suitable to use.

There are 3 main types of video content that you can use. These are educational videos, inspirational videos, and entertaining videos.

Basically, the type of video content you must use depends on your business niche.

So let’s review the types of content

1. Educational Videos

Educational videos are videos that give valuable information to audiences.

Best examples of these are how-to videos on preparing a meal and how to put makeup on for girls. Other educational videos could also be about animal habitat, facts on world discoveries and a lot more.

If your niche is about cooking or kitchen, then you can definitely focus on using educational videos in all your video content.

2. Inspirational Videos

Inspirational videos are videos that pull on your heartstrings and inspire you to take action. To put it short, these are videos that affect you emotionally.

Inspirational videos can be of inspirational speech or interviews.

This can go well with various niches too like fashion, lifestyle, life talks, and a lot more.

3. Entertaining Videos

Entertaining videos are the type that captures the audience’s attention and easily hook them. Entertaining videos are for enjoyment and fun.

If you see a YouTube video of a cat on a roller skate, then that’s definitely one of the many entertaining videos.

Most video bloggers enjoy this kind of videos on their niche because they enjoy being themselves while filming. These can be videos about traveling, challenge videos and so much more.

Collaboration videos with other YouTuber can also fall into this type of content.

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Choosing Your Video Content

Now that you know the main types of video content, it’s time to choose which one can work best for your niche and your brand.

You can choose from creating educational, inspiring, or entertaining videos. Once you have chosen a niche, you need to stick to it and create content related to it.

For a more effective online video marketing, you need to consider the wants and interests of your target audience. If your target audience enjoys do-it-yourself videos or tutorial videos, then give them educational videos.

It’s important that you understand your target audience. Doing so will help you understand what video content is relevant to your viewers’ needs.

You can also have polls on Facebook, scan top blogs and podcasts, or ask them through simple surveys.

OK!  It’s time to start filming and creating your video!

Start Recording Your Video

The exciting yet very challenging part is the making of the video.

One of the safest things to do is to script your videos. Scripting your video before you start recording can help you stay focused during your video. That way, you can have a better flow of your video.

Even an outline script can go a long way to helping improve the quality of the video.

Start off by introducing yourself and the topic you’re going to cover in your video. Do it as quick as possible. It’s best to keep your introduction brief and tell your viewers exactly what’s the outcome of the video.

Also, make sure that there’s a good flow on your context. Having a good flow of context makes it more engaging to your target audience.

You must include a call-to-action at the end of your video. Ask viewers to leave a comment, share your video, visit your website, or watch another video.

Once done, then you can publish your video and start with your online video marketing!

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Publish Your Video on YouTube

When you are ready to publish your video, start by giving it compelling title. Your title must include the main keyword for your type of video to make it easier for viewers to search you. Also, it’s best to keep your title to 70 characters or less.

Long titles aren’t SEO friendly. YouTube truncates titles with more than 70 characters.

Read more about how SEO helps you with online marketing by checking out my blog A Beginner’s Guide to SEO.
Next, describe your video. Your video description appears below your video. Put in all the relevant information about your video.

Be sure to SEO your video description for the same reasons you have SEO’ed your video title.

Third, add video tags. Use roughly 5-10 similar keywords in your video tags. A video tag is a keyword that is relevant to your video.  Tags are important factor to rank high in YouTube search results.

Lastly, Add thumbnail. Your video thumbnail is the image that people see before they click to watch your video. The photo in it must be captivating and as well as engaging.

Remember, publishing your video must also be done carefully. If you must go through trial and error, then do so.

Final Thoughts on Online Video Marketing

That sums up today’s blog post on creating the best online video marketing on YouTube. Online video marketing has now become an attractive strategy for optimizing one’s brand on the web.

It’s no doubt how videos are becoming more competitive each day. That’s why brands need not to only focus on social media marketing, but as well as on online video marketing.

Now that you have the basics in creating a powerful online video marketing, it’s time to get yourself camera-ready!

For more information and question on online video marketing, you can leave it in the comments below.  Also be sure to check out this Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube Marketing.  

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Online Video Marketing: Starting Your YouTube Career - Mike Marko

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